Monday, July 28, 2008

shit from shinola beliefs

The Fifth Party is the party representing all of those who play nicely together.

We see a problem and recognize the solution involves building new and fun ways to solve the problem.

We stop to help each other along the path because it's more fun to travel with friends.

We share our jelly donuts and rootbeer (and beer) happily because there's always more where that came from. (Right, okjimm?)

We wear funny clothes and make our hair and faces look however we like because we know everybody's made of the same stuff underneath.

We all know we've had enough of the bad old ways:

The German press spent the weekend unraveling the meaning of Senator Obama's Berlin speech. This quote is from the left leaning Berliner Zeitung: "For Obama, as for John McCain, a militarily strong America forms the basis of all their foreign policy concepts. However, unlike the Republicans, Obama has two competing principles: maintaining the US's leading role and increasingly interweaving states in the aftermath of the Cold War."

"Obama makes no mention of fewer troops, agents or weapons. On the contrary, Obama does not follow any new theories that might lead to the end of the US's as the hegemonic power. Instead, his views harken back to the liberal interventionists of the '90s."

The world is crying out for the help of the Shit From Shinola Party. We need to work toward a shared vision with all the other people on our LittleBigPlanet this fall.

Now I have to go work on my new 10ft long silk scarf so I can use it as a tightrope if required.


lindsaylobe said...


The same tighrope exists economically.
Better to get off it and make a fresh start, I think.
There is no doubt in my mind the USA will eventually be forced to increase its taxation base considerably, reduce unsustainable spending and eliminate huge layers of financial services that are not needed.

I think there will be interest rate increases,( already long term corporate bond holders are demanding 8% ) and reduced productivity away from consumerism and synthetically biased financial sectors towards sustainability.

In terms of runaway spending next years forecast budget deficit is now forecast at $482 billion, to add to the 9 trillion dollars of existing debt.

McCain’s tax cuts are going to increase the debt more than Obama’s, so Obama approach is an improvement but only to the extent it is less damaging.

Obama’s approach only scratches the surface and his proposed cuts are less than 1% of the current 3 trillion annual budgets. His income tax increases also won’t materially affect the outcomes and its estimated high deficits would continue under his policies.

There is no mention about the changing society with boomers retiring , accelerated heath care spending and so forth which is also going to impact upon the future.

It is disappointing to note both the reluctance to truthfully acknowledge the current realty and the lack of any critical review that would not accept such rubbery policy iniatives as acceptable.

Best wishes

Mary Ellen said...

I think there is something that Diva could do to improve our standing in the eyes of the world...we need new military uniforms. I mean, think about it, how are we going to impress the world with our military if they aren't dressed fabulously? Khaki and last century! I think sparkley is the way to go...especially for dessert dress. Think about it, the sun hits those sequins and BLAM! the enemy is immediately blinded. And it makes such a "I'm fighting and I look fabulous doing it!" It's not the war on terror we have to worry about, it's the war on fashion!

Randal Graves said...

But if there are less troops, then the terrorists will follow us home and cook us dinner on the grill before using the propane tank to blow us up.

Um, ME, a war on fashion? We still like t-shirts, right?

Mary Ellen said...

Oh yes! T-Shirts will never leave the fashion scene, they make a statement. It's kinda like being a walking billboard. Nothing says fashion like a Zeppelin T-shirt. T-Shirts are like album covers...pure art.

Anonymous said...

We have so far to go. So very far.

DivaJood said...

Susan, I applaud you. You have really nailed what our party stands for. And yes, new military uniforms for the reduced military - I personally like that kid, Christian, who won Project Runway last year. Not only does he understand Couture, he does a great tee-shirt.

I'm Diva Jood, and I approve this message.

Scarlet W. Blue said...

So, you're saying OKJimm is giving out free beer? Excuse me, but I have to go and get in on that....

susan said...

lindsay - So long as the media only answers to its stockholders I don't hold out much hope for the American public being generally well informed in the short term. I have a feeling that many of us who are adults now have seen the best this society could manage so far as wealth and possessions are concerned but it's certainly true it hasn't made people happier. We'll just have to wait and see.

susan said...

me - There's definitely something in what you say and I hope that Divajood will agree to some flowing silks as well as sequins and some nice strappy heels. There's nothing like the bewitching look of a well dressed soldier standing on a dune or a hillside, silks and sequins blowing in the breeze with the AK47 cocked and ready. No more 'Don't ask, don't tell' either.

randal - You can keep your t-shirt collection but a nice pair of silk pantaloons would complete the look. If the terrorists follow you home you should give them donuts - whatever flavor they want.

dcup - Yes, we do.

divajood - I'm sooo relieved you approve the message. I was a bit worried but you were out having strawberries and cream with the little one when I tried to run it by you.

scarlet - Yes, free BEER and cheese ! He promised an unending supply.

Anonymous said...

