Friday, May 1, 2009

it's called gallerivanting

I had to put a little makeup on today in honor of being given the okay (order) to let you know susan finally got off her lazy behind and wrote another story where she talks about her less than stellar career as a commercially viable artist. Now I'm going to remove the lipstick before the stellar jays in the back woods catch sight of me. They can be very rude.


Liberality said...

merry widow--ha!

Happy May Day Crow :~)

Lover of Life said...

How did I miss Armadillo Arms? Much like my Elm Street of 1971.

Thanks for the stories!

Steve Emery said...

Dear Crow,

It's tough keeping up appearances with philistines in the back woods. And who put "stellar" in their name? What's with that?! Maybe they meant stellar like a red dwarf.

La Belette Rouge said...

You look fabulous in red. Don't let those Jays give you grief.

Lisa said...

Can't wait!

René Wing said...

Good morning, Crow. I'm so pleased to meet you, and I love the red. It looks completely natural on you. I am just back from Susan's adventures and I'm so glad you have been encouraging her. We all need a Crow like you to remind us of how beautiful we are. What a fantastic collection of stories and drawings. I can imagine them collected in a lovely little book and wouldn't that be a wonderful thing for Susan's son.

Also, we have crossed paths many times, in a way... I grew up in Massachusetts, lived in Providence, have ancestors from Montreal. Lived in NY too. Though I was never hung from a window there.

And then there's Garth. What a guy! I just love those drawings of him. When I lived in Providence, I didn't have a dog, but used to take my friend's big sheepdog named Otter to Roger Williams Park for many long meanderings.

I think what I love most of all about this collection is how it erases that line we draw between 'artists' and the rest of us. Your stories and your life make it clear that there is no line. It is only an illusion. Thank you. I am so very glad to have enjoyed them.

Utah Savage said...

Crow, you are gorgeous in red.

susan said...

liberality - and to you :-)
your friend, Crow

lol - It was fun and sometimes not so much, eh? 5 years was long enough for her.. and me.
best wishes, Crow

steve - They're exceedingly loud too.
yours for peace and quiet, Crow

belette - A little red is tres fashionable, n'est ce pas?
flying to Paris, Crow

lisa - susan was born to entertain.
love, Crow

rene - Good morning to you and thanks for the compliment but I have a long flight ahead so I'm back to professional black.

susan has lost touch with so many of her wandering friends over the years it's nice for her to know they're still close in essence. Garth Cold-Nose Strong-Heart was a great friend who chose to spend time sharing his own adventures.

There are no lines between any of us but some are blessed with understanding a little sooner than others.
peace, Crow

utah - As are you, sweet poet.
your fond friend, Crow

Scarlet W. Blue said...

I'm back. Do you still love me? Did you ever?

susan said...

scarlet - You know I did, do and will long time girl. Welcome back.

linda said...

ah crow, have you flown over lately...lots of lovely crowlas for you! and thrilled to pop on over and read the newest installment of adventures...just where does susan pull these out of....the energy is , well, i'm jealous...!!

xoxox - well that was weird

susan said...

linda - Thanks for the invitation for the All-Crowla Review ;-) Sounds fun for the younger generation.
energetically yours, Crow

Zee said...

Do you have a daughter, does she wear lipstick too? It's such an Aegyptian trend of antiquity. I do not mind to wear a smear after a kiss, but I am concerned about daughters who act like wife's of pharaohs.

susan said...

zee - Sometimes you confuse susan but she has no daughter and I haven't had an Aegyptian princess in many years.
confidentially, Crow

pursey said...


susan said...

pursey - C'est vrai!
yours in mutual fascination, Crow