Tuesday, September 16, 2008

but no raymond scott tonight

My friend (I think) Randal came by earlier to offer a challenge whereby one is supposed to list 25 favorite tracks or whatever happens to show up at random on one's electronic music playing device.

Except for all the typing involved this is a fairly easy project and since I too am bored with politics, economics (sorry, Crow) and waiting for a third set of teeth to grow, I've just been clicking through shuffle mode. So here goes with the first 25 (of 12,578) tracks to appear on this random evening:

Clock Town First Day - Koji Kondo - Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask
Last Kind Word Blues - Geechie Wiley - Crumb
Bring on the Change - Midnight Oil - Breathe
Dramastically Different - Beastie Boys - The Mix-up
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - BOBD - It's the Talk of the Town
Rakh Baba - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Final Studio Recording
Why Are We Sleeping - Bongwater - Why Are We Sleeping
LSD = Truth - Lords of Acid - Our Little Secret
Cheap Thrills - Frank Zappa & MoI - Cruisin With Ruben & the Jets
Swallow My Pride - The Ramones - Weird Tales of the Ramones
Cool Confusion - The Clash - Black Market Clash
Tourniquet of Roses - The Residents - 13th Anniversary Album
Nice - Polysics - Hey Bob! My Friend!
Toot an' Toot an' Toot - Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up
Joker's Wild - Man or Astroman - Destroy All Astromen
Dirty Rats - Voodoo Glow Skulls - Who Is? This Is?
Click Clack - Captain Beefheart - The Dust Blows Forward
Bielamor Canal - L'Attirail - Cinema Ambulant
Valhalla - Various - Ar Tonelico
The Love Gang - Raveonettes - Chain Gang of Love
Lya Mur - Glyukoza - Nostra
We Will All Go Together When We Go - Tom Lehrer - The Remains of Tom Lehrer
Brand New Day - Cornelius - Boot
Love . War . Riot - Psychic TV - Origin of the Species
Book of Ways 3 - Keith Jarrett - Book of Ways

I never know what's coming up next but it sure is better than radio. Strange but fun.


Randal Graves said...

Between the initial smarmy comment and this, waiting for a third set of teeth to grow, I'm wondering if tagging you was such a good idea. I always figured I couldn't trust Canadians.

Bonus points for the über-geeky Zelda soundtrack clip. Now this soundtrack is extra groovy.

Glyukoza? What's their gig?

susan said...

Hi Randal - I did have a good time doing this one and we'll check out the soundtrack you recommend. Final Fantasy 'Crystal Chronicles' is one of my favorites - a group of Japanese classical musicians built Ranaissance instruments. Who is Glyukoza (or Glukoza)? She's a Russian version of Britney Spears but weird, with talent and some great backup. Consider this example :-)

and don't we all get a third set of teeth?.. ;) (I'm okay but waiting for implant time)

Seraphine said...

wow, that's free ranging and somewhat obscure. i copied your list to paper, and will try to find some of it on iTunes. yes, i've heard of curtis mayfield. did i tell you, i think you're cool? even if there's no prince on your list.

Randal Graves said...

Now that was an odd video. Take a Russian singer, Operation Barbarossa, pigs, and Return of the King, toss 'em in a blender et voilà. ;-)

susan said...

sera - It's a pretty big collection (I didn't attempt to write out the ones in foreign alphabets).. but Prince is in there. If you can watch youtube now this is one of my favorite Cornelius videos. The cool factor is mutual :-)

randal - and it works!

Avshar said...

Nice selection of music. I actually listen to most of it. Can't say the same for the Zelda track but oh well.
I do listen to a lot of Japanese composers but most of them are from anime soundtracks hehe. If you haven't checked out Yoko Kanno you should do so. Her range of musical interest is quite large. Great stuff.

susan said...

avshar - Ghost in the Shell has been a favorite around here so I have listened to a little of her music. My favorite anime was Samurai Champloo. Have you seen it?

DivaJood said...

Oh, I feel old. Haven't heard of so many of these, it's scary.

susan said...

divajood - No need to feel old over this collection. We have a lot (nearly 13k tracks on the i-pod) of music.. much of it unusual.

Avshar said...

sorry i was sick for the last week and couldn't get on the comp. So to answer your question....yeppers. I loved that show. I watched everything ghost in the shell related as well. The tv series' were all very good. Check out Ergo Proxy as well. Great show. I could go on for some time on anime shows that should be checked out so i will end on that. :)