Thursday, April 30, 2009

coming attraction

There's been a definite slump in the Adventure posts, long enough that I wondered if I'd ever do another, but in the past couple of days a new one has found its way onto four pieces of 6x9 heavy paper. Reminder to self - Don't try eating chocolate while doing pen and ink work.

Anyway, this is one of the illustrations for the next story which is about a couple of odd experiences I encountered back when I imagined showing paintings in galleries would lead, if not to fame and fortune, at least to a regular income. Hah! Even so, I learned some stuff about what matters but you can read that after it's been written, which at this point is still in my head and not in my documents.

I never envisioned doing Adventures and before I knew it I'd written 14. Some of them are better than others but that's the way things go, isn't it? It's difficult to tell both true and honest stories.. and there is a difference.

Not everything we experience fits into neat, entertaining anecdotes but it's an interesting way of reviewing a life. You can judge whether they're worth the reading time.

Be back soon :-)


  1. i love your stories, susan!
    they are sometimes strange and mysterious, like memories often are, and that's the fun.
    well, half the fun.
    the other half is falling in love with your beautiful drawings.
    and as they (don't normally) say, chocolate builds character.

  2. I've taken a peak at your adventures and become entranced and will have to return another day for the rest of the journey.

  3. I love your adventure stories! Love them!

  4. sera - The drawings for this one happened even faster than usual so I hope the result will measure up to your high standards :-) Maybe I need to consume more chocolate before starting the next one.

    rene - It's a pretty haphazard selection but that's not unusual when it comes to remembering stuff. Hope you enjoy them.

    cdp - I'm glad you do :-)

    randal - I'm a lazy woman..

    :D wolf - Can there be too much fun?

  5. I will try to be patient. But don't be surprised if I send you emails full of finger drumming, hair twisting around fingers, jiggling legs and anything else I can think of to illustrate impatience.

    It'll just be my way of saying it's kind of like waiting for a party to start, or Christmas morning when you're a kid......

  6. Lisa said just what I wanted to only better than I could have.

  7. lisa - It won't be long, I promise, but like waiting for Christmas? I'm not bad but I'm definitely not that good :-)

    utah - Tomorrow, tomorrow.. is tomorrow soon enough?

    lol - Yes, you can :-)

  8. The art is amazing and the stories are always good Susan. Tell on...

  9. Hooray!!!!! I've missed your adventures in black and white.

    I would pretend that the chocolate was intentional shadowing but I am lazy and weasely like that.;-)

  10. gary - I appreciate you saying so :-)

    belette - Black, white and smeared brown just didn't do the trick for me even though I tried to be accepting :-)

  11. Hi Susan – I look forward to reading about another of one of your adventures. It’s true we leave something of ourselves in any stories we tell but as they also say don’t let the exact facts get in the way of another good story Susan. I think literature is always subjective-a reflection of a writers personality and experience to reveal somethng about the author inherent in every work. Best wishes

  12. lindsay - I'm well aware I'm leaving a lot of myself in these stories because that's why I write them but even so, the choice is how to direct the perception.

    I look forward to you assessment on reading the new one.

  13. What a great story...and, what Randal said. ;-)

  14. nunley - Glad you liked it and tell Randal I'm still waiting for his version of the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (and I don't mean Griffey).