Friday, May 30, 2008

at it again..

There's a new story at Adventures Ink and I hope no Providence purists come by to argue with my memories. You have yours and I have my own. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the story..


gfid said...

i was sure i had commented on this yesterday. and i know for certain i made the most brilliant and profound statements of my life. lost in cyberspace. 'cause i can't remember a word of it now. ..something about hating auditions, i think. and i thanked you for the bedtime story. i fell asleep thinking about it, with a smile on my face.

gfid said...

ok.... blush..... found the original. posted with the actual story.... it was much better half forgot (the post, luv... NOT the story)

susan said...

gfid - I'm glad you checked back because it's always good to see the lady violinist avatar. Maybe one day I'll get one myself. Or maybe I'll post a story one day about one of my own acting experiences.. turned out I was terrible at remembering lines.

Seraphine said...

I love the look on the waitress's face. I thought it looked familiar, and I know why: I know her. She works as a hairdresser at the salon I go to. Her name is Corky. I'm seriously sure it's her. I'll request a song the next time I get my hair done. If she starts dancing, I'll know!

gfid said...

avatar is a new word to me, so i looked it up


1. an incarnation of a Hindu deity in human or animal form, especially one of the incarnations of Vishnu such as Rama and Krishna

2. somebody who embodies an idea or concept

3. online a movable three-dimensional image used to represent somebody in cyberspace

4. computer games in computer games, a character or persona of a player with a graphical representation

what a great word!!! i'm sure you meant #3, but want to be ALL of them!

susan said...

sera - I hope she's not the one who cuts your hair. It's best to have someone who can pay attention doing that.

gfid - Yes, I think definition #1 is my favorite. Go Krishna. Then again #2 is pretty cool too. What the hell, I'll agree with you about wanting all of them.

Seraphine said...

No, she's at another station.
But she always says hi.

Anonymous said...