Saturday, October 4, 2008


They changed the name from bailout to something else, made it a couple of hundred pages long and sold it to the Senate along with some pork. So what's new? Now the banks take your money and offer it back to you at interest but you have no collateral so can't borrow anyway. Even if you could get something you have no place to put it since now you've set up house in that storage unit where you kept stuff to sell on ebay.

We have a white trash former beauty queen, former sports announcer, former mayor of a town with a population smaller than the bleacher section of the former Yankee Stadium actually being taken seriously by what was formerly the serious news media as a real candidate for what formerly was the serious job of being Vice President of the formerly great United States of America.

It's a mess.

The past few days we've been playing the beta test version of the soon to be released LittleBigPlanet. Well, I've played a bit but I am not the most coordinated sack girl in the world. It's fun to try and more fun to watch numb who's very good with the buttons and knobs.

Grab your fun where you can, kids!


Randal Graves said...

That's what I can do! I can start selling stuff on ebay! I think I still have a few AOL startup discs that were sent to 'resident.' That's gotta be worth something, no?

LittleBigPlanet, is that kind of a Civ/SimCity type thing?

Anonymous said...

I alternate between intense interest and a desire for total escape. I cannot wait for November to get here. I suck at games so I'll just bury my nose in a book, I guess.

numb said...

randal -

where to begin? to the extent i spent about 4-5 hours with the sims a number of years back, i may be wrong, but, no, lbp is not at all like the sims that i remember. you're a lovable little character who hangs out in a pod, from which you explore either the pre-fabricated worlds/levels included with the game, or any number of others created by the lbp community (which obviously includes you). the beauty (genius) of lbp is that the same toolset used to create the in-game levels is included with the game - everything you see in the videos, you yourself can make...

while the core gameplay is pseudo-2-d mario-style running, hopping, swinging, jumping, etc, some of the community levels already include variations like noir detective/horror adventures, mazes, & even a pretty funny anti-war interactive story - & this's with the beta having only been available for 2 weeks!...

add to this the ability to play with up to 3 other people, either live or online, &, overall, even to a jaded gamer like me, lbp's a remarkably clever, open, innovative experience. i'm in awe - & in love :) ...

lbp website...

Avshar said...

Well i don't much care for Palin either but that comment about her only being mayor in a small town is really getting old. She was governor of the entire state of Alaska which admittedly is a small one in population but it was a real job and therefore she quite experienced enough for the job. I won't vote for her but i do think she deserves to be on the ticket as much as any other of the useless sad sacks we have running for office this time around.

I do believe i will be voting outside the two party system this time around. I have had enough of voting for the lesser of two evils every four years.

okjimm said...

LittleBigPlanet.....sounds like my office..... I am considered an Alien. (which I deem good).... I gotzta confess.... I only play one video game.... I am a Laura Croft junkie. I really dig her, ah, artifacts.

susan said...

randal - A lot of businesses will be going down but maybe not ebay.

Check numb's answer about LBP :-)

dcup - Me too.

numb - Thanks for visit.. oh, there you are!

avshar - Vote for whomever you choose.. but vote.

okjimm - Lara's great but you really shouldn't limit yourself.

Seraphine said...

hi susan! i'm sure you're a wonderful sack girl.
in fact, i suspect we'll all be wearing sacks soon enough.
no, not saks fifth avenue, or even goldman sachs, but literally sacks.
sack boys and sack girls will be everywhere.
escapism may well become the next great societal theme.

susan said...

sera - That's why it's been such fun trying on various looks. My favorite is wearing blue dreads and a white ruff with a goth dress. We'll make a great pair.

Anonymous said...


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