Thursday, February 10, 2011

bankster vs deadbeat

Whenever I tried to talk to co-workers in the US about fraudulent bankers actively encouraging people to take out home loans they couldn't afford they'd often try to end the discussion with the "deadbeat" argument.  This piece is really effective because the deadbeat concedes that from the start and focuses on the larger systemic damage done by the banks.

This video was on Zero Hedge yesterday morning and is much more fun to watch than a two hour presentation with graphs and pie charts.

By the way, did you know Morgan Stanley is the largest processor of food stamps in the US? Oh the irony.

and now for something completely cute - a baby beluga whale with his mom

You may notice I've changed the template for the first time in 3½ years. Now I'll be able to post larger pictures and also have the occasional youtube selections show to size. Please let me know if you have any trouble looking at the new format.

Time marches on :-)


jams o donnell said...

Great vid. Sadly most of the bankers will get away with their crimes. Something that sticks in my craw

jams o donnell said...

Oh I like the new lay out

marja-leena said...

Brilliant video, but as jams said, those bankers seem to be walking scott-free! I love your larger page, your images looks fantastic.

There were a couple of glitches in placement of the video and the audeo bar lower down in another post but on refreshing it seems fine now. Congrats on the update! I've been hankering to do the same but my designer is busy.

Francis Hunt said...

In the video the term "banksters" is used; a friend of mine usually uses the term bwankers, also quite appropriate in my view!

The new layout looks really good ... :-)

Lorie said...

Very, very cute baby there!

Banksters--not so cute!

Lisa said...

The video does a great job of breaking down this complex issue. Unless one has gone seeking the info, most people buy the corporate line.

Your new format looks great! I had no problems with it.

Linda said...

well, no mood here to even think about this so will admire your wonderful blog look and that cute baby! they both look great :)

susan said...

jams - Sometimes I think the major players have left the stage and the second string is just improvising.

Glad you like it :-)

marja-leena - So few people had seen it that I felt it was important to make it available to my discerning friends. There's no knowing what will happen but it's important we know what has.

I'm glad the new design works for you. I've been putting off doing something for a little too long. Yours is quite perfect just the way it is.

francis - 'Bwanker' is also an excellent description. Inmate would be even better.

Glad you like the new look.

lorie - I had to have something to take the bad taste away :-)

lisa - Yes, it was a worthwhile way to spend 11 minutes. I think most people watch far too much tv and figure they're getting the truth. Hah!

I chose one of the simplest templates. That's the kind of girl I am.

linda - I'm so happy to see you've been out visiting. Doesn't the baby beluga have the most enchanting smile?

I'm glad you like the new setup. I just wanted something quiet and was glad I could find such a thing without much trouble.

Be well xoxo

Randal Graves said...

Do you *really* think we can trust the beluga?

okjimm said...

whoa.... I thought I walked in the wrong door!!!

Does this mean you can post bigger and nice pictures of all your nice pictures!!!

Diana said...

template fine... but i seem to have lost my 'gfid' moniker. bankers.... blah.... as the banker says, 'boring'.... but what they've done is far from boring.

susan said...

randal - Now that you've mentioned it the little guy does look a bit shifty.

okjimm - I'm still having the same reaction whenever I open the page. It doesn't feel homey yet but the good news is 'Yes!'

gfid - Oops! I hope you find it again soon. It's just not right that psychopaths are running things just when we could use a few wise people.

Linda said...

yes, i am back a bit...i did something that makes it a bit hard to type so haven't been around like i'd like...but wanted to pop in and say hello and this is such a cute picture...i love these enchanting animals...i haven't yet watched the video due to bandwidth but will, i set it for later in my acct.

i was glad to see you posting a bit more! and i want to see how/if you painted the past drawings? worries, just mostly saying goodnight to you. [grins] xxoo

Nancy said...

Loved the whales and the video! Wow, it nailed the bangksters! I'm going to have to pass this one on...

clairesgarden said...

we should be made to watch that instead of trying to work out the small makes more sense!!

susan said...

linda - It's rare for me to post a cute animal photo but this one was irresistible.

I'll try to post a bit more often than I have been lately but I keep running into blocks of my own devising. The drawing of the young girl and her prickly friend didn't go where I'd hoped when I painted it. Now it's gone and I must start again.

Thank you for thinking of me and just dropping by. xoxo

nancy - I hope you are able to pass on the video as it hadn't been seen by many. I hope you will pass it along.

claire - The video really does tie the whole issue into a nice, tidy packet. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Lydia said...

I phantsy the new design!
This whale photo is fabulous. What wonders there are on this planet.