Friday, March 25, 2011

how do I know when it's spring?


  1. I wish I could meet such a fine, large bunny!

  2. A story is here for the telling. Easter is on it's way! For kids this is great because it means more candy. Well it used to anyway before kids ate candy all the time. :)

  3. The Easter Bunny died on the cross for our sins. Dying, he laid an egg from which all new life came ...

    Or something like that ...

  4. Oh, it looks warm and fuzzy enough, but we know the truth.

  5. Could Spring be right around the corner? I'm not sure ... it snowed all night.

  6. How wondrous! I have never outgrown my love for Easter bunnies and this one is spectacular.

  7. Francis - ha! :-D

    To answer your question - when a giant rabbit tell me so! And so far in these parts, there are no large rabbits to be seen; not even a crocus. Yet.

  8. I love this! It would be wonderful if rabbits were this big. And the first thing I would want to do would be to touch one. I would not be able to resist the ears, but like my urge to reach down and pick up fat sleek ducks that have come up to feed in gardens we visit, I would probably have to control myself. I doubt a rabbit would want me fussing with its ears, no matter how gentle I'd be.

    But your drawing makes me feel that urge almost as if I had the rabbit before me.

    And the bare feet make the girl seem gentler, more on an "equal footing" with the rabbit. Vulnerable.

  9. is that a white chocolate bunny?

  10. jams - He is a beauty.

    liberality - Yes, candy is wonderful only until it becomes a regular part of the diet.

    francis - Good one and it sounds true.

    randal - You just reminded me of sweet afternoons with Joel and the bots.

    nancy - It hasn't shown itself here either.

    lydia - I got a 'bunnykins' cup recently and was inspired.

    pagan sphinx - Yep. There are no flowers for even a little one to hide among around here.

    steve - There actually are some rabbits this big called Belgian (or Flemish) Giants. It would be nice to pet one.

    I'm delighted you like the drawing. I've been a bit uninspired lately.

    okjimm - For you? Yes :-)

  11. susan: I hope that with the arrival of spring and more daylight hours, you will be feeling a little more chipper. I keep thinking you are down and I worry about you. I'm not sure if maybe it's just me being weird or something instead. Okay, now I do sound weird :)

  12. Can't help but think of Alice, the one that went to Wonderland. She had a run-in with some rabbit, didn't she? Waitinn for Spring here. Still a lot of snow on the ground. Melting very slowly, and temps are colder than normal, in the teens at night and barely above freezing during the day.
    By the way, have you switched to Celsius, or gotten used to it? How about the speedometer in the car? Kilos or Miles per hour?
    Speaking of cars, you want to sell that Tracker? You never answered last time I asked.
    Happy Spring to you. Big rabbits and small and lots of green and flowers.


  13. liberality - It's going to be nice today but we still have to wait for afternoon for our walk on the beach park. I hope you are well ♡

    spadoman - Alice and the White Rabbit are certainly iconic as is the confusion he lead her to. The snow has been gone from here for most of a month but it continues to be cold and windy. It appears Nova Scotians merely pay lip service to the metric system so it's fairly easy to get along. While driving it's simple enough to keep an eye on where the Km dial matches the mph. Speaking of which, how could we go anywhere without our car?
    I hope spring comes soon for you and Mrs. Spado or at least that you can go and meet it half-way somewhere.

  14. That's a cool drawing, though I think Randal's clip will keep me up all night...


    We had a taste of Spring last week, but are expecting up to a foot of wet snow Thursday into Friday!

  15. I'm sorry this winter is dragging on. We had a weeklong flirtation with summer and now even I miss the bees.

    I love the expressions on these characters.

  16. A "bunnykins" cup? Lucky you to get such a great early Easter treat.

    (Just read Francis Hunt's comment and I am roaring! :)

  17. cr - I'm glad the rabbit made Randal recall the giant mutant rabbit movie. I think I remember having seen it too. Sure miss mst3k.

    Let's hope spring makes it here soon but you always make the best of every season.

    lisa - We had a few very nice days this week and now it's snowing and blowing. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    I think the bun expression came out best :-)

    lydia - Well, my old favorite cup that belonged to my mother suffered the inevitable.. It was a delight finding a new 'bunnykins' among all the new junk at the mall.

    Francis is very droll and always makes me laugh too.

  18. i don't have any problem reconizing spring when it finally arrives. it is my impatience for it that is the problem.

  19. francis - Neil Innes is the first one to get it in that clip :-)

    sera - I thought it was always spring where you live.