Wednesday, February 4, 2009

semi-free at last!

There's a significant problem with keeping up with web logs when you're an artist rather than a writer and that's keeping the visual stuff coming on a regular basis. Oh yes, I have a collection of things I've made and pictures I've painted but I've had very little time to add to that collection while trying to stay on top of making reasonably frequent posts and visiting the blogs I enjoy. I'd visit more but even the little I do takes hours of the evenings when I could be painting or, to be honest, reading a book.

The good news is I've worked my final Friday at my job. Had I asked for a four day week last year I would have been refused but in the current economy my boss was delighted when I volunteered to cut back my hours. The fact that a sharp young woman with two children to support has the least seniority in the department did have something to do with my decision but I'm not that virtuous and I like the idea of having some extra time for projects.

The other thing that's occurred to me is just how many people with seniority are hanging on to their jobs for dear life even though they're no longer very effective. New computer software keeps everybody jumping through fiery hoops with ever shorter distances between and younger people definitely have an advantage at keeping up with the changes. I know people who've had their desk jobs for 25 years or more but because they aren't old enough for Medicare, even though they have guaranteed pensions, they stay on. It's unfortunate.

Anyway, I'll be home on Friday, then next Friday and then the Friday after that. This could be fun. Maybe one of these months I'll add Thursday too. There are all sorts of worthwhile things that need doing. I have a feeling I still won't have enough time..


  1. I'm so happy for you and for us. You will find that the more time you have the more time you'll want. Is this like the lust for money? I don't think so. I think it's a lust for meaning and pleasure and the need to create. Congratulations.

  2. utah - Thanks, my friend :-) Didn't somebody once say, 'All change is for the better'? Were they crazy?

  3. susan, I love this painting and the border is a snake weaving through it and truly brilliant! well, it looks like a snake's skin to me anyway ;)

    I'm glad you have more time to do what makes your life happier...time for oneself is so important to sanity, in my not so humble opinion!

  4. There are all sorts of worthwhile things that need doing. I have a feeling I still won't have enough time.

    No truer words...

    Though I don't have the luxury of a 4 day work-week, I do get to do 3 days a week from the home office, and that saves me so many commuting hours it might as well be worth an extra day.

  5. Once I suggested letting me work four 10-hour days. No go. So, thanks for rubbing it in. You can make it up to us by posting more of your artwork.

  6. Good for you. I'm not back at work yet, but I hope for a 3 or 4 day week when I do go back. Have fun!

  7. What Randal said about posting more artwork.

  8. More time for you and more time for your art and then more art for you to share. This is good news indeed.

  9. How wonderful that you'll have Fridays off! I love getting to work one day per week from home. Even though I'm working or on the clock ;-D, it still frees up my commute time and I can do more than work.

    I hope that you'll enjoy the freedom that one day gives you and use it for whatever suits your phantsy.

  10. linda - Cool. My favorite part is the California poppies which I'd never seen before coming out here.

    kvatch - So glad you dropped by. Yes, commuting is one of the nastiest parts of working in the real world.

    randal - As always, I'll make every attempt to keep you happy even if it means buying a new table strictly for watercolor painting.

    cdp - I hope you get the shorter schedule too. Having time is better than having too much stuff.

    nunly - It will be nice to have some extra daylight :-)

    belette - Maybe I'll consider writing a book :-).. or maybe not.

    lisa - I read today that the average American worker loses 45 hrs a year to traffic delays and that doesn't count the commute. What a waste of enjoyable time, eh?

  11. You are taking a whole day just for yourself and your art!
    I love the orange in this painting. It's maybe the most vibrant, warm color you've used in a while.
    Hugs to your new-found freedom.

  12. sera - It was a joy to paint too :-)

  13. //home on Friday, then next Friday and then the Friday after that.//

    Boy...I would be all over that!!!!!!!!

    //New computer software keeps everybody jumping through fiery hoops //

    mostly jimm... I am singing my beard with new goddam programs... the last three weeks. TGTB!!!!
    (Thank Goodness There's Beer)

  14. Is it appropriate to say woo hoo to permanent three day weekends? You seem happy with this development and I hope it bears additions to your fine creations of art. You make great stuff.

  15. Hooray - another Susan painting! I love her dancer pose, the curve of her clothed leg, and especially that beautiful run from her right breast, up through that lovely handling of the shoulder and arm muscle out to the grace of her right hand. What fascinating, freeing, expressive garments you invented in these pieces. And I always look for how the border visually relates to the piece.

    And Fridays! Three day weekends EVERY week. Delicious. We are going to all enjoy that very much. I hope you get to a decent fraction of what you want. There wouldn't be enough time if you retired completely - I have that on the highest authority (my parents).

  16. Oh! I forgot to say how much I like the California poppies! It's nice to see something done well enough to recognize - though I can;t decide if I like that better than seeing a plant or bloom you invented...

  17. okjimm - I also hate calling other companies and being told their handy web sites run 24/7 when I need a person now. TGTB indeed.

    spartacus - Yeah, it's appropriate and I do have enough supplies to keep me entertained for a while :-)

    steve - I appreciate you telling me what you find appealing in the paintings. It's always about balance for me and whether something feels right - the sheer skill of a dancer making one gesture appear effortless.

    I could probably handle a few more days than three but I'll try to make the most of what I get. Being able to afford the rent and food takes a certain amount of precedence too.

  18. That’s good news and I hope your employer could find away to suitable reward your talents so that you might only have to work 3 days instead of 4 –the lovely painted figure looks delighted.

    Best wishes

  19. susan- you should do a video that shows you at work with your art, it would be fascinating to see a piece unfold from beginning to end.

    I'm so happy that you will have more time now. Lucky duck!

  20. lindsay - The only suitable reward my employer is likely to offer is a hopefully not too diminished pension in a year or two.. but thanks for the thought :-)

    nunly - The video would be so stop motion people would get a headache. Otherwise it's a cool idea.

  21. Wonderful!

    Pursuit of your art is essential. And maybe you'll even find a moment to treat us to some pictures. We'd be lucky, indeed.

    What a dream a four-day work week was. My dream job for two years included Fridays off. The state funding that paid my salary dried up to 3 days and eventually shriveled up altogether to one day a week. Actually it was ten hours,whoever I wanted to break it up. That was TOO drastic, income wise!

    I'm really happy for you, Susan. Work demands can really suck the soul out of us. Though, you do have soul in buckets, so you'd run out of it last of most people! :-)

  22. pagan - Imagine my surprise opening my email to find seven comments by you all at once. A delight but I don't think I'll answer any more separately but finish up here else I'll get no visiting done at all.

    I'm a bit nervous about dropping back to four days as it is since I've been doing most or more of the full 5 day 40 for many years. Nevertheless, right now it seems like the wisest choice and I just hope to be able to make good use of the time. I tend to be always busy doing something so I'd rather spend the extra hours doing what I love. I wish you could too. :-)