Friday, July 24, 2009

not amused

Have you ever had one of those days when some clown takes your favorite doll and leaves a Real Baby in your doll carriage? You aren't happy and the Baby isn't happy.

Yesterday we had one of those rare times when our internet connection was dead in the water so I couldn't post or read my emails or go to visit blogs. It was aggravating but left me thinking that if high frequency traders like Goldman Sachs had a DSL Earthlink connection the rest of us might be in a happier place today.

So I've answered my emails and my comments. I promise to visit tomorrow.


  1. what a good idea that would have been......I don't think they EVER lose connection you suppose BO ever loses his...I saw his signature today and that's it, lol...

    sorry to hear you are losing your hair over your internet connection...I was losing mine over my blog's not working when it was simply safari not working....geez, is it worth it? yes, it's worth it, stop shaking your head....


  2. Nothing worse than not being connected!

    A few years ago, it was merely an inconvenience - now it ruins my day - how did this happen?

  3. linda - Pulling their plugs would be a great start to solving some of the real problems we face, n'est pas?

    I wasn't really bothered since I had other things to do but it's remarkable how used we've become to our virtual connections and how disturbing it is to be cut off.. even temporarily.

    nancy - Is your question about the physical nature of the breakdown or my reaction? Physically, maybe somebody dug a hole in the wrong place but on a personal level it's like being shut away. When we had no way to interact online the interest was passive. Now that we're active members of a larger community connection is necessary.

  4. You're far too kind. I say saddle them with dial-up.

  5. randal - You got that right.. and preferably far from the NY Stock Exchange.

  6. Somedays I think we all need to unplug. Especially when we find some real baby in our buggy.

  7. Ack! You lost your favorite doll, and all you got was a stupid baby? What a gyp!