Sunday, August 2, 2009

mr. pup goes om

His friends have always treated him well, but he's an old dog now and a bit tired, so he's retired to his favorite spot to prepare for his last trip. This time he won't be walking; he'll be riding in style.

As a good friend of mine said recently, 'Om is where the kibble is.'

This is the latest of the silk bags - 7x9", painted, steamed, quilted with a few beads for extra sparkle, a pair of 30" ties and finally all stitched together today. I thought it would be fun to try something a bit different and cartoony and so it was but for getting slowed down by weather too hot for doing much of anything. Please try a close-up look and tell me what you think.

btw: Here's the best poster I've seen recently that describe my feelings about our current leadership from one of my favorite magazines - Adbusters.

'It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.'

J. Krishnamurti


linda said...

I love him and he is quite a departure ... yet, I see you in there :) so no worries...I love the whimsy and the color!!! I always love your color choices...

keep on staying cool! hoping it has cooled down a bit...we are freezing down here with the fog, it's crazy!

Liberality said...

Nice puppy dog. I like his monocle. Is that a monocle?

And that poster just about sums it up. He's compromised himself right out of the democrat party I'm thinking--but so MANY democrats are that way anymore aren't they? Progressives don't really have a party to represent them.

Seraphine said...

i guess working with silk, you don't want to perspire too much.
and that bag is gorgeous! i love everything, even down to the knots you use.
blue is your favorite color.

Nancy said...

He is a very sweet dog. I love that his last will be going out in style. Beautiful bag and colors.

susan said...

linda - I'm glad you like him - it seems I'm getting simpler as I age (if that's even possible :-)) The colors were all mixed separately til I got what I wanted.

It was supposed to be cooler here and I think it has been but not much.

liberality - Yeah, it's either a monocle or a ring around his eye like the Our Gang dog.

It does sum it up. People keep trying to kid themselves this is still a democracy but it's really corporatocracy or oligarchy - makes no diff what we call it when we can't get them to change.

sera - That's true but it was more about discomfort than sweat. I do love blue.. mmmmm.

nancy - Like all of them, he's a dog with heart :-)

CDP said...

I'd like to have at least one non-triangulating Democratic president, but I'm afraid we had the last one 30 years ago, and that didn't turn out too well. I love the bag.

susan said...

cdp - Nader put it best in 2000 - a beast with one stomach and two heads.

Seraphine said...

did you give up on your idea to espy your purses online?

susan said...

sera - I signed up for a 'store' in May and posted 3 for sale in late June. After a week I became so anxious I took everything down but the banner. Now I'm trying to see if I can smooth out the process towards another attempt in the fall. They're a lot of work and I can't see imagine anybody interested in paying what I'd have to charge.

Randal Graves said...

I'd love to comment on your work, but I'm behind in my consumption.

Lisa said...

The bag is fabulous. I especially love his tail poking through the hole.

In fact, the bag is almost as lovely as some "card" I got in the mail today.

Appropriate gratitude to come very soon.

Seraphine said...

aww. that was when i had my surgery, so i completely missed your espy grand opening.
but i know what you mean about spending money. the economy is bad and people are scared. nobody, supposedly, has money.
but but but. if 80% of us are broke, there's still 20% with discretionary income.
and you make beautiful art.

susan said...

randal - There's a very nice hillside retreat in Switzerland for those suffering consumption.

lisa - He is sweet, isn't he? hahahah

susan said...

sera - I never mentioned it on the blog - really too freaked and I knew if I announced some people would go and it would be harder to back out and my write-up was like blahblahblah.. and I hate that shit.

I'm glad you recovered :-) Maybe I'll try for that discerning 10% of the 20% another time.

Spadoman said...

With all due respect, (in the idea that a man might know something about hand, shoulder and back bags) I will say the bag looks fine. I see the art in it. The red booties or shoes, the detail of them, is great. I'd look at, and probably ask about, such a bag if I saw someone wearing it, for sure.
The poster confuses me. The quote next to it was a subject of a discussion I had with an old friend just yesterday. She wondered how I could afford what I had as I am on a fixed income. (we recently purchased a home and had to buy a new car as our old trusted Ford Focus finally died after 230,000 miles). I told her that I may have bought it by societal standards, but I'm really just renting as I'll never pay all 360 monthly payments for the house. Same with the car, it's just paying on time, month by month.
I also said that if I can't pay, I would let the bankers have it back and I would accept that if it happened. That idea is NOT the usual way society looks at debt. I find myself one of the few that is not adjusted to the sick society, but rather I must wallow in it and live in it with everyone and everything else.
Maybe not what the quote was suppose to mean, but that's what it said to me right off.

Anyway, the art is good in my opinion. Do you sell the bags and things? Use them? Give them as gifts? Just curious.


gfid said...

'It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.'

'om is where the kibble is.'

'president of the living dead'

you're nothing if not well balanced, su.

yesterday on the radio i heard an 'expert' repeating the tripe about how the solution to all the world's problems is more spending. don't these morons have offspring? and don't they realize that's who will have to wade through the trail of B.S. they're leaving, looking for something fit to eat? is part of the adjusting to society learning how to eat shit?

pup looks like someone whose company i'd really enjoy. love his parasol.

susan said...

spadoman - So far as the poster is concerned I doubt you pay much attention to political and financial stuff but the main industry in this country now is financial services, The bankers got the money from the government and gave themselves huge bonuses that they described as profits. As you know the voters got nothing, nor will they.

I'm glad you liked the bag. I haven't sold any but may do so in the future and, yes, some have been presents :-)

gfid - I never post political stuff but I just had to express a little outrage. What's gearing up now in the place of anything beneficial is disgusting.

I'm sure mr. pup would enjoy spending time with you too.

The Crow said...

Love Mr. Pup's yellow socks and red shoes, Susan. He's one hot dog!


Pagan Sphinx said...

I like the pup. But I'm more fond of cats; especially your tigers. I would scrimp and save to buy one of your bags if it had a tiger on it. :-)

A government that hasn't by now formulated a comprehensive health care program for its people will probably never represent what I believe in. Except for a few key issues, I'm really not wanting to participate anymore, I'm afraid.

Seraphine said...

aww. i would have liked to see it. next time, if there is a next time, there's always a next time, right? you *have* to tell me!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
A lovely post as usual with interesting exerts. I also enjoyed reading about your friend in the previous one. The last visit I made to Malawi helped reinforce in my mind that any undue concentration of effort in the pursuit of material worth – increased consumptions and so on ……does not lead to happiness.
Best wishes

Dr. Zaius said...

Kibble? Did someone say kibble?

susan said...

the crow - I'm not good at anthropomorphizing but I've been working on it :-)

pagan - Silk painting presents certain difficulties regarding subtlety but I do have a couple of big cat portraits in template form.

Yes, it's hard to believe he managed to reinvigorate the right while totally losing the left. I'm disgusted.

sera - If I paint a picture on paper it's a work of art; if I paint a picture on a piece of silk and turn it into a bag it's just another thing to use and lose. If and when there's a next time of course I'll let you know :-)

lindsay - I know what you mean but it's not possible to imagine the population of this country finding true happiness in poverty.

dr. zaius - I was delighted to see you'd been by to investigate so many posts it's impossible to answer them all. You were right on point with all of them and made me laugh (my favorite thing to do). Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...