Friday, February 26, 2010

Crow's dream

Crow here. I'm not going to say humans are nothing but trouble on this planet - then again.. Anyway, I met an interesting character this winter who has a substantial plan underway to start moving people into space. Robert Bigelow, the wealthy owner of of a hotel chain called 'Budget Suites of America', has undertaken to build inflatable hotels in near earth space. His Genesis I and II prototypes were flown into orbit from a Russian base in Siberia a few years ago. The next one is called Sundancer and will actually have three windows. Well, it's not going to be much fun being up in space if you can't look outside, is it?

Now it turns out NASA is getting excited about the idea too and are envisioning astronauts orbiting the Earth in roomy balloons instead of cramped tin cans.

Anyhow, I mentioned this to susan a couple of days ago and she's decided to paint a little portrait of yours truly at some unspecified future date as people move out into distant space in chains of interconnected bubbles. People who can only dream of flying now could do so easily when they're weightless. Even better, there'd be more room for those of us who like to fly in gravity wells and those who eat grass and those who eat the grass munchers. Don't worry, there'd still be room for people who prefer to sit rather than to fly and float.

Sounds like a win win proposition to me.


marja-leena said...

Oh, lovely, sounds like a plot for an illustrated children's book! Hint, hint. I keep saying...

Spadoman said...

Interestingly enough, on my recent trip to New Mexico, I was surprised to find out that progress is actually being made on the new Spaceport America.
Last time down that way, I heard of the proposed building of this specific purpose spaceport. I thought it would never really get off the ground, (pun extremely intended). But it has. HERE is an explanation of what Spaceport America is suppose to be, (and is to a certain extent). I went to the Spaceport America dot com site and it came up as blank pages. Go figure.
Personally, I don;'t want to go to outer, (or inner or regional) space. I'll stay grounded, although I am somewhat taken by you, Crow, as I always wonder what it would be like to be able to fly.
The drawing looks like it will be another winner by the way. Can't wait to see the finished product.


Elaine- said...

ooooh i would love to live in space, where there would be no weight on my spinal disks and painful joints, tho i hear you can't come back to earth if you stay out there long enuff coz of the way your body adapts to no weight on it. i would be ok with that :)

thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, i feel as tho i've had a write up in a magazine, i LOVED it!!

Crow said...

marja-leena - I'd probably have to write it for her as susan has no skill with plot development.

spadoman - One can only hope they get on with it soon. In the meanwhile it's the Russians who are having all the fun.

elaine - Children born in lower gravity or none would be taller with finer bones - somewhat bird-like and that would be sweet to see.

jams o donnell said...

I love the idea of space balloons!

I hope that you will have the same sartorial elegance in space you well-dressed corvid!

The Crow said...

You are such a handsome bird, Crow.

Seraphine said...

ummm. i wouldn't stay in an inflatable hotel here on earth, why would i stay in one in space?

Seraphine said...

i agree, crows are very handsome. although, i think i'm getting crow's feet, and i'm not looking forward to that.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Bubbles in space. Sounds like fiction, no matter how hard I try to wrap my head around it.

Though to fly would be fun.

Do you know the a little story that is part of the Peter Pan stories, where Peter as an infant flies out his nursery window and into Kensington Park? There are a lot of theories on why as infants we can actually fly if we knew that we could or believed that we could.

It has nothing whatever to do with bubbles in space but I do meander about a lot on the topic of flight. :-)

Crow said...

jams - It does sound fine, doesn't it? Floating trees might make excellent roosts.

the crow - Why, thank you, dear lady. I reciprocate your compliment.

sera - Yes, the idea of a budget hotel in space doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, does it?

I recommend a nice pair of boots to make you feel better.

pagan sphinx - There are many things that could be done were the money for pure science equitably spread. It may just happen anyway and flying is indeed fun.

There is a school of thought that says human children are closer to the world of spirit until they take the lessons of real life to heart. I think Peter Pan knew that.

lindsaylobe said...

I prefer Crow's dreams together with that exquisite angelic representative over real life endeavors of those wishing to colonize space.

What happened here on earth in relation to colonization was not so encouraging was it!!
Best wishes

Crow said...

lindsay - All in all I think it would be a good thing for mankind to have a larger goal than staying around here wrecking the place and killing each other. Bubble habitats and colonies on the moon and Mars and moons further out might just teach people how lucky they are.

Randal Graves said...

99 space balloons. We'll find a way to screw that up, too.