Sunday, February 13, 2011


Liberality of Liberality had very generously nominated Adventures Ink and Phantsy for a blog award called Trailblazers.

I'm not very good at the award thing and I'm very glad it appears to have come with only one requirement - that it be passed along. So far as I can see it began (in this neighborhood) with A Feather Adrift who passed it on to Okjimm who gave it to Penolan who bestowed in on Liberality. Each and every one of them are Liberals in the best meaning of the term.

In turn, I'm going to gift it to a guy who takes Trailblazing so seriously he travels all over the country by car, truck, and his very favorite conveyance - a motorcycle - to visit old friends and new. Spadoman is a proud veteran of the Vietnam War who embraced  peace and forgiveness. He has joined with Native Americans to learn and celebrate the teachings of the Great Spirit. He is generous to all he meets, takes wonderful photographs, and writes great Haikus. He's also a very kind and loving family man who takes great joy in his wife, children and grandchildren.

I'm glad to call Spadoman a friend and happy to be able to pass on the Trailblazer Award to him.


Lydia said...

Congratulations on your award, and I trust that you have passed it along to a worthy gentleman from all you wrote about Spadoman.

Crow looks the fine protector in this sketch. Very fine indeed.

Francis Hunt said...

No-one deserves awards more than you, Susan (and Crow, of course!). May you long go on blazing trails ...

Linda said...

what a wonderful award and certainly perfect for you, dear friend....and congrats to the recipient, whom i shall wander over and see right about next.

happy ♥ day to you too! xxx

Linda said...

oops--forgot to say i love the illustration, the size of crow is wonderful!

Spadoman said...

Crow looks very proud. He must be in attendance at your award ceremony in this sketch.
I can't thinkof anyone more deserving than you. If I could, you'd be the one I'd choose to give it to as I pass it along.
You are always kind with your words and your editorial works on the environment and Earth Mother show compassion for the world. You are a superb artist, craftperson, illustrator and storyteller. And you keep great company with the likes with Crow and Numb.
Coming from you, someone I admire and respect so very much on many levels, receiving this award is a highly regarded honor. I'll give it much thought and pass it on as i say Thank You so very much.


Lisa said...

Congratulations! You are indeed a Trailblazer.

The crow with girls is fetching.

Lisa said...
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Liberality said...

Spadoman says it all much better than I could. I do so appreciate your concern for the Earth. If more people cared maybe we wouldn't be in the shape we are in now.