Tuesday, May 19, 2009

got a money hole?

Crow has locked himself away in his library with a fresh case of Remy Martin and a brand new antique fruit cake. He told me he's working on a new post but needed to get his notes in order and I was being too much of a distraction. Me? Never.

While I grumbled about needing something to offer my friends since everybody was still a bit upset after his last escapade he threw this video out the door after me telling me to not get my knickers in a bunch and to keep my hair on. I wonder what he meant by that?


Seraphine said...

america needs a money hole.
ask any venture capitalist.
it's known as seed money.
during the last depression,
they buried it in the back yard
in a coffee can, and that worked!

gfid said...

lol ! sera should be in that video.

Lover of Life said...

Ask Crow if I can join him for a little Remy. We all need a drink about now.

La Belette Rouge said...

Is that the bird equivalent of keep your pants on?

Spadoman said...

Spadoman is patiently waiting.

Lisa said...

Keep your hair on? I'm using that one today. As often as possible.

Randal Graves said...

I wish someone would've told me to keep my hair on years ago before the tide started rolling out.

I've got a money hole, it's called my wallet. A dollar goes in, and two go out.

Anonymous said...

Is a money hole the same as a money pit? And what's with keeping your hair on? Isn't bald considered sexy these days? And, I just have to know if Crow took the dinner jacket he got from Dean Martin with him?

Mary Ellen said...

I always thought the money hole was the anuses of our collective government officials in Washington. No?

susan said...

sera - When I planted money in a hole nothing grew. Do I need fertilizer?

gfid - Indeed :-)

lol - He's saved a balloon glass just for you.

belette - It must be!

spadoman - He's getting there :-)

lisa - You're welcome.

randal - I've got one like that too but at least my hair is still on :-)

spartacus - I think it must be like having it stand on end - our version of a ruff. As for hair on men, I like them either way as long as they're cool. Yes, smoking jacket is being worn and now he's in there crooning 'Amore'.

nunley - You've got that right, sister :-)

Seraphine said...

a little coin to grease the hole, soda speek, is always helpful.
by the bye, thank you for the email about not being able to comment on my blog. i don't know what happened, but somehow an obscure box was ticked in my blog preferences. i'm pretty sure i didn't do it.

The Crow said...

When Crow is ready to take on money management clients, let me know. I could use his moxey!


susan said...

sera - Okay, maybe I'll try it if I can find some spare hole greasing change. Glad all is well.

the crow - He swore off trying to give financial advice to anyone after the Dutch Tulip Bubble :-)