Friday, October 10, 2008

it's all about meme

My friend divajood ,the most worthy of current presidential candidates, tagged me with a meme today. I'm a bit nervous about letting people know how boring I really am so with a little help from worth1000 I decided to let you all in on my secret life:

1. is clothes shop. Sarah Palin not only shoots the bears from helicopters but she's such an all round chunk of feminine talent, she chews the skins to soften them up and stitched up a fine outfit for the Inauguration we hope we'll never witness. I'll shop wherever she doesn't.

2. furniture shop. Very useful and cheap items for making greedy bankers, brokers and ceo's welcome in your home. They're all the Rage now but the shop went out of business when they couldn't renew their loans.

3. sweets. I agree with Jood that chocolate is a food group. These guys make the best 'enhanced' brownies I've ever tasted.

4. city. I like cities with an interesting cultural mix where the infrastructure isn't currently collapsing. Most of these are no longer in the US.

5. drink. Any old fountain of youth will do for now. In the meantime, tea.

6. music. Anything that will sooth the savage beast.

7. tv series. Haven't watched the damn thing in a long time but the last favorite was the 'Simpson's'. Old favorites were 'I Love Lucy' and 'Fawlty Towers'. Crack me up. Who does that remind you of?

8. film. I learned long ago there are many more really bad movies than good ones so I decided to make the most of the situation and love both kinds. I hate MOR ones.

9. workout. I enjoy it all but I've learned to know my limits.

10. pastries. More chocolate - any shape or size. Lemon meringue pie is good too.

11. coffee. Only first thing in the morning but it has to be strong and smooth.. the way I prefer a few special things.

Please forgive me for not retagging. Jood. Most of the folks who meme have likely been hit by now.


Randal Graves said...

What the hell was that? Black metal church music? I want one of those rayguns!

Zee said...

Delightful list AND pictures!
Check out mine :)

linda said...

wow, I have been hit with the same meme monster and I am afraid she will come and kill me if I don't play are so clever but it must have taken days to make this post! I am just shaken to the core over this and now, I know I am not up to the task.

susan said...

randal - Wagner would have loved it.

zee - I can't photoshop but know who does.

linda - I just grabbed a bunch of pics from worth1000 using the subjects. It went pretty quick but I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Welcome to phantsy!

Seraphine said...

haha that's not boring, susan. sure, enjoying clothes shopping, coffee and chocolate is rather mundane (I mean, who doesn't), but you have a whole gestalt thing going. life is indeed more than the sum of the lines we stand in, or the shape we aspire to be.
searching for the fountain of youth is rather quixotic, but waiting for the fountain to come to you, on the druther hand, is absolutely prudent.
suffice that you live and surround yourself with beauty and interests.
dying is mundane, but perhaps not. like your search for youth, it's better to let find you on it's own, just to be discreet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Those pictures are great!

Zee said...

...what you gonna do, when they come after you!

Gary said...

Very good! Love the nice pastry.

susan said...

sera - I'm just boring from an objective point of view. I can still have fun in a mud hole with a bunch of sticks. Dying will likely be the same but I'm not ready for that adventure yet :-)

dcup - Thanks! That was fun.

zee - Run away?

gary - Yum!

Avshar said...

Lol, Faulty Towers! I loved that show. Always happy to see others enjoyed it as well.

Border Explorer said...

Magnificent, Susan! You are so talented!

susan said...

avshar - It was sheer genius :-)

be - I'm happy to be able to entertain someone who does all the work. You're the amazing one.

Ben said...

See, I would have said that second picture was from Doc Hopper's secret portfolio.
(Oh yea, I'm back!)