Sunday, October 10, 2010

seaside Crow

It's taking a little while to settle down to drawing and painting again but I'm getting there. You may remember this drawing from a couple of months ago. I rather like it in color and Crow is looking quite nostalgic.. or maybe he's wondering if I've remembered to replenish his Remy Martin. Of course I have and I found an antique fruitcake for him and his friend to share. Who said I wasn't considerate?

I hope you're having a good weekend.



Pagan Sphinx said...

Thanks for the smile. I love crow's handsome purple cape. :-)


jams o donnell said...

He certainly looks dapper. You are good to make sure he has his brandy and fruitcake... Perhaps a nice Armagnac as treat?

marja-leena said...

Wonderful work as always with Crow looking quite cheeky! Glad to see you finding time for your painting again. How does Crow like Halifax? Are you all celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving and enjoying the long weekend?

Anonymous said...

I like his style!

(And yours)

Lisa said...

It's nice to see you!

gfid said...

happy thanksgiving to all. it's always seemed to me that they have it right in the US, where thanksgiving comes after halloween... all those jack o lanterns should become pie.

La Belette Rouge said...

There is something about how Crow is looking at us that is a bit maternal? Am I projecting? Love it!!xoxo

susan said...

pagan sphinx - He's quite the fashionable corvid, isn't he?

jams - A nice Bas, peut-ĂȘtre? I'll have to see if the Canadian Liquor Control Board stocks any.

marja-leena - Now that every weekend is a long one I have lots of time for painting but I'm waiting for the full skill flow to return. Crow likes the ocean updrafts :-)

andrew - It's mutual.

lisa - So very good to be back :-)

gfid - I agree but since my birthday is so close to US Thanksgiving, people were always bringing me turkey cakes to celebrate.

belette - I think I may be the one doing the projecting :-)

Nancy said...

Love the picture of Crow - but aren't all fruit cakes antique?

Liberality said...

Keep the brandy and fruitcake coming!

My computer is useless right now so I didn't do anything computer wise all weekend. And guess what? I got a lot done! So maybe the goddess is trying to tell me something ;~)

Spadoman said...

Well, hello Crow. Nice cape. Susan make that for you? She's very talented you know. You're pretty darn lucky to get the Remy AND a fruitcake. I bet it's one of those ones made with the brandy and allowed to age. Those are really good! Take care and be well.


Gary said...

Finally got around to taking a wee stroll through your I can picture some of what you can picture. I can even feel the building grinders.

It looks lovely Susan and your fresh eyes (and lens) are really fun to see it through. I don't know it well, but have enjoyed Halifax each time I've been there.

Randal Graves said...

Fruitcake? Yikes, no wonder Crow looks concerned. ;)

Seraphine said...

haha. cute. it is a little bit of a departure for you. i mean, it is instantly recognizeable as your work, but it is less allegorical than your previous work. pretty and cool

i love the shoes. there is always something to delight in your art.

susan said...

nancy - That's why they're so good :-)

liberality - It's going to be a long winter so I've stocked up.

Between drawing and exploring I haven't had much time for computing either. The goddess always gets her way so why fight her?

spadoman - Crow says 'hello' right back. He asked me to tell you that particular cape was a gift from a grateful Arthur Conan Doyle. Apparently Crow gave him the story line for 'Hound of the Baskervilles'.

gary - Glad to see you're in traveling mode again. The grinding has mostly stopped but they're still scraping and painting.

It's interesting to see the city getting ready for the cold season now the tourists are mostly gone. We're not tourists - we live here :-)

randal - It really is good for elderly digestion.

sera - It appears when one arrives at a new place and circumstance, one isn't exactly who one thought one was previously. I'm exploring old territory with new eyes and wondering too, what are all these colors in the 50 tubes and the 3 boxes?

I still like shoes :-)

gfid said...

turkey cakes.... hmmm

i nearly have my office / studio uner control.... meaning, 'i can see more than 25% of the floor'. boxes all unpacked, but not all sorted. but when i get it under control, i'll actually have workspace to doodle and sew during the long winter evenings..... you're an inspriation.

susan said...

gfid - I was always offended :-)

We're still in the only partially unpacked stage mostly because we're still not 100% sure numb's immigration will go through.

I just go for walks and draw silly pictures so the inspiration prize goes to you - where it rightfully belongs :-)