Saturday, August 22, 2009

water works

It's been a week since there was a new post up here but I'll have you know I haven't been away sunning myself and drinking margaritas on some faraway beach - which would have been fun if I had the money. Instead, I've been painting more silk bits and turning them into little pouches and bags. These are two new ones I'm not especially delighted with but at least it's a new piece of artwork to show you while I work on something a bit more in depth (pun intended).

(duck not to scale - or surprised fish either)

I've also been indulging in reading and thinking again even though I understand that's not necessarily the modern American way. I realized that not all big ideas are are bad ones if they're logical and relatively inexpensive solutions to local problems. As we move toward a general awareness of how our actions now affect the future well-being of the planet we'll see more innovative solutions like this one the Japanese have come up with for fighting pollution in some of their canals and small waterways. Floating solar powered water processing plants deployed in Osaka's Dotonbori canal remove pollutants from 2,400 gallons of water a day, sucking in the bad water through the bottom and shooting the clean water out the top like a fountain. Not only is the fountain pretty in it's own bizarre UFOish way but the water spray cools down the solar panels, increasing efficiency.

The Japanese have already provided us with robots that cook dinner, rice cakes, fuel efficient cars, Samurai warriors and Godzilla so perhaps their solution to the problem of inefficient toilets isn't so farfetched as you might first think. Low flush toilets are still part of the technological dark ages and we all want to stay up to date, don't we? Besides, it could get awfully messy in the woods if we return to the natural way. Might even put us off our evening stroll.


Seraphine said...

i don't know how many sows ears you use making them, but i love your silk purses.

Seraphine said...

i don't want an "intelligent, aware of you" toilet. i prefer my privacy, frankly. i know, call me crazy.
and if my toilet learns how to twitter or youtube, i'm for sure using a bush instead.

The Crow said...

Years ago - 30 or so ago - I read a story titled "Pruzzie's Pot" that made me think of toilets in a whole new way. (I can't remember the writer's name.) About a toilet that was alive and cleaned your bottom for you when you were finished.



Spadoman said...

The bags are lovely. I like mermaids a lot! Of course, being a, Ahem, Man, I am wondering where you put their boobs? Little ones would have been fine.

The robotic water filters seem like a good idea. What happens in USA is this: "Is there money to be made in using these?" If Yes is the answer, then we'll see them here.

The biff looks neat and clean lined. There are composting toilets that look similar that I've seen and use no water at all.

I guess from the ridiculous to the sublime is but a short leap.

(Just kidding about the boobs, the bags are very nice)


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
The little purses look absolutely gorgeous – just the sort of thing my wife would love – a nice Christmas present!!
The Japanese are a clever lot aren’t they!! - But as you said in the prior posting its best we don’t pollute the water in the first place.
best wishes

La Belette Rouge said...

Does this mean you might be working on my commission??? I have been hoping and wondering and yet didn't want to be a pest. These are GORGEOUS bags.

Lisa said...

I can't take my eyes off those bags! They are gorgeous!

Nancy said...

Those purses are just beautiful!

I love how many of us are moving towards things that we love to do. I just finished at Good Cook's and she used to work in corporate America and now is doing traveling chef parties, spending time making everything perfect. I am working on a book. My husband has come up with an idea to do analysis on corporations, the list goes on and on.

Let me know when these are for sale...

susan said...

sera - If they had to be made out of sows ears I just couldn't do it.

Yes, I've grown used to regular quiet ones too. The idea of having my toilet wash and dry me is a little too peculiar.

the crow - As I was saying to Sera.. :-)

spadoman - They actually have little gold and pearl netted tops you can't see to well in the picture but they're there.

Somehow I can't see money to be made with those water purifiers either and you're right.. no profit.

I wouldn't mind having a composting toilet but the landlord can't be convinced to install them in our building.

lindsay - I'm delighted to know you like the little bags. Maybe I should have a silent auction? Yes, the Japanese are very clever and I think much more environmentally aware than people who live here imagining wide open spaces forever.

belette - It's the very next project :-) I had to work on a few other things while considering His Blackness :-)

lisa - You'll make your eyes hurt if you do that ;-)

nancy - I'm glad you like them. The Good Cooks lady sounds like she's found something very enjoyable. I've always done what I like - except when it comes to earning a living. I've always had some fun at my jobs but it's not always the place one would prefer to be, doing what one would prefer to do.

Randal Graves said...

I can't believe no one noticed that this post is merely more agitprop to prepare us for the inevitable alien takeover. Just look at those flying saucers!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Firstly, the purse ladies have great lips - pursed, of course. ;-) I think the purses are lovely. But then again, I'm biased when it comes to your work.

On a slightly different note: your talk of Japanese innovations and low-flush towels made me think of the situation in Halifax harbor. I don't know all the details but they're having a terrible problem with sewer leakage into the harbor, which is stinking up the city. No one seems to know what to do about it. I didn't notice any odor when we were there for the Busker Festival but it wasn't that hot and it was evening. I wonder on a very hot, humid day around noon...

Mary Ellen said...

I just read an article in the newspaper today about a milking machine where the cows go in at their own leisure and get milked when they want to instead of being herded in by the farmers at some ridiculous hour of the morning. Apparently, they have been using these machines in Europe for quite awhile. I think it was developed in Norway, if I recall.

How come we're so slow in taking on new technology anymore? I always thought Americans were supposed to be so inventive and on top of it all?

BTW, those pouches are absolutely stunning! You're so talented, kiddo. :-)

susan said...

randal - Personally, I'm looking forward to the invasion. How much worse could real aliens be? Don't answer that.

pagan - I figured a little lip puckering go go along with the steaming creases :-)

Bad news about Halifax Harbour - probably something to do with the sea level thing but I don't think it ever gets really hot there. We've been tracking the weather there for more than a year. Possible plans, you know :-)

nunly - That certainly sounds like a much more comfortable situation for the cows. I'm really thinking Americans in general have been told they're the best for so long they're actually a little backward. A leftist here is a conservative in Europe :-)

Glad you like them :-)

Seraphine said...

the neorest 600 *does* say it sends a pulsating spray... it might not be so bad if it doesn't get all over the floor.
but the thought of the toilet blow-drying my behind seems peculiar.
the alternative to blow-drying would be to keep a towel next to the toilet? i guess so.
i wonder if home depot has a sample room to try these different toilets out before purchase? because i'd have to try it before taking it home with me.

susan said...

sera - That reminds me of the story of the two old country ladies on their first visit to a city public restroom. 'Oooh Maisie, innit a foine ting ta be dryin off ya puss unner tese noice blowahs!'

gfid said...

since we're sharing potty humour.... i have to contribute this true story.... back in the days when the west was being won, and running water didn't mean 'run to the creek with a bucket'..... seems a couple of fellers had been to visit a friend who had just installed one'a'them flushing toilet contraptions. on leaving the premises, they were overheard to say
"what did you think'a'that'ere flushing toilet gizmo?"

"well, now, i don't know. just don't seem right to me to piss in the house."

Gary said...

... and sushi and miso soup too! I love the bags Susan. Your work is beautiful.

susan said...

gfid - Good one :-) and always remember.. don't eat the yellow snow.

gary - and painted silk too. All of the old kimonos that weren't embroidered were painted. Thanks :-)