Friday, February 4, 2011

wistful weekend

Here it is the end of another week and I've come up with yet another illustration. Usually I draw something and then start painting right away but somehow lately I've been more interested in getting the drawings down on paper while the ideas are fresh. Then too is the fact I've ordered new paints from a supplier in the US and am kind of holding out for their arrival. The figures here are pretty close to what they'll look like in the finished piece but the background is just lightly sketched to provide context. Once again, I hope you're able to view it okay now that I've darkened the pencil lines and changed the shade of the paper to my favorite pinkish shade.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Everything looks better with the tv turned off :-)


  1. I once lived for a short period in North Hesse in Germany, in the town of Hofgeismar. Only a couple of kilometers away was the castle of Sababurg which is generally agreed to be the fairy-tale castle of "Sleeping Beauty", as told by the Brothers Grimm. You can read a bit more about it here and here (pdf).

    There may be some kitsch involved but it really does seem like a sleepy castle under a spell. Somehow, I see your picture situated there!

    Who needs TV! :-)

  2. Glad you are turning off the idiot box. I don't watch television so I might be a tad prejudiced there ;~)

  3. I like these two - especially the way they seem to be together, concerned about something outside the drawing. Allies. Actually, my favorite things are the ones they have in common - the bare feet on stone and the wild hair.

    My first thought about the furry friend was "marmoset, or maybe tamarin"?

    As with ALL of these, I am looking forward to how they change with paint.

    And your remarks about ordering the paint make me wonder what brand you like. Winsor and Newton for some shades, but mostly Lukas, for me.

  4. these two are so sweet and almost seem anxiously awaiting a bus or the ice cream truck, perhaps it will not come...

    the tv...yes, it is blaring in the background right now and i really need to stop this this more, i have been glued, something i don't usually waste time doing...

    i cannot wait to see this painted, her hair color, the little guy by her side, her dress....i love she is bare-foot as is her always, your art is bewitching. xox

  5. Wonderful. I'm glad you are waiting for the paint so this one can just be this way for awhile. I am also very attracted to the pink paper. It gives the work a delicacy that can't be beat.

    Happy weekend, Susan!

  6. You swanky drawings cannot blind me to your subtle yet pointed dig at a certain sports entertainment spectacle of shining sparkles. Damn Canadians. :)

  7. Ya....... What Randal said.....gees it's the Super Bowl!! Ps I have alw ays loved your paintings. Even when I don't know how to leave a proper comment.

  8. francis - The story and pictures of Sababurg are very lovely. Am I right that the main building is missing a roof these days. Perhaps that's how the prince got in after he cut away the vines.

    I wonder sometimes about my tendency to love grass, flowers and old stone. It's like there's an element of timelessness in such surroundings and that magic is almost there.

    liberality - We haven't watched tv in more than 12 years either. I've heard people explain there's good stuff but we can rent a video for that and avoid the madness.

    steve - They do make a good pair, don't they? I think all of us are somewhat concerned about things just outside our own frames but these two (yes, marmoset) appear to be ready.

    I already told you about the Yarkas so I won't go on. Best wishes for happy results of your own.

    linda - I'm glad you like them and it's always delightful to read your take on what might be happening. I think I'll likely be painting it well before the new paints arrive. After all, it's not like I don't have enough already :-) I'll be sure to post it for review as soon as it's done. Meanwhile I need time to fall into it.

    lydia - I've decided to paint it after all since I just heard the paints are 10 days away. I can't use not having a different brand available as an excuse. Meanwhile, making the paper pink does make it look good as it is.

    randal - Thanks. Up With People, I say.

    okjimm - The bread and circuses (or should I say beer and corndogs) keep everybody well entertained even in the midst of winter.

    I'm glad to know you like my stuff and there really isn't much to say.

  9. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for sharing your latest lovely drawing with us. In relation to the last post I agree that the US government has been backing individual leaders who offer US support regardless of whether they are democratic or not for far too long.
    ‘Prosperity, individualism, the Puritan ethic, nationalism, and blind capitalism is nothing more than "civil religion." Adapted from Thomas Merton

    Best wishes

  10. lindsay - I think the system has been gamed long enough by those who simply look for power and money. It's time for a change and I really hope the people of the middle east can provide an example to the west - the US in particular.

  11. I know I keep saying this, Susan, I think you should illustrate books with your lovely work!

  12. I can't draw shit. TV? Oh, yeah, as I recall, I have one of them, or three. Maybe I should turn one on someday.

  13. I want to know what they're looking at.

  14. TV? what's that?

    there's a story behind this picture..... out with it.

  15. marja-leena - I'd have to write the book first and therein lies the problem :-)

    bbc - If you can write you can draw; the only requirement is wanting to.

    lisa - You mean you think this should be a triptych?

    gfid - Yeah, we're well off without it, aren't we?

    I'll let you know as soon as they get back here to tell me :-)

  16. i'm looking forward to their return.

  17. gfid - I've been working on it even without the new paintbox :-)