Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scarlet's mystery guest Unmasked!

Okay, I'm back. How the heck could I resist this challenge? He's well disguised but that's no lady and I'd recognize those twinkly eyes and the salute anywhere. Drink up bitches indeed.

All Hail the Mighty Emperor and Empress!

(Artwork borrowed from Jeff Wells at Rigorous Intuition.) It's been one of my favorite blogs for several years. See you soon :-)


Seraphine said...

That one's easy.
It's the Pope, the
one who got really old
and died.
I've seen him do that
pose with his hands
and eyes on a postcard.
Well, the hands were turned
differently, and he wore a
Pope hat. but I'm splitting
ends. Hairs...
I'm splitting hairs.

Randal Graves said...

Which pope hat, though? The pointy white one, or the swanky and fashionable red one?

fairlane said...

There's no way that's me.

I'm much more disturbing in person.