Saturday, December 26, 2009

not perfect but okay

Congratulations to all of us who've made it to this point and now it's that time for reviewing the year and decade just past and plan on what we have to look forward to for the coming one. Being as old as I am I'm not sure I have the courage to try to imagine the entire next decade. The very idea there are people who ten years hence will be looking at these as the good old days is kind of distressing.

One thing we should now all be perfectly sure of is that our government is not all about helping we the people. A year ago some of us may have experienced a few tremors of the Advertising Age award winning 'hope' campaign that swept the nation faster than a swine flu virus but even though we never expected all kinds of positive change to happen all at once, I don't think many of us imagined so much would get worse. Okay, the big banks, the military industrial complex and the health insurance industries are all happier but none of that has been to the general benefit of most of us. So let us begin the coming year with the understanding that empire and democracy don't mix. Never have and never will. If you ask where's the emperor all I can answer is that he isn't a person but a mind set that's entrenched at the highest levels of our power structure - he's the end result of social darwinism (a philosophy of 'I've got mine and the hell with everybody else').

Where does that leave the rest of us? Well, the good news is that it's always best to have the bad news out of the way. If I sat here long enough I'm sure I could come up with some good things to look forward to but it seems to me the best things always come as surprises and usually little ones at that. All we can do is to make an effort to be kind to one another, to see the best in people that they may respond in kind. It's a big world after all and there are many mysteries still hidden from view.

I hope my next painting is a better one but I give you this one for now with my wish that love rains down on you.


  1. I like your Lioness very much :)

    I fancy that a little more Lioness and a little less Lion would be helpful in this world.

  2. I agree with the line about the pleasant things often coming as surprises - and small ones at that. Sometimes I think the small pleasant things are what life is actually about.

    And I agree with Joss. I'm looking forward to when woman run more and men run less than today...

    I am really enjoying (and collecting) these new painting photos.

  3. I like that love raining down. And I like the border of this piece too. I like this painting very much--it strikes a cord within me that I can relate to.

    I am keeping an eye out for all good small things that I can find...

  4. nothing ever changes. what changes is who it happens to, and when. there is always a war somewhere in the world, and a peace. i expect ten years from now, this will still be true.

  5. Thank you for the picture and the wish. It is so hard not to be pessimistic with all that our government has heaped on us this last year or 20. . But your reminder that there are many things hidden, helps me to get out of bed in the morning.

    May 2010 usher in some miracles...

  6. "the best things always come as surprises and usually little ones at that. " ...yes, indeedy. and the little stuff is BIG, when there's enough of it.... raindrops collecting to make an ocean.

  7. Love your picture, and love your bright outlook for a better year. The lioness is sweet and I think you captured the innocence of the little girl. Just lovely!

  8. The painting is sweet and a nice counterpoint to the writing...

    Yeah, "Yes we can!" But what exactly?

    I have some hope because I see positive examples here and there, particularly in northern Europe and because I do feel there is power in information and people working together and I see some of that.

    Check out Gussing

    But I also just read Margaret Atwood's new novel, The Year of the Flood. It has some interesting near-future speculation in it, but isn't pretty.

  9. The top end of the civilization pyramid is full of greedhounds, charlatans and blooddrinkers, but as long as low-pay suckers are churning out tunes and prose, it ain't all bad.

  10. I love that little girl. She tickles my fancy. Could it be the lioness in me? :-)

    "If you ask where's the emperor all I can answer is that he isn't a person but a mind set that's entrenched at the highest levels of our power structure..."

    I think this is well-put and I tend to agree. It hardly matters who the emperor is. If he is polite and good-looking and articulate and the European "allies" like him...

    Some things will never change in the U.S.

  11. joss - I agree but they have to be real Lionesses rather than Lions in drag.

    steve - I think you're right. Glad you like the new little ones which are small enough to scan direct (5x7").

    liberality - Yes, the image of the love raining down is nice but I'd have to agree the border is better than the painting this time.

    sera - You know me - the eternal optimist :-)

    nancy - and if 2010 doesn't we can always look forward to the galactic realignment in 2012 :-)

    gfid - It's true the most stable progress is that which comes with small steps.

    nunly - She's a bright looking little thing, isn't she? The only real change happens in ourselves.

    gary - I too feel more hopeful about what's going in in places outside the US insofar as government is concerned. Many people here feel the same way but sadly have their hands tied. I will read the new Atwood book and will prepare myself as usual. Thanks for the link.

    randal - My feeling exactly :-)

    pagan sphinx - At least this one doesn't request the authority to shoot parade audiences in European countries but I was hoping for so much more. I do think things will eventually change in the US but it's going to be the hard way.

    Glad you like her :-)

  12. I think your last two paragraphs say it all.

    And the whimsy of that painting just sends me.

  13. i wonder if picasso or michaelangelo or god ever felt that way about their art?
    meh, it's ok. tomorrow the sunset will be better.

    imperfect is the realistic expression of our perfect selves.

  14. It is always good to have the bad news out of the way!

  15. Thank you for your kind wishes, here, and on my blog. It is trying time for me, but I understand the cycle of life and accept its consequences fully. I am blessed to have friends help out with support and kind words.
    The painting is perfect. I'm really liking those borders.


  16. lisa - It occurred to me a definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing while expecting different results. It's time to stop providing them with energy - good or bad, they don't care.

    sera - It's true that a perfect result would result in no further incentive. You're right :-)

    ttwc - That's an eternal truth.

    spadoman - I wish you all the best through this difficult time. There are no permanent structures allowed in the terminal.

  17. i have a sneaky feeling that perfection would be slightly disappointing anyway.

  18. Congratulations to you Susan on entertaining us with your stories, paintings and philosophical ideas - your blog also looks very inviting!
    I feel the next few years offer more hope than the previous decade

    Best wishes to you and your family

  19. Happy New Year, kiddo! Hope you have nothing but great things happen to you in 2010.

  20. tonight is new year's eve.
    i wish you and crow all the best and happiness in 2010.

  21. sera - In a perfect world it would be the norm :-)

    lindsay - Thank you. Your blog is always a welcome respite and I'm glad we're friends. Happy New Year.

    nunly - May all good things go to those deserving - like you, for instance :-)

    sera - Yes, it is. Crow is happily settled with his brandy and a piece of delicious fruit cake. He is toasting your well-being as I write.