Wednesday, June 15, 2011

still slacking

If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me they can't draw I'd be a thousandaire by now. In actuality, I can't draw either and that's why it takes so long for me to come up with new bits and pieces that entertain me and occasionally a few others.. like you, I hope. Anyhow, if you'd like to try something fun while you're waiting for the next scandal to break, your muse to speak, or if you have a little downtime at your job you might like to try the Scribbler at That's where I came up with this interesting rendering of two of my favorite characters yesterday.

If you don't have time for such nonsense you may enjoy a little story about how the panda ended up being black and white in a world of multi-colored animals:

TIJI "COLOUR" HD from AKAMA on Vimeo.

Keep up the good work, whatever it is. Come to think of it, doing nothing at all may be our best bet in the long run. Slackers of the World: Untie!


Francis Hunt said...

I like this picture, susan!

I love work, I can just stand there and watch it for hours and hours ...

Randal Graves said...

I can't draw. (the check's in the mail)

No time for slack, Dr. Jones!

P.S. Do you want us to unite, or untie? I don't wear a tie so I'm at a loss.

linda said...

haha, so true susan... today is turning out, at 10am, to be a no good-very-bad-day so won't be doing anything at present...just saying hello ;)


jams o donnell said...

I'll make you a thousand-and-one-aire Susan!

Can't draw to save my life. I give thanks for the camera!

susan said...

francis - It took me about two minutes at the Scribbler page. Generally, I prefer pencils.

Sidewalk supervising is always fun.

randal - You're an incorrigible left brain intellectual.

I did mean Untie. Letting loose seemed a good idea.

linda - It is, isn't it? I'm sorry about your day and hope it's improved in the meantime.

jams - Every dollar counts :-) It's a good thing we all have different talents to rely on. Keeps the world interesting.

Seraphine said...

awww. poor panda bear. i feel so sorry for him.

i tried the drawing program-- twice. and... well... it doesn't help make me any greater than i already am.
which is to say, it only hides mediocrity with more mediocrity.
but thanks for sharing.

marja-leena said...

No time for slcking these days for me, but I did try the Scribbler after seeing your delighful image. I think I"ve seen something loike it before so have now bookmarked it for those slacker times.

(PS hope this comment makes it this time. Blogger doesn't like me these days.)

Steve Emery said...

Beautiful vimeo - showed it to Oldest (our art student, who has done some animation in school) and he loved it.

If you want to get a peek into his imagination, look at Every June the travel log of Nigel Tangelo continues. This year there are more illustrations...

susan said...

sera - He did look a bit sad but he's still beautiful in black and white.

I just thought the scribbler was fun for doing just that but it's hard that we can't erase the bits where the finger slips on the touch pad. I would never actually find drawing on a screen easy or enjoyable at all.

marja-leena - I know you're pretty busy with better things than computer doodling but I'm happy you may try it again later.

Blogger was giving me trouble leaving comments a few days ago as well. It's not just you and I'm glad you tried again.

steve - I do have Nigel bookmarked but hadn't been by to peek at his stuff for a while. The new drawings are very nice. That travel log could quite easily develop into a fascinating novel.

Gina said...

Sorry to have missed this one earlier!

I am Queen of the Slackers. Especially since I'm enjoying a sort of second adolescence (gotta watch those fridge raids) since my daughters have grown up and flown from the nest. It's their turn now to work hard!

susan said...

gina - It is kind of funny that during the years of raising our children we end up becoming the parents we'd only been pretending to be at first. In spite of the sadness involved when they're out on their own there's also freedom to see who we are now. Enjoy the fridge raids and all the rest.