Saturday, September 27, 2008

garden cats

Since it's a fine afternoon with golden sunlight pouring into the room, the weekly grocery shopping done, dinner simmering on the stove and a nice cup of tea nearby, I thought I'd look back at the earliest posts I'd made to phantsy. This painting was among them and I found it suits my mood right now.

It's been a wild week and none of us knows what's to come but for right now I'm at peace. I hope you are too.


  1. If I don't watch the news or surf the tubes, everything is fine, JUST FINE DAMMIT.

    A cup of tea sounds nice. Time to go boil some water.

    Thanks for the extra groovy painting. :)

  2. randal - It's getting to the point you have to keep an eye on the tubes just to know what the bastards are up to.. but it's good to let it go now and then too.

    There'll be another story soon :-)

    BE - I was kind on inspired by Elsa Lanchester .

    dcup - The cats inspired themselves - more pussies for peace.

  3. susan. when you leave a comment on my comic blog, you are leaving an incorrect link back to your website. you are missing the dot-blogspot part of the address. i suspect you are auto-filling the fields when leaving a comment, because the incorrect link is an ongoing problem. just fyi.

  4. i love that painting too. it is visual purring. it offers a contented feeling, with a dash of hormonal wildness and primal danger. yumm.

  5. sera - Thanks for the headsup. You're right that I have been doing autofill and hadn't noticed the link was incomplete. It used to be okay :-)

    I'm glad you like the painting and you got the intention just right.

  6. I love that one Susan.

    And yes, be at peace. ... And move back to Canada if needed. We're vulnerable to the insanity too, but not quite as.

    Some terrific posts I just caught up on here. And what a list of tunes on your shuffle. You're an amazing one!

  7. Hi Susan

    I remember your lovely painting from that earlier posting.

    Having a break with a cup of tea quietly away sounds good.

    Thanks for Garth’s? / numbs post and his subsequent insightful comments with his / yours references on mine.

    The latest news i see is we have Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg involved in a rescue of Belgium's biggest financial-services firm-_ fortis.
    Best wishes

  8. gary - Gee, thanks :-) We got a little upset around here about the highway robbery aspect of the whole bailout Wall St. thing. These people are thugs. Is it too late for me to return to vote against Harper?

    lindsay - It takes me ages for such a painting so I hope I'm forgiven for posting it for people who didn't see it the first time. I know you did and I'm glad to have known you so long a time.

    Yes, the ramifications of the bad loans made here have spread all over the world. Even Iceland has had major problems because of taking these people at their word.

  9. ps lindsay - My husband (numb) is Jerry :-)

  10. i know, susan. i think little things- like gremlins?- live in computers. they love to mess or muddy things up. they like to watch us make faces at the glowy light.

  11. sera - True. I've got 'Oracle' documents at work and what I really hate is that if I just do a search on one it'll ask me if 'I want to save my changes?' when I didn't damnwell make any. That's one of the reasons I prefer my art supplies.

  12. Susan, I'm back to say that I've got something for you over at my place. Come pick it up?

  13. I wish I were at peace...not happening today, too many things falling down around me today. But the image you put up was beautiful nonetheless.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. I love the color and symmetry. I didn't exactly have the most peaceful of weekends, either, but I did manage to find it in between the lines... (the documentary film was outstanding....)

  15. Ah, that sounds nice. Just the kind of mental image i wanted about now in this cubical ridden hell hole i work in. Thank you.

  16. Very much at peace, here too, Susan. And the painting is delectable. Thank you.

  17. I was going to ask about a story, yours are the best. :)

  18. just letting you know i have a gorgeous length of silk in peaceful water hues wrapped round my appreciative neck this minute. it came yesterday, and it's even more beautiful in the flesh. photo soon to be posted.

  19. be - Thanks so much but you deserve the accolades so much more.

    me - Glad you like it. Hope you're feeling more relaxed now.

    spartacus - Looking forward to the dvd. Happy you posted about it and 'hey' to fairlane.

    avshar - Cubicles are for ice and not for people.

    pagan sphinx - High praise coming from a connaisseur.

    randal - It's coming.. soon, I hope.

    gfid - Happy it arrived safe and to know you like it. I'll be by to see the picture :-)

  20. mmm. black tea with cream. and a sweet-n-low. and a blueberry pancake. i'm hungry this morning.

  21. beautiful colours and style..I do so love your art, coloured paintings or black and white pencil/ink..
    you're lucky to have such talent..


  22. sera - Sounds delicious especially so with a good friend to share it with.

    ingrid - I'm delighted to hear your praise. The talent may be there but the execution takes a lot of time. It's never been a smooth process for me.

  23. Well, whatever, it works.

    Like a charm.

    There's too much beauty here for my mortal eyes.

    But don't let that stop you...

  24. cr - What a lovely thing for you to say.. I'm blushing :-)