Saturday, March 21, 2009

non-verbal communication

works for me

If I were a writer I'd be up here posting my poems or short stories or amusing anecdotes about the foibles of human nature.

If I were a mathematician I'd be manipulating symbols using rules without any hint of their true meaning.

If I were a photographer I'd be posting gorgeous shots of places I'd visited.

If I were a hiker or runner I'd be outside right now.

Instead, I'm an artist who doesn't work fast.


Utah Savage said...

Gorgeous. When I painted I loved nudes. I loved mixing flesh tones. But the thing I found so interesting was how hard it is to get a man to take his clothes off to pose for me, but how easy it was to get them to take their clothes off for other endeavors.

I think this series of women with big cat companion is very interesting.

Gary said...

Beautiful Susan. Don't stop! They need to be out in the world though...

Zee said...

If I were...
But you are - and that is a good thing!
Time flies by when you create, others serve coffee instead.
Your paintings are great. One day I would like to see your originals...

Liberality said...

blogger ate my other comment so let me try it again...

I agree with Utah that this is a gorgeous painting. I like the colors on the border too, the purple/blue small flowers and then the larger louder yellow flowers on top.

The cat looks angry.

linda said...

I love your cats and women and as always, your paintings! ... I know exactly what you mean about not working fast...I don't work fast either, so you see lots of starts but not many finishes...ah well...a camera comes in handy!

I am going private with my blog...would you like to be on the list? (i hope you do!) I've posted my email on my profile so you can send me your email ...


Randal Graves said...

It's art, not fast food. Speed is meaningless. Just don't stop posting for your stuff is most groovy.

Utah, it's a self-conscious weenie thing. I remember taking painting classes as an undergrad and when we started doing nudes, nary a female model in sight, thanks, professor. Not that I have anything remotely approaching susan's talent. I draw a mean stick figure, though.

The Crow said...

It does not matter how long you take, the end result is so worth the wait!

One of my part-Maine-coons has a face just like your liger/tion!


Pagan Sphinx said...

Works for me, too! Beautiful painting, as always. Yet another gorgeous cat.

Regretfully, I can link to Linda's new blog format from links but blogger won't let me comment event though I sign in with my google account.

Anyone know how to work around that?

susan said...

utah - I think Randal's right that men feel too exposed naked but not performing. Makes you wonder hoe Michelangelo got his models to relax.. As for me, I seem to have a kink for women and powerful carnivores. I'll have to mention that to my shrink if ever I get one.

gary - If only.. I did the numbers once on my expenses compared to my painting output and came up with a wild figure.

zee - I hope one day you can. Most older than 15 years are got but for the odd photograph but I still have quite a few which are gradually being added to. Glad you like them but I often wish I were better at it.

liberality - I'm delighted you like it. Once a lion's mouth opens ferocity is obvious but I think the red and yellow flowers are more dangerous :-)

linda - I lost track of one just a few days ago and tore it up before thinking of my camera. Oh well, a new version is underway so we'll see.

Of course, I'll be happy to be invited to your blog. I've signed on and can look but can't comment. It looks as if Pagan has had the same problem. Good luck with a fix.

randal - It's like any other art-form in that we have to practice every day not just on a special day. I have trouble tracking colors if I leave it too long.

Too bad about no female models. Did you go to locker rooms for your classes?

the crow - The only kind of cat I ever actively wanted was a Maine Coon. Cool.

pagan sphinx - It's one from my portfolio and not the one I'm currently struggling with. Glad you like it.

I had the same problem trying to leave a comment on Linda's blog. I've emailed her.

Seraphine said...

i love your blues. ab-so-lutely.
i'm glad you aren't a poet or a mathematician or a photographer.
nobody does blue like you.
trying to hurry is one of my biggest faults. i need to get this done, get that done. as soon as i finish, i can relax. only, something else comes along, until i don't have enough time to do everything i want to do.
or need to do.
so good for you. seriously. beauty shouldn't be rushed.
colors shouldn't always run into each other.

Ben said...

I thought for a second you were going to end with "If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady..."

This is a wonderful painting, but I don't know. Lovely breasts percolating in the breeze... come-hither look on the face... and then there's the grumpy lion at her feet.

I think I'm getting some mixed messages here. :)

susan said...

sera - I'm so glad you came by and said that. Would you believe I still have (and sometimes use) a 35 year old box of Pelikan opaque watercolors? Although lacking in talent I try to make amends with patience and deliberation.. regularly.

susan said...

ben - Sending out mixed signals is part of female mystery. I'm sure you've noticed :-)

Kirie said...

Wow! Slow, fast, whatever--gorgeous is the result. This is so beautiful. Bold, inspiring...I just love it.


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
When so engaged using your gifts or talents (what I call charisma’s) I think time is relatively unimportant -presumably mostly the process of creating beautiful artworks is relaxing and renews your energy sources. Thanks for sharing your passion with us.
Best wishes.

Seraphine said...

let me guess. they probably don't make watercolors like that anymore?
and my friend kristen gave me pencils that make a watercolor effect when water is sponged on the drawing afterwards.
i have some regular watercolors in a drawer somewhere. they have little dried pools of brown mud in the middle, where i mixed colors.
only 32 years to go before i can brag about them though.
if they don't turn to powder first.

gfid said...

the arts are timeless. they don't run on a clock or a calendar. trends and pop culture would have us believe otherwise, but they're made temporary by their own definitions. art speaks to us in a way that fashion never can. no hurry.

susan said...

kirie - Some people, like you for instance, are better able to paint with words. I do my best with what I've been given.

lindsay - It warms my heart to know you enjoy seeing them.

sera - A lot of the modern watercolors are a little too chemically bright for my taste so I soften them. Then again, my paintings are usually brighter than I'd like as well.

The pencils make nice presents but I rarely use them and I never mix colors in the pans. That's what the depressions in the lids are for :-)

gfid - It's likely I'll stop posting paintings soon - at least for a while. Speedwise, I can't compete and I need time to think things through. I'm very sure you understand.

Seraphine said...

Susan: I love this:
Nothing influences children more than the silent facts in the background.
It's so true.
I couldn't tell you how many times i said "i don't want to be like my mother." of course, now it's hard to recognise where she began and i ended.
but i have always liked bright colors. even though it's easy for bright colors to become garish.
pastels are safer.
if only i were a safer version of my mother, i'd be bright too. *lol*

susan said...

sera - It was strange that when I read your post yesterday I'd just finished reading an article by Paul Levy. He's one of my favorite Jungian philosophers - a bit strange but then, some of the nicest people are. You may enjoy reading the rest of what he had to say on the matter.

I'm also one of those who had a very complex relationship with a mother. We were so close I had to remove myself physically. Now here I am and she's still with me.

Ben said...

I've noticed, yes. Sometimes have to remind myself, though.

linda said...

oh susan, your baby days blog is just so sweet, i adored it...and it would be the sweetest little kid book! I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't think that....

just wanted to tell you I loved it, especially all the baby bottoms! *grins*

susan said...

ben - Well, that habit doesn't just apply to females.

linda - It's nice to know it's stood the test of time :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Randal hit the nail on the head Susan. The art you produce for the world to see and admire is not something that ought to come from an assembly line.