Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a little blue

a robin's egg
the sea
a pool

my soul explores a sphere of blue

cornflower azure
midnight royal
cerulean cobalt
indigo true

evoke in words some shades of blue
while my paint box hints at other hues

seen from space the world is blue
seen from earth the sky is blue
above the clouds is endless blue

Krishna is the Lord of Blue


'oops, sorry, apologies, regrets, remorse, couldn't help myself, won't do it again, repentant for waxing poetic among experts', she says with rueful simile.. er, smile.


Anonymous said...

Had you used the word orange at all, I may have taken exception. Blue is beautiful here. And so is that silk bag.

Seraphine said...

blew by you
blue bayou
bleu blah blah

i love your bag.
excuse, it's a silk purse.
soft as a lamb's ear
i'm sure.
and beautiful
as your

Lover of Life said...

Love the silk bag, she looks so "cheeky".

My favorite color since I was a child - baby blue.

Randal Graves said...

Orange you glad you didn't use orange?

La Belette Rouge said...

You blue me away with your poem and your le sac blue. Gorgeousness. I am guessing their are aquamarines, peacock feathers, and an assortment of Krishna's whispers in that bag.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Were your ears burning today? I gave you linky love!

Love your blogs. But I have to ask - it looks like you're in Portland, and a search of the blog shows nada for Tuvalu. Did you include that in your profile as a joke, or what?

Utah Savage said...

Beautiful poem. And the star sapphire at the end is exactly like the star sapphire my father brought back to my mother from France after the war. I still have it, set in platinum with small diamonds on either side. And amazingly the ring fits me. I never wear it since it seems too delicate and feminine for me. But I amy change, who knows--I may get feminine again soon.

The bag is lovely, too.

Lisa said...

You got me to thinking about all the ways we use the word blue to describe our world, beyond our world, music, water, emotions, ideas and even fire.

Like the many shades and tones of the color, the word itself is pretty amazing in its versatility.

I want to reach out and touch that silky bag.

susan said...

spartacus - I'm barely competent with prose but risked serious embarrassment when the little poem struck from out of the blue :-)

sera - I azure you she's a lovely little piece as are you.

lol - I like to make my cameo silks with eastern inspired headdresses. They're so much prettier than hair. Baby blue has a fine assonance.

randal - Damn word doesn't rhyme with anything.. so, yes.

belette - It's always a mystery who will appear when I make these little things. I like the idea of Krishna's whispers.. He's an easy god to love.

fantastic forrest - I'm delighted you've chosen to visit phantsy and promise to reciprocate soon. Yes, I'm physically in Portland but Tuvalu relates to the place on earth Richard Feynman wanted to see before he died. It's in the S. Pacific and close to getting swamped.

utah - Strange you should have a star. My mother gave me one much as the one you describe just before I left for my 2 year sojourn in Europe. The day I left the ring disappeared from my hand never to be seen again. I've always missed it.

I'm glad you liked the little poem especially since I was scared to post it.

lisa - It's one of those words I often see for the first time and wonder if I've spelled it right. It's a deeply mysterious and wondrous word for that which gives us life. We swim in a fishbowl of blue.

lindsaylobe said...

Waxing poetic! -Blue is my favourite color - especially as I a reminded of our blue earth as seen from outer space. No doubt you have some affinity with Galileo (but not because he began his life in a monastery) and I thought you may be interested in the little poem he composed when refuting the Aristotelian notion of an unchanging celestial sphere.

No lower than the other stars it lies,
and does not move in ways around,
Than all fixed stars-nor change in sign or size.
All of this is proved on purest reason's ground:
It has no parallax for us on Earth
By reason of the sky's enormous girth.
Best wishes

Linda McGeary said...

Your scarves are very beautiful. How much do you sell them for. I really like the olive and blue. I like the mix and the flow of it.
Nice work.

The Crow said...

Re: poetry -

You go, girl! Never be embarrassed to post your poetry. This was a delightful one and I hope there will be more to come.



susan said...

lindsay - It's always amazed me that truly gifted people are often multiply talented. It's a world of wonder.

linda - I'm flattered you like them enough to ask. When there's one to sell the price is $75.

the crow - I know I can draw, paint and write well enough in prose to be understood but I'm shy about my attempts at poetry. A compliment from you is a treasure.

Liberality said...

I thought I had posted a comment on your post but I don't see it here. Sorry about that. My home computer is as slow as all get out and I guess it must have timed out or something.

But hey, I like your women you paint. They have stories to tell it seems to me ;)

Steve Emery said...

"cornflower azure
midnight royal
cerulean cobalt
indigo true

evoke in words some shades of blue
while my paint box hints at other hues"

I particularly like that stanza.

Our oldest took a birding trip with museum friends out to the Gulf Stream. He said that the blue was supernatural, completely incomprehensible, and the thing he couldn't shake long after he was back. Your poem reminded me.

susan said...

liberality - Funny you should say so because every one I paint is like meeting someone i know from somewhere.

steve - Blue is the ground color of our lives. It frames all the others and is the air we breathe.

gfid said...

i'm greening from ear to ear! blue is a color it seems we can never get too much of.... it's everywhere - sky, reflected in water, in every irridescent (how do you spell that?) pearly thing there is.... everywhere! your poem is a delicious morsel. .... back in the day when i had a garden i filled it with blue - forests of delphiniums, crowds of bachelor buttons, bowers of morning glories, carpets of forget-me-nots. the himalayan blue poppy would never grow for me.... and i but a brilliant blue roof on my little old renovated church there.

laughingwolf said...

nice one, susan :)

Gary said...

You da expert sister...


susan said...

gfid - I love blue flowers and have always noted they're kind of rare. Forget-me-nots and cornflowers remind me of my childhood. I've never seen a himalayan blue poppy but it sounds good.

:D wolf - Thanks.

gary - Nice of you to say so, bro :-)

Zee said...

Blue -uhh-u-uuh
words are like tattoos
you know they've been to sea before...

I am trying to catch up on your (and others) posts these days. Either I have become increasingly senile or extensively busy - or both. Hardly can keep up with my own darn blog.
In any case, all that touches your hands seems to turn out exquisite. There is something to be said how you tackle the balance of color and form. Your creations are unique and tasteful (I am sort of pondering about your previous post as well) and they are definitely worth sharing not only on the WorldWideWeb, but in the real world as well. There must be a store in your neighborhood where you can partner-up with someone.
Ah, and the "blue-poem" is just lovely!

susan said...

zee - Thanks so much :-)

Scarlet W. Blue said...

This looks like my scarf!

susan said...

scarlet - Does, doesn't it?.. but this is little :-)

Anonymous said...