Saturday, August 21, 2010

time for fun

I'm tired of talking about moving, and thinking about moving, and planning for moving, and packing for moving. After all, I have lots of time since the movers won't be coming for another six days..

Meanwhile, I have an appointment to meet a blogger I know and four more I don't know at a fancy French restaurant for brunch tomorrow. Now if I could only find some clothes to wear.. I mean naked's okay for around the house :-)


marja-leena said...

Ooh, love the watercolour! And what an exciting date tomorrow, hope you'll be telling all. Have fun!

Liberality said...

And I like that lamp. And that lady sure is ready to paint the town and have some fun.

Here's to hoping you have lots of fun tomorrow!

Linda said...

hahahaha....well, it might be interesting ? ;)

Joss Albért said...

6 Days?! Wow, that sure crept up quick. Don't forget your passport and toothbrush! ;)

Spadoman said...

I'm so freakin' jealous! You're going to get into a car and drive away! I've been taking some short trips, 2-300 miles, but I want to just keep going. And the adventure you'll have. Going somewhere you want to go to, and are familiar somewhat. Packed up, how cool is that! Oh man, stop! I can't stand it. Don't tell me another word. I'm just too jealous!
Enjoy the brunch, though. Tell me about what you had to eat. Bloody Marys, Mimosos, champaign? Hopefully some really good coffee.


lindsaylobe said...

Some very nice pictures in your previous posts and I like the Portland sunrises and your autumn hummingbird.
Off to a fancy French restaurant where they might like your colorful picture with a dollop of good humor. I love that dog!!
Best wishes

gfid said...

escargot for brunch? very exciting, meeting folk for the first time who you've shared intellectual discourse with. That'll add snap to your garters! Do you have blog friends in Halifax already?

jams o donnell said...

I hope you enjoyed your meeting. Rather more upscale that the beer fuelled night I had last month in the company of a group of fellow bloggers

susan said...

marja-leena - I'm glad you liked the painting; every so often I get a bit wild.. even now.

liberality - This is a 20 year old painting. Jersey girls have been around a long time.

linda - A true delight, in fact :-)

joss - You wouldn't believe the pile of stuff we have to remember for this trip. I'm feeling a bit like the slingshot band when it's fully stretched but still held in place.

spadoman - You've had much more recent experience with long distance driving than I've had recently and to a very large extent you've been an inspiration. When we got here we had a computer in the back of the little car, a lamp, 1 painting, and our clothes. 10 small boxes were shipped later. Now we're closing in on 50 boxes packed with perhaps 10 more to go plus the furniture for the movers to pack. It's a bit harder to attain lift-off with the weight :-)

lindsay - I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing them. I know you have a new post up yourself that I'll be back to read more carefully later. I always enjoy your thoughtful comments.

gfid - Our meeting today was the first time I've ever met other bloggers and it was so very nice I hardly noticed to food. No Maritime blog friends yet :-)

jams - We passed on the champagne etc. but were all so giddy we may as well have been at a pub. I bet that was fun.

Lydia said...

Really love this watercolor! It was an honor meeting you on Sunday afternoon, Susan. I enjoyed our conversations, brief though they were and will be thinking of you these final days before you drive out of Portland. I have a lump in my throat after reading your excellent post about Powell's and your reflections on the City of Roses. A part of it will always be with you, most definitely. Now...on to bright new days and ways.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! How did it go?

susan said...

lydia - It was very nice meeting you too and, yes, it has been painful saying good-bye to Portland. In a way it's the most Canadian city in the country but just a few hundred miles too far south to qualify officially.

lisa - It was fun but I'm so exhausted at this point I'm afraid I babbled too much while buzzing on a caffeine and sugar high :-)

Pagan Sphinx said...

I always gab too much when there is wine, drinks, sweets, coffee or all of the above. :-)

It would be fun to meet up with nice blogging people. :-)

The watercolor lady is wild and fun. We should all have a chance to show our colors, shouldn't we?