Fewer soldiers in cool uniforms. What could be better than that? How about if the uniforms were made from hemp? Once they become threadbare, they could grind them down, stuff it in a bong and smoke 'em.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
There is certainly less of disconnect between economics and the market outside the USA; the USA tends to equate the market and underlying conditions as one and the same, which is not always the case.

I agree with your sentiments but I am a little more optimstic. Let me explain

If you look at the broad market indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial average, over the past 10 years it’s actually now cumulatively in negative territory.

In other words its value now is less than it was 10 years ago. That is simply a horrendous result for any stockholders whose investments mirror those indices or any retirees who has seen those investments dissipate and also for those employees who work for the companies (except for the slither of highly paid top echelon).

There is no doubt most folk like to work for an organization that has a good track record and reputation counts most in business. Hence I am more optimistic and I think there is a good chance in the longer term the tide is turning. In effect ethically based sustainable companies were always much more likely to give better returns in the longer term. In fact it is already happening elsewhere despite the doom and gloom.

Best wishes

Randal Graves said...

Silk pantaloons? You want me to dress like MC Hammer? Hey, okjimm, pass me some of that there beer...

Mary Ellen said...


How about if the uniforms were made from hemp? Once they become threadbare, they could grind them down, stuff it in a bong and smoke 'em.

I LOVE the way you think!

Anonymous said...

Just doin' my job Mary Ellen

okjimm said...

//scarlet - Yes, free BEER and cheese ! He promised an unending supply.//

Yessirree Bob! Free Beer and Cheese!

Details tomorrow. I have ta figger out where to steal the cheese.

The Jood/Nunly tickets needs to bribe some voters......And White Sox tickets do not work.

DivaJood said...

Spartacus, recycleable uniforms, what a concept. I applaud you.

okjimm, I agree that White Sox tickets don't work. But I think Cubs tickets just might.

susan said...

spartacus - I think the uniforms made of hemp is a wonderful idea since it's a breathable fabric that dyes very nicely into soft yet intense hues.. and when smoked has a simliar effect.

lindsay - A lot of us can see that things are moving in a different direction economically in other parts of the world which is something we applaud. The problem we see here though is one of retrenchment. How can you have the world's most powerful military state and have the least interested voting public. I think the US should mandate voting as Australia does but that's the last thing the political parties want.

randal - Don't knock it til you try it - They're actually very comfortable and dry quickly once you've forded the mighty river or spilled your beer.

me - Nice smooth texture too but really very little THC. We might need to amend that.

okjimm - You have to keep your promises to the Invisible Woman or you never know where she'll turn up or in what form. I'm putting some cheeses slices in an envelope now.

divajood - While we're at it perhaps a nice new flag design stitched up in recyclable hemp - as long as it's accompanied by some nice silk pennants.. or maybe prayer flags. We could use a ton of them.

gfid said...

i'm a bit of a fabric nut, and i'm particularly nutty about hemp.... very sorry to be the pointy bubble destroyer, but the point is.... you'd need a reefer the size of a telephone pole to get a buzz from hemp. the THC levels are nearly nonexistent. and that kind of talk kind of bugs me, as it's the reason the anal sector is particularly anal about hemp, which, did i mention.... i have rather a fondness for?

okjimm said...

//a reefer the size of a telephone pole //

oh, Wowsers....I am SO there with that!!!!

I could be a fund raiser.....or a fun raiser.....

Damn....where is it happening....oh my, oh gees

susan said...

gfid - I did mention that to ME and I know what you mean about perpetuating the myth about smoking rope or ones clothing to get high. Hemp really really is a wonderful and useful fiber that I hope the US will agree to cultivate it for that reason once Divajood becomes President. In fact, that's probably when it will happen.

okjimm - You really are looking younger. Is it your hair? Your mouth doesn't look big enough to wrap around a joint that size. In Canada they've nurtured those special crops so you don't need a big spliff - a little BC Bud goes a long way :-)

okjimm said...

BC Bud.....oh, do not need a telephone pole.....Shit&whiskers... everything grows well in BC .... I am in love with the fucking place!!! The gardens in Victoria just blew me away!!!

Hey, Wisconsington is 'pretty'....BC (and Canada,eh,) is awesome....I love me da norden neighbors. :)

Bradda said...

Here, here! Diva/Nunly '08! Sorry, I'm ALWAYS late to thes parties...

Seraphine said...

i'm going to be counter-counter revolutionary because i don't want to share my jelly donut.
(i'd like to have some say in with whom i share it.)

CDP said...

You officially have my vote now. Unless Dr. Zaius and Ms. Gregarious come through with a cushy overseas diplomatic assignment.

CDP said...
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Pagan Sphinx said...

Reefer? Did someone say reefer? I'll just follow my nose....

susan said...

okjimm - and your nordnn neighbors love you too.. jah bongs be smokin'

bradda - never too late for this party.. welcome

sera - As Secretary of State to be I decree you can have your very own jelly donut to share or not with whomever you choose :-)

cdp - I don't think Diva has given out any of those cushy ambassadorships yet. How about next year in Paris?

pagan sphinx - You can foloow okjimm.. if you dare.