Friday, June 3, 2011

diving Crow blues *

Now if the river was brandy
And I was out diving with Crow
Now if the river was Remy
And I was out diving with Crow
I would dive in that bottle
And I'd never let go.

If the world treats you badly
You could go diving with us
If you got only hard times
We'll take you diving with us
Just grab your suit and flippers
There is nothing to discuss.

The river flows to the ocean
As you can surely see
Those oil guys were brazen
With their lies and treachery
Why these rich folk are so greedy
Is a mystery to me

Now they tell us Fukushima
Is just as calm as the sea
There is nothing left to see there
Things are good as they can be
But we know that they are lying
Though there's no news on tv

It's just money that matters
And they know they won't get caught
Cause they paid the politicians
Who said they never could be bought
There's no truth in what they tell you
Is what my dear mother taught

If the river was brandy
We wouldn't need a cup
If the river was Remy
We'd have a fine roundup
We can swim to the bottom
And we'll drink our way up.

So if the world treats you badly
You could go diving with us
If you got only hard times
We'll take you diving with us
Just grab your suit and flippers
There is nothing to discuss.

* With apologies to Sleepy John Estes


The Crow said...

I'm ready!

Great painting, Susan: colors are wonderful, Crow divine.

Randal Graves said...

Ditto & too bad Lockwood, Jr.'s floating in the ether or I'd run this down to Fat Fish Blue.

Steve Emery said...

Great expression on the turtle's face, and I LOVE Crow's diving mask, and the way his wings are swept back. And like The Crow, I think the colors are wonderful - the cools in the background help pop the swimmers into the foreground. I would happily join this trio.

I continue to be amazed at how much some people can pull over on the rest of us.

susan said...

the crow - You're on the list! I'm glad you like the painting - the easiest ones are the most fun to do these days.

randal - Naturally, I had to google that one and now I'm very flattered.

steve - I drew and painted this one all in an afternoon and I really like the result too. I used only colors that had dried on one of my plastic palettes showing the truth of less sometimes being enough.

I get so ticked when I see what's being passed off as news.

Anonymous said...

Get me a ticket on that ship and I'll bring the snacks. Great work. Liked the previous piece very much too.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Another delightful painting! For an Avian, Crow looks rather adept as a swimmer.

I love that turtle!

Mary Ellen said...

I would love to dive in your river of brandy, and swim to the bottom and drink my way long as I can be assured that the turtle didn't pee in it first.

marja-leena said...


Spadoman said...

Love, love love the painting! I'm bringing my harmonica when I come visit so we can sing some blues! Very cool.
I want Crow to teach me how to fly!


susan said...

noodleepoodlee - You're welcome to join. We like snacks - Crow is especially fond of fruitcake soaked in brandy.

pagan sphinx - Thank you. Crow was taught to swim by emperor penguins during one of his sojourns to the south pole.

mary ellen - What if he was down current?

marja-leena - Fun to paint as well.

spadoman - Glad you like it. 12 bar blues are the best and I'm still learning to fly myself.

Peace and good travels.

Ol'Buzzard said...

If there is an ocean of whiskey
and you are diving with crow
please give me a call
for I'd sure like to go.
the Ol'Buzzard

Francis Hunt said...


Susan, I've got my flippers all ready and I'll bring my guitar too ...

Humans are like yeast. Faced with massive resources for consumption (in the yeast's case, sugar), they go crazy, eat it all up, pissing out waste (in the yeast's case, alcohol) in the process. Simulataneously, they are reproducing like mad, so that their environment cannot sustain them. Finally they use up all their available resources, poison themselves on their own waste and die.

At least the yeast's waste products provide the basic ingredient for brandy ... :-)

jams o donnell said...

Absolutely wonderful Susan. I am so impressed by Crow's talents and travels. Such a lucky Corvid!

Nancy said...

I not only love your painting - I love your poetry. I would like to take that swim.

susan said...

ol'buzzard - Hah! That's scored you an invitation.

francis - Some music would be a definite plus.

Yes, your yeast analogy is a pretty good overall description of the exponential population growth fueled by the Green Revolution. It could have been limited by using biodiversity practices in farming techniques rather than the total reliance on genetic manipulation and chemical fertilizers. Monsanto is probably the most evil corporation in the world but a number of others aren't far behind.

However, the waste products of yeast do have benefits.

jams - I'm happy you enjoyed it. Maybe we can have a sing-a-long :-)

nancy - I'm glad you like the picture and it would be fun to have you along for the dive.

Liberality said...

take me too! :)

nice--I especially relate to what Momma said. My momma also said that!

clairesgarden said...

I love the painting.. partial to a bit of brandy but will have to snorkel on the surface looking down at the wonders..

okjimm said...

Nice and more nice. off topic... was at a pub (go figure) last week and saw a band do a song made me think of you...

Rising Gael, Farewell to Nova Scotia.... the band is based in Wisco

gfid said...

ok if i just marinate? i'm too tired to dive. i'll soak up to my neck in the brandy and watch you and crow and sir turtle frolic

susan said...

liberality - Got your name down here.

I'm glad you liked it. Moms are smart :-)

claire - Thanks. Snorkeling is okay too or maybe we can find a few boats for those not inclined to swim.

okjimm - Thanks.

Wouldn't you just know a guy in Wisconsin tells me about a cool NS band first?

gfid - Yes, you can marinate and Crow and I may join you for a time out.

gfid said...

.... hic..... ssssniiiiiiccccce .... hic