Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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After two years of performing moderator duties on a specialty watercolorists gallery at Deviant Art, I'm retired from that post as of the last day of June. I should probably explain that since the group allows anyone who uses water based media to show their work there are big gaps in quality of the work accepted for general display. While we have no criteria regarding skill and professionalism some artists are far better than others.

Over the course of my term there I've been responsible every other month or so to choose ten favorites for our regular feature. As I just finished making the list and having written brief comments about each image (for the last time) I thought you might enjoy looking at the:

Best of June 2016 at dA Watercolorists!

Comic by Martidy
Proving the point that comics are a vibrant art form, we have this fine example of narrative art that needs no words to further its story. The layout is beautifully balanced and the colors and forms a visual delight.

Spices by jackfox2008
The white background of this elegant still life forces us to focus our  attention on the objects. Timeless and unattached to a specific location their subtle colors and shapes show us a meaning beyond the ordinary.

Between Dreams and Reality by beyondpat
 Free association unrestricted by reason can produce surprising, unexpected imagery. With a clever and whimsical disregard for tradition this artist has produced an imaginative and intriguing image.

Night owl by 0618623
 By envisioning the essence of a nighttime city, rather than its exact parameters, the artist has presented us with a dreamlike landscape of shadow and light. Whether it's a place in reality is left to our interpretation.

Wooden church from Kotan by GreeGW
 The strong colors of this watercolor entertain the viewer with a  wonderfully fresh, luminous style that transforms an otherwise ordinary scene into a unique surrounding full of deep meaning.

Another Wednesday Walk by Odditorium
Watercolor and fantasy have always been a good match. This fine illustration shows a the artist's skill and restraint in its elegant arrangement and subtle coloring as the open spaces pull our eyes toward the main figures. It'd definitely a painting that tells its own story.

Shire hills by SarkaSkorpikova
The graceful verdant hills of this beautiful and evocative vision of Tolkien's Middle Earth make it a magical landscape. While there are no hobbits, elves, dwarves, magicians or any other mythological characters in view, the picture is full of their presence.

Watercolor22 by Viktosa
This is a beauteous cat, a cat of character, a cat of determination, a cat with dignity, a cat whose tiny prominent teeth make me want to give him a home. The fine design and subdued palette almost make me forget my preference for dogs.

Red Squirrel Painting by EsthervanHulsen
I'm never quite sure where the boundary lies between realistic and photo-realistic but I do know painting realistic watercolors takes time.   This wonderfully detailed painting shows the spark of personality and character that makes even the smallest creature a unique being.

Rose garden by eiger3975
Using high contrast light and shadow, clear and uncompromising colors, and strong design, this artist is skilled at mixing contemporary images with an art deco style. This is just one example from his fine gallery of images.

I hope you enjoyed seeing them and the links if you felt like looking at more of their work. Now I'm no longer responsible for going there every day I may just get on with some of my own work. Maybe..


The Crow said...

Wow. This is a wonderful selection of art works, Susan. Watercolor has been a difficult medium for me, but I enjoy the accomplishments of those who have mastered it, such as you and the artists you've highlighted here.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan,
What a wonderful diverse selection and I also particularly liked reading the succinct commentary giving insight into each of artists meritorious creative work
Best wishes

Tom said...

A wonderful collection. The spices struck a difficult chord; we have just experienced a house fire from which we were quite lucky to escape, but all my Indian spices etc were lost - not to mention some quite delicious bottles of wine [and the rest!]. Anyway, I fear I am using your post to say that all three of us, Lucy, Elfie and myself are well and mercifully uninjured.

susan said...

Hi Martha, Yes, there are some extremely skilled artists at DA an general and at our group in particular. I must admit there have been many times when I've felt well out of my depth. I'm glad to know you enjoy what I do. :)

susan said...

I'm very happy to know you liked seeing them, Lindsay. There was a time when I wrote more but that's hard to keep up as years go by.

susan said...

Hi Tom. Glad you got to see them.

I'm very very sorry to hear about the fire at your house. Was it just in the kitchen or did it go further than that? Thank goodness you're all safe and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed all is soon repaired. It's a shame about the spices and wine, though.

Tom said...

No, the fire took hold in a fuse box (quite common in France says our Assessor) under the stairs in the middle of the house. We use that area as "une cave". Repair time is estimated to be about three months.

susan said...

Oh dear.. Thank goodness you were able to escape (and return with an extinguisher).

Should Fish More said...

Lovely, all of them. Hope your summer is going well. I'm in SoCal spending time with a good friend who experienced a tragic loss, trying to distract her with good food and company. Not that it works except for short periods, but better than nothing.
Take care,

susan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the work of these very talented artists, Mike. Summer is fine here but for the fact it hasn't been especially warm yet - we might be the only place in NA.

I'm very, very sorry to hear your reason for being in SoCal but I'm sure your company has provided some solace.
All the best

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

So many fine things

susan said...

Agreed, Andrew.