Thursday, February 14, 2008

baba and etna are pleased

to announce their choice.. which they conducted in private through a long night of reading and rereading all entries. Their moans and giggles were signal enough they were taking their critical responsibilities very seriously and when they finally appeared late this morning smiling and happy, I knew they'd come to the right decision. The winner of the 'world's ugliest scarf' is Scarlet. If you go back to the contest posts and read her tender story about young love lost I'm sure you'll be as touched as my two dear friends obviously were. Scarlet, please send me your 'realworld' address and the scarf will no longer be simply virtual.

BUT... In this contest everyone is a winner!

There will be consolation prizes for everyone who entered a story - the original drawings done for 'a true story with pictures'.. and a surprise addition in one mystery selection also chosen by baba and etna. So, fairlane, Lindsay, Zee and Gary please e-mail me your addresses - except Gary since I have yours.

For anyone who comes along and has no idea what this is all about you might just have some fun watching this:

If you never saw Joel Hodgson's MST3K you're in for a treat.... and if you did see it and collected all the episodes through long hours of videotaping like we did, you're going to be even happier that they're BACK!!!


Seraphine said...

I think I'd like red boots like
Baba's. It's almost spring.

susan said...

Sera - I never feel my life is in order unless I have a nice new pair of red shoes for Spring.

Ben said...

I've been meaning to say that I really liked "A True Story With Pictures." Your memory, imagination, and hands have been working nicely together.

On another note, it's nice to hear TV's Frank's voice again.

Gary said...

Good choice! Please make Scarlet post an acceptance speech here first...

She can mention hell and her mother, but not Fairlane :)

Zee said...

Scarlet - congrats!
I will shed some tears and get over it that I didn't win the ugliest scarf, ever ...

Anonymous said...

this is a nice one...lovely going through the different posts...nice choice!

fairlane said...

This contest only reinforces my hypothesis that Scarlet is, in fact, Satan in disguise.

My story, by far, was more heart warming, and filled with tenderness.

Ah, congratulations Scarlet. I guess your story was pretty good, and I'm sorry things didn't work out.

You're just too damn smart, and when you couple that with your legendary good looks, most men are simply overwhelmed.

But you should definitely mention me in your speech. Something along the lines of what a tremendous/positive influence I've been in your life, and that without me you'd be lost.

Nothing big.

And Susan, how do I send you my address, and more importantly, how do I know you're not some kind of whack job who has fake contests in order to get people's addresses?

After all, you associate with that Gary character, and if you've read his last post, you know he has cloven feet.

susan said...

Ahh, visitors! but where is the Scarlet one? As I suspected this world's ugliest silk scarf can't even be given away. Oh well.

Ben - Folks around here are awaiting 'The Oozing Skull' in excited anticipation. Your copy will be delivered by the usual means.

Gary - See above.. still waiting for utter rejection - repudiation speech.

Zee - I'm not sure it's your color but could have been used for tear wiping and nose blowing.

Kalyan - Nice to see you've been back.

fairlane - I did see G's last post and wondered about the significance of those hoof prints all evening. So that's it!

If you run into the Scarlet one during your nether world travels tell her there's a message over here.

What's the deal with addresses anyway? Even the pizza guy has mine but he's never brought a free pie. If you want to claim your consolation prize you can look in the 'about me' for my e-mail address or:

susan said...

Seraphine said...

I'n not sure, if the pizza guy magically appeared at my door offering a free pizza, that I would even open the door. Isn't that awful? I don't trust strangers.

susan said...

Sera - In general, I agree with you.. proof being that I put my email address here as a separate comment I can delete later. I wonder why we've all become so paranoid?

Scarlet W. Blue said...

Ah, but nobody else is getting that scarf because it is SO mine!

First of all, I would like to thank the academy. Then, I would like to thank Baba and Etna, without whom I would not have the world's ugliest scarf, which I will cherish to the end of my days!

For Gary, I have one word: fairlane! Bwwwa ha ha ha. I AM fairlane, you know. Without him, I would be nothing and lost.

Zee, I would like to commiserate, but I'm really thinking, "EAT YOUR HEART OUT! IT'S MINE!" And no crying on the scarf!

As for the rest of you, thank you, thank you, whoever you are. No touching the scarf! But most of all, thank you to Susan, who made this wonderful day possible. Kisskiss, GF! Send scarf!

susan said...

Scarlet - There's a tear in my eye after reading your truly heartwarming acceptance speech. Baba and Etna are jumping up and down (or something) in the other room right now. They're both yelling 'OUI! OUI! OUI!' really loud and I hear bedsprings creaking like crazy.

We're very happy for you and 'the world's ugliest etc.' will be on its way when the postoffice opens.

Gary said...

Ahhh, but is Fairlane Scarlet or is Scarlet Fairlane. Either option is more frightening than cloven hooves...

Thanks for all this fun Susan.

lindsaylobe said...

Congratulations to all the bloggers and to the Scarlet lady from the South for their special stories- good idea Susan.
Best wishes