Sunday, May 31, 2009

as april whispered to june

.. May Be (I love that line)

Not that I don't read a lot but sometimes I go all non-verbal. Although you'd never guess it by looking at me I'm intoxicated by color and here are a couple of new examples of my personal peculiarity. Sometimes I wonder if I'm painting portraits of disembodied spirits since each and every one of them arrives with a way of seeing the world and occasionally, if I listen closely enough, something to say. Of course, this may also have something to do with what the artist has been reading..

this is sophia:

I think it will take at least a thousand years to attain socioecological metamorphosis on this planet - and we may not have that much time; the current civilization certainly doesn't. Secular human activity occurs on a stage so far removed from its unconscious source that we can't know whether present awful events portend a coming quantum leap or total catastrophe.

Yet conscious acts aren't a measure of real consciousness; they're the outcome of all that's working through the unconscious. They notify the psyche, not men and women who really don't get it, but the psyche that always gets it and is always capable of sudden radical shifts. Truly screwed up behavior, whether participated in or simply witnessed, has a way of blowing out the accumulated garbage.

We can all envisage trite, simplistic ideas about how everything could improve (if only so and so would stop doing whatever) but we need to start getting radical (yes, it could be fun) because the tidal wave of change will come. In full understanding our utopian visions can only be part of a larger whole we must be willing to dare to think about alternatives.


I only know those people I've met, the ones I see daily and those I remember. I know people who've taught me things I needed to know whether I felt like learning those things or not.

I know the people I've shared thoughts with including all of you I've met here on teh internets. We may not know one another well but we share some beliefs and interests.. sense of humor too.

I neither know nor believe in people I haven't met - the ones who exist in the news. At an existential level I know they're there but for me it's only hearsay. I know them no better than I know Mt. Everest. To know a person or a place you have to experience them yourself.

But I do like this. Sometimes all you can do is laugh :-)


Seraphine said...

gogol bordello rocks! i love the drum and the pail. they'd be fun to see in a live performance.
love your purses.
you probably started drawing little eyes on things as soon as they gave you a pencil to write with.
and you've had your eyes on them ever since.

René Wing said...

oh that breaks my heart, that little boy, that father... sure sums things up though doesn't it?

the structure of your post, the complex thoughts beside the sparkling purses, is wonderful.

and I love that opening turn of phrase, makes me think of this one: did you hear what one frog said to the other? time's fun when you're having flies!

let's hope (as another frog said) for the quantum leap...

linda said...

I have read your post three times since you posted it and you have squeezed so much into it, you have me a bit brain boggled existentially speaking, like I adore Mt. Everest and have never been there, will never go there but dreamed of it a few times, flew over a deep green meadow HIDDEN sure that was heaven hidden in there and became a Buddhist...well simplistically speaking but you's the meaning that counts. the meaning in what, you say? ;)

yes, we must change our thinking, our minds as in Big Mind, before our little world will see anything good come from it...otherwise we are better off not thinking at all and simply existing unexistentially~ that I know is true...

and I also love your little purses, adore them and the faces make them right over the moon for's as if you have imbued them with a personality somehow with each expression you paint...absolutely lovely!
and thank you for the thoughts and reminders of the existence of the Komodo dragons!! just what I needed to read, dear friend..... :/

Anonymous said...

Your art speaks your mind. I really enjoy the way you break through the clutter of the conscience and get to what the essence of human thought. I will take much away from this post, especially the part in which you separate existentialism from knowing. Wow!

susan said...

sera - There was a highly rated documentary done last year about GB (Gogol Bordello Non-Stop) if you haven't seen them live. Eugene Hütz was wonderful in Everything Is Illuminated. Yes, the eyes are everywhere.

rene - Congress should have more children running around during hearings :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the post. As you well know our language isn't designed for clarity about certain subjects.

linda - I'm sure Shangri-La is still there but very well hidden (like terma) from prosaic view. If you haven't read him I highly recommend Eliot Pattison's Inspector Shan series starting with The Skull Mantra. They might not be true but are very real.

We'll talk more about these things some day.

spartacus - Yeah, the people we know we can deal deal with. It's the imaginary ones who cause all the problems we have :-)

Mary Ellen said...

I love this post! I came here to drop this off for you...there's no doubt why I thought of you first for this. (the video was hilarious!)

Lover of Life said...

LOL!! I remember days like that many years ago..

I love the colors of the little purses. Beautiful.

Do you think there is hope? I wonder sometimes. I know there is energy out there to change things, but like you say, it could take a thousand years. Some days I'm hopeful, others hopeless.

La Belette Rouge said...

Gorgeous post in both words and images.

What I am struck by is that used to believe with a capital "B" that knowing people or things or concepts could only done if I had met, wrestled or encountered them with many senses: sight, touch, taste, etc.

Sophia, knowledge, is not limited to the senses and maybe is encumbered by sense experience. I have never been to Mt. Everest and yet it is such a big symbol for me that I know it better than the mountains I can see from my house.

That said, my senses love your bags!!

The Crow said...

Beautiful colors, Susan...they lighten my spirits. Sometimes I smear swaths of color just for the joy of seeing them change the paper from sterile white to living tints and shades.

My best to Crow, the dear boy.


susan said...

nunley - Thank you so much for thinking of me as an awardee and just for thinking about me :-) Once a month or so the Onion comes up with a really good one.

lol - I think all of us who have parented have had moments like that. I'm glad you like the little bags just finished. The next ones will be bigger.

Of course there's hope and also magic in every day. Remember pronoia? The universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings.

belette - Thanks, my dear, that means a lot to me.

It's a tricky business this knowing of others when we're mostly engaged in understanding ourselves. That's a lifetime process in itself. I have opinions about those distant ones who exert some control over my life but no direct way to change their behavior.

Sophia left heaven in search of the light sparks of her lost children. Philosophy - love of wisdom :-)

Bigger bags are underway and even prettier, I hope.

the crow - I can really get lost looking to find just the right shades and combinations of colors. It's a great pleasure, isn't it?

Crow sends his regards :-)

Seraphine said...

a rather ordinary day. until i found a treasure in the mail. i read the first three pages, wherein a secretary is found to contain a hidden compartment, and a fairie(?) appears and offers to grant a wish.
thank you for the surprise, susan.

susan said...

sera - you're welcome :-)

Randal Graves said...

What everyone else said. I love posts like this. Especially since underneath all the beauty, you're as cynical as I as to the future of humanity. ;-)

Liberality said...

I do go through periods where I am black with depression because I see the folly written so large upon our planet that I can not see beyond it. I hope we can get beyond it.

Other days I think my thoughts are my reality so stop being so negative and DO something. I do lots of things and I just hope it makes a difference.

I like the first purse best :~)

susan said...

randal - Moi? Cynical? Just being my usual pessimistic optimist self :-)

liberality - I do the same thing. Seeing the good while acknowledging the bad is like tightrope walking on any icy fence.

That one is my favorite too :-)