Wednesday, September 1, 2010

way north then east

It's been quite a ride since I updated last - seems hard to believe it was just yesterday morning we were still in Superior, MI. Tonight we're in Ottawa - Canada's capital city and this is our second night in the country.

The first was weird since we almost got arrested in a way north town called Elliot Lake while we were trying to find the entrance to a hotel that was on top of a shopping mall which was itself on the top of a tall hill. We drove all around the mall and the hill looking for an entrance and even got out of the car at one point to see if it was hidden. By then we'd been on the road for nearly 13 hours and were tired, very tired.

Sault Ste. Marie, where we crossed the border, is in the middle of No and Where. So we drove and drove and it got darker and darker and there were two heavy downpours and there were no hotels on the Trans Canada highway. In fact, that far north there wasn't much at all and Elliott Lake was the closest town on the map but it was miles (should I say Kilometers?) up another long dark road and everybody in town was in bed when we got there. Except for the policemen who caught us not wearing our seatbelts while we were searching for the hotel entrance. He checked us out to make sure the 63 year old woman and her 60 year old accomplice hadn't stolen a 16 year old Geo Tracker.

After he gave us a stern warning we asked him HOW to get into the hotel. It turned out there was one door to the mall that remained open for hotel guests. I'll tell you about the hotel another time. Leave it for now to say there was a rusty beer bottle opener on the bathroom wall.

We laughed and went to bed - happy the policeman hadn't seen us run a red light when we got bored of waiting or making a couple of illegal u-turns.

Thanks for checking in on us. The picture at the top is one of Lake Nipissing - just one of the beautiful lakes seen from the Trans Canada Hwy today.


Border Explorer said...

Are you freakin' kidding me? I thought you were maybe 35 years old.

Spadoman said...

(laughing at B.E.)
Yeah, you that old?!
Still jealous that you're on the road!
Don't you love getting stopped by the cops, (should I say constable?), and not have done anything bad?
You're almost there!!


Nancy said...

Sounds like that hotel has been there awhile.

susan said...

be - Yes, it's true but I don't advertise it much :-) 64 very soon.

spadoman - We've seen a number of bikers on our travels and they all looked to be enjoying the open roads but I don't think many of them have come as far as we have this past week. It's been a trip in every sense of the word.

nancy - That was one very funky hotel. You could almost hear the ghosts of old time parties.

Border Explorer said...

I just turned 60 myself, so I want to clarify that my reaction was not that you're so old chronologically (our ages are comparable)--but rather that your spirit is **so vital, vibrant and youthful** that I had imaged you as a much younger woman!

susan said...

be - I guessed as much and I feel just the same about you with all you and your husband have been involved in. It's kind of scary when you're anywhere near modern north American civilization - like malls - just how old and worn out much younger women appear to be. May we both stay forever young!

Lisa said...

It's not a trip until you've had an encounter with law enforcement, right?

susan said...

lisa - True :-)