Friday, July 2, 2010


regarding susan's latest post, i can only add that my own personal feelings as far as this whole moving situation in general are best captured by this :) :


Seraphine said...

haha, i want the *entire state of california* to become canadian so i don't have to move.

susan said...

sera - I'd vote for Canada annexing Cuba too.

Spadoman said...

I love it!

gfid said...

have sent the link for this to all my friends.... (especially those who DON'T live in Canada!!

it's great!!

susan said...

spadoman - It is neat.

gfid - You don't have to be Canadian to get it. Glad you've been sending it on.

Anonymous said...

The US has the money? Ha! That's a laugh.

This week my husband is Canadian...camping and fishing in Quetico Park.


Spadoman said...

For some reason, I am getting e-mails telling me when someone has commented on this particular post. I don't mind that at all, but just want to tell Nuinly that I used to be a guide in The Quetico as well as the USA's Boundary Wagters and Canada's White Otter Wilderness.
I t is a beautiful area. I need to get back, I haven't been up there in years!
Back in the day, crossing the border was easy. No passports, for one, and interrogation was minimal. In winter, we'd simply snow mobile across and go to Thunder Bay for pizza! I'd buy Cuban cigars at the mall tobacco shop. I felt lkike I was a true multicultural entity of both countries.
I love this jingle. ZI sing it with my Grand kids all the time. Catchy tune and the blonde gal is a hottie, especially in that mountie uniform!
I like to think it's not being Canadian, but being human that is important. After all, I have no guin, I was a canoe guide and live respecting all people. That's it, there is no more.
Peace to all

susan said...

nunly - I guess they needed to use a little artistic license :-) I hope you husband has a good time.

spadoman - I wonder if you accidentally hit the button to email follow-up comments.

I must have missed that job when you wrote your work history a while back. Northern Ontario is very beautiful and we'll be seeing parts of it again soon. Our plan is to cross into Canada at Sault Ste Marie (the Soo). It's a shame so many nice things we used to take for granted changed for the worse in the past decade. Of course you're right that being Canadian bestows no particular benefit on spiritual growth.

Spadoman said...

I'm back, had to listen to this again. Just love it!