Saturday, April 11, 2009

you're what?

It's always hard for me to hear people say they get bored when they're home. My problem has always been getting bored at a job where not just a few coworkers seem content to be caricatures who can't escape the meager roles they've accepted. At home there's always so much to do there are times when I'm not sure which to choose but today I decided it was time to begin work on a new silk scarf.

I have a nice set of Swiss stretcher frames for silk that when not in use can be packed neatly into compact nylon holders. I set them up this morning to hold an 8.5' x 15" wide piece of fabric. I diluted some Pebeo dyes in olive, cyan and Caribbean blue then grabbed some small house painting brushes and a spray bottle of water. Oops, I forgot to mention the plastic drop cloth on top of my favorite little persian rug and newspaper on top of that. Then there's sea salt.

This is the result so far. What do you think?

Hope you enjoy your Easter baskets :-)


Liberality said...

It makes me think of being underwater in the ocean.

I'm never bored at home. I dislike not ever seeming to have enough time at home to do all that I want to do.

Utah Savage said...

It's so beautiful it makes me cry. I thought it was the southern oceans seen from space.

Do you sell your work?

And since I'm almost always alone at home, I love every second of every day. Pretty much. Well, maybe a little hyperbolic.

I hope your weather is lovely and your Easter is peaceful.

Lover of Life said...

It is absolutely beautiful - it reminds me of the earth - only seen from space. This is really outstanding work.

Too bad all your time couldn't be spent this way!

The Crow said...

At first glance, I thought it was an anemone, its tentacles swaying to the underwater currents.

Beautiful, Susan. The colors you chose are great together, I think.

Woman, you have talent out the ears!

pinkrelish said...

Your photos of your work are wonderful. Your silk scarves flow
fluently and with vibrance. I want to paint, and even have the 300lb. coldpressed rough paper, I am inspired, thank you...

linda said...

oh susan, can I buy one of these?? this is just gorgeous and if I didn't have enough projects going on, I would definitely take a class and learn how to dye silk...thinking about it, I could probably do it but don't have any supplies and really can't afford another pastime!! and no, I am never bored at home!! I feel exactly like you do about that ;)

if you ever make a pink scarf or if this one is for sale, please let me know!! I always wear them, especially silk in summer/spring, and these are as lovely as any I have ever seen!

blessings for chocolate tomorrow and hoping your mouth is healing well~

Randal Graves said...

These are very groovy. The latter strikes me as some ethereal map, but one that is alive.

Accusations of being bored at home stem from the same yokels who'll go "you're not doing anything." Sure I am, it's called reading or writing painting or listening to music. "Doing stuff" doesn't automatically equate going out to spend money you don't have.

The result so far: are you going to do more? They're wonderful as they are now.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Beautiful, Susan. Like everything that bears your touch.

I can't say I've not bored at home. When I'm in a slump I sometimes call that boredom but it's really not. It's more like restlessness. True boredom is rare with me.

Sorry I haven't been by as often as I'd like but Alice's passing has kept me very occupied. And when not, I've been reflecting on her.

Love and peace to you, dear Susan


susan said...

liberality - It's good to have fulfilling work but that doesn't happen for everyone. I know what you mean.

utah - I also love the combination for the reason you noted. They look like planets with a geography we could inhabit.

I'm thinking about selling some but haven't done so yet. I don't know anything about setting up a web page.

lol - Yes, water and a clean new world. I like the image too - harmonious and peaceful.

the crow - Making these is the closest I come to loosening up artistically. For a little while I can play at being a master of calligraphy :-)

pinkrelish - Painting is always a wonderful idea and I'm glad I inspired you.. not that you needed my help.

linda - I'm very flattered that you'd want to buy one. With your skill and aptitude you'd be well able to paint them but you're right, it's an expensive hobby.

I'm not used to doing this but if you'd like to buy one I'll sell it for $75 (incl s&h). This one will be ready by the end of the week but a pink one will take a little longer since I have a new bolt on the way. Pink, lavender and viridian is also a fine combination :-) Email me if you'd like to exchange addresses.

randal - Like Simon and Garfunkle sang many years ago 'a man gets tied up to the ground, he gives the world its saddest sound'.. True.

There'll be a little embellishment with metallic gold on this one but these are best left simple.

pagan sphinx - It can take a good while to get over the loss of someone close. Then we start to consider other losses and things can spiral. I think a lot of the time people feel powerless but that's just a mistake in perception.

Love and Peace in return.

Lisa said...

The perspective of the second photo is so cool.

When I hear people say they are bored, I'm astonished. At work, the work bores me, but even at work, when I'm not busy, I'm never bored.

susan said...

lisa - It isn't easy taking a picture of something 8.5' long and 15" wide :-)

Yeah, there are some sad cases out there.

Lover of Life said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - it was perfect for Easter - and I want to get that book. It's on my list.

You're a great teacher.

lindsaylobe said...

Lovely colors do remind me of an ocean's sea and shore.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I've taken several look at your newest work, and each time I get the sensation that I'm underwater a few feet beneath the surface looking up.

La Belette Rouge said...

I want to swim in it. Lush, deep, and beautiful.

Bored at home? Never.

susan said...

lol - It was just a bit of synchronicity :-)

lindsay - There's something so restful about the shore. You just relax and let the ocean do the work.

spartacus - I'll miss you.

belette - I always love swimming in the buoyancy of the sea :-)

Seraphine said...

oh my god, your silk has such incredible depth. it's like looking at lagoon water. i love how you did that. it's wonderful, susan.

susan said...

sera - One like this is so easy for me it almost feels like cheating. Of course, there's still all the steaming, rinsing, washing rinsing, gilding, ironing, washing, rinsing, sewing and ironing to make me feel useful again.

Steve Emery said...

I love the colors and the swirls. And I assume the salt makes the wonderful pattern? Beautiful.

linda said...

OOOOlala, pink viridian and lavender?? yes, an email will be on it's way!

back to painting with the gkids!

susan said...

steve - Yes, it can produce some interesting and dramatic effects. There are a number of techniques and tricks.

linda - The new silk arrived so I'll get started on that combination soon. You don't have to decide til you see it and that basically means really seeing and touching. It seems everything I do is an experiment.