Saturday, December 31, 2016

between maelstroms

May things stay the way they are
in the simplest place you know.

May the shuttered windows
keep the air as cool as bottled jasmine.
May you never forget to listen
to the crumpled whisper of sheets
that mould themselves to your sleeping form.
May the pillows always be silvered
with cat-down and the muted percussion
of a lover’s breath.
May the murmur of the wall clock
continue to decree that your providence
run ten minutes slow.

May nothing be disturbed
in the simplest place you know
for it is here in the foetal hush
that blueprints dissolve
and poems begin,
and faith spreads like the hum of crickets,
faith in a time
when maps shall fade,
nostalgia cease
and the vigil end.

~ Arundhathi Subramaniam




Should Fish More said...

I'm seeing a young Grace Darling here, in her early years. I see no fear in her face. She, you, my daughters, will survive the storm. Not all of us will make the journey with you, but you will prevail.

Should Fish More said...

Oh, and I like the almost Japanese quality to the waves, the feather-tips....

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

A really wonderful drawing.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan,
Best wishes to you and yours in the New Year. Your lovely watercolor I admired when you first posted it in 2014. So, in the same spirit, ring the bell, anchors away, into the deep.

susan said...

Now I've had a chance to investigate Grace Darling's history I see what you mean. The funny thing is that the story I had in the back of my mind when working on this picture was that a lighthouse keeper's daughter has gone looking for her dad after he's failed to return from a routine trip.

I appreciate your confidence that I, along with your daughters, will survive the coming storm since you and I are contempories in age. The fact is our best hope is to work toward making ourselves better stewards of the world in the time we have.
All the best,

susan said...

ps: This is definitely one of my own favorites - glad you like it too.

susan said...

Thank you, Andrew.

susan said...

I'm happy to see you remembered this one, Lindsay, as it's a strong favourite of mine yet seen by few.
Best wishes to you and yours this New Year.

Sean Jeating said...

Looks as if stormy times were ahead.
Thanks for the good wishes, Susan, and for once again sharing a fine painting.
Frohes neues Jahr!

Tom said...

Too appropriately stormy, I fear, but a lovely picture nonetheless.

marja-leena said...

Beautiful words, beautiful art (I too remember this), thank you! All the very best of health, happiness and creativity in this New Year!

Ol'Buzzard said...

Bravery, determination and companionship. We have weathered storms before and can weather them again. And sometimes the storm makes us appreciate the quiet days.
best wisher for 2017
the Ol'Buzzard

susan said...

At least there will always be periods of calm, dear Sean.
Happy New Year :)

susan said...

It's always a good idea to bring a towel, Tom.
I'm happy to know you like the picture.

susan said...

The poem really touched my heart, Marja-Leena. I'm so glad you liked it too.
All best wishes again, my friend.

susan said...

The storms were inevitable this time no matter the result but, yes, they can be weathered.. and learned from.
All best wishes to you too, OB.

Gary said...

Lovely words and exquisite painting. I still have your couple with dragon in a prominent place. You are so talented. Best for 2017!

susan said...

Glad you liked both, Gary, and happy too to know you still have that painting - now a rare example of my earlier work.

All the best of the New Year to you and Anna!