Monday, May 21, 2012

local events

Here we are having Victoria Day around here with Memorial Day in the US coming along next and how did I spend some time last week? You'd think I'd already have had enough of winter to last me for a while but I guess not. The two holidays announce the beginning of summer in North America but I was curious about some blues and blacks in my watercolor paint supply and decided to see how this drawing from last autumn would look in color. Just in case it's already a bit warmer than usual where you are perhaps it will bring some memories of frosty evenings. I know I have at least one friend among you who prefers the long dark.

There are a few things I'll definitely miss about living in this place if we ever do find a better one. That's not entirely certain since every building we've looked at is still in Halifax rather than Paris or Rome but we do what we can. Yesterday the city held a Victoria Day 42 km marathon race in honor of everybody who suffered shin splints, twisted ankles, and chest pain in last year's run. I thought it was very nice the more experienced athletes allowed Queen Victoria to win - then again, this is Canada and there is protocol to consider. She looked so sweet as she puffed along at the head of the crowd outside our windows. Her little diamond tiara was a bit askew but her young pages had managed to keep the train of her gown out of the dust and it was a treat to see the courtiers running backwards as they fanned her Majesty's glowing* royal brow.

The next thing to look forward to will be the annual parade of the Stanley Cup. Last year we saw three open trucks led by six mounties, all followed by a man in a hockey puck suit and a bagpiper. Big doings.

Have you seen any strange things either passing by or in passing recently?

* Men perspire but ladies glow.


marja-leena said...

The strangest thing I think I see is a reindeer and elves with a tree that looks about to be decorated with glowing balls - in May! :-) Lovely work as always, Susan. Otherwise it seems normal here with rain pelting down, unlike the unusually warm sunshine we had last week!

Sounds like the Haligonians know how to have fun on the first long weekend of the summer. Isn't it odd that Canadians celebrate Victoria's birthday while the Brits ignore it? You might enjoy this editorial honouring Queen Victoria as the queen of innovation. I learned a few things.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, my! So fortunate, you, to have Queen Victoria at the head of your 42k. But by the end, was she amused?

And the painting is splendid. Perfect for any time of year, really. Such talent and skill you have. (I was to Dr. Sketchy on Sunday afternoon, and was hopeless at drawing, shading, and everything else.)

Strange things? Hmmmm. Depends on how you define "strange," I suppose. Saw a Beaver swimming in the river this morning, against the current. That's pretty Canadian, eh, for Victoria Day — a Beaver. But not really strange for this part of the country. Seeing one in the daytime is a bit strange; they usually drop their trees, and do other things, at night.

And if you don't like the apartments you've seen in Halifax, you could always try Dartmouth.

susan said...

There are always a few who simply refuse to believe Christmas has ended, aren't there?

I'm glad you like the picture. I'm glad I didn't throw it away immediately since there are a couple of nice bits :-)

We probably think of Victoria as always having been old for the simple fact that cameras were developed late in her reign. The article points out some fascinating facts about many major accomplishments of the Victorian Era but among the best things were the manners and morals of the time, some of which, like practicing selflessness, is still very much needed today.

susan said...

Okay, I admit I made up the part about The Empress of India having run the marathon but it was just too silly an image not to share.

I'm glad you like the painting, Rob. You should probably keep at it if you'd really like to learn how to draw. My only advantage these days is about six decades worth of practice :-)

You're right about beavers. I've seen some of their work (dams and a lodge or two) but have never seen a beaver. Then again, I've never been one to go out in the woods at night.

Dartmouth is definitely a possibility.

Gina Duarte said...

How beautiful! Your whimsical touches make even Winter look warmer. :-)

Fondest thoughts,

jams o donnell said...

Indeeed as Gina says, winter looks more welcoming than how I remember it! As for sports, I will be avoiding central London in a couple of month's time when the Olympics take place.... Will be a living hell to get in and out, as they Olympic park is on my main route into the centre

susan said...

I'm delighted to know you like it.

susan said...

I've thought for a long time that hosting the Olympics is a huge waste of money. I don't know why they don't set up a permanent Summer Games site in Greece and a Winter site someplace cold. Come to think of it if things keep going as they are the winter games might become redundant.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Well that it then, I glow and I absolutely do not sweat! :)

I saw a large Blue Heron on Sunday in the park. It was hunting and being still. He was a big boy too! Love seeing the wild life coming back I do say.

susan said...

I'm not surprised you picked up on that one :-)

True that. Although nothing like as big and beautiful as a blue heron but we had a close encounter with a pair of goldfinches recently.

Randal Graves said...

I heard Vegas has a fake Eiffel Tower.

It's going to be floating around 90° here for the next 4-5 days, so you have no idea how much this picture makes me glow. You're definitely the coolest fake Canadian since Cookie Gilchrist.

susan said...

What a site for post collapse archeologists.

I had a feeling you'd like this one.

Lisa Golden said...

Today must be moose day. Here's your wonderful painting and on facebook, a friend posted photos of some young moose and their mother who were helping themselves to the sun in her garden.

While I haven't seen anything as interesting as a moose, I did see a large, plastic cow standing in the back of a truck recently. Well, two cows. One was upright and the other had its feet in the air.

Lydia said...

Love the drawing, and actually it suits my mood right now. We had a dark lightening storm last evening that whetted my appetite for some real weather! With your story of the Queen running the marathon I felt I had returned one month past to April Fools Day (you really had me wondering)! Perhaps a drawing showing the scene with Crow holding her robe? He probably would not be interested in such a silly display!

susan said...

Real moose will definitely help themselves to anything they want in your garden. Who's going to shoo one away?

It sounds as though you've had a close encounter with a cow tipper :-)

susan said...

Lightning storms are pretty rare events there and here too but when they come they are truly spectacular, aren't they?

It was kind of fun imagining Queen Victoria as she was by her Diamond Jubilee year running at the front of the crowd. Puffers and perspirers aren't so much fun on their own. Crow would definitely shun such an event - he's far too dignified :-)

linda adelaide said...

this is hysterical, your description of queen vic in the second go-round of parading. there's lots of parades up there it would seem. why is that? anyway what's not to like about a parade if there's a place to sit besides the curb, me not being 8 anymore.

i think this apt description would make a great little drawing/painting for you as you would do what's in my feeble brain justice! xoxo oh, and don't get used to me bbeing here yet as it's also feeble. the connection i mean. just upgraded firefox on a wing and a prayer. xxx

linda adelaide said...

my comment was you see it or is it google or is it blogger or is it the internet or is it....whatever..

basically, if you didn't, i wrote you need to paint this queen vic at the lead. what an image you present. i can already see her done in your style. don't you think. now if this is lost, i give. xoxo

susan said...

It was a pretty funny idea but didn't quite energize me enough to actually draw a picture.

I'm very glad you got here and managed to stay a little while. Everything has come through just fine.