Saturday, September 26, 2009

autumn thoughts

I have a few things in the works right now including a new story for Adventure's Ink that will take a bit more time. In the meanwhile I was looking at some of the paintings done in Portland and realized I haven't posted this one since the early days so thought I'd share it again now. If you wonder where these images come from rest assured you're not the only one. Walking and thinking seem to go together naturally and those of us to don't carry cell phones also walk with invisible companions.

What was I thinking about? Among other things I was wondering where all the war protesters have gone. Now we have a big new war underway in Afghanistan and we haven't finished the one in Iraq yet. Nor do we look likely to do so. Once I used to think it was great the draft was gone but if the country you inhabit is one that continues to wage perpetual war without a draft then you have a natural division between the people who volunteer (the saps) and those who don't (the anti-saps?). Let's not even talk about the mercenaries.

Then I considered the fact the big banks are still very rich because they've been bailed out with our tax money. They also continue to be unregulated. Bernanke has ordered the Fed to keep adding zeros to the official money supply and it won't be long before we're facing a dollar crisis because none of that pretend money has gone towards paying for anything real or useful - like jobs. The stock market rebounded because those who can get into the game continue to make bets. We live in a casino with no exits whether we want to be here or not.

I was also thinking what a fine season is autumn. The skies are clear, the birds are calling, the fresh grass glows and I wonder about eternity. Every molecule in the universe is doing something and even if it's all mechanical (which I doubt) we, as conscious beings, have a place in its operation. The saving grace is that we're intertwined with everything else, a whole that is a unity and evolving.

I have to get back to work now and hope you're also doing something that feeds your heart.


Mary Ellen said...

I love the colors in that picture, it's so peaceful.

Oh yeah..cell phones, you know how I feel about cell phones. :-)

Where have all the protesters gone? A question I've been asking myself (and others) for quite awhile. Just today I saw in the paper that we lost five more soldiers in Afghanistan the other day. Where are all the hordes of people walking down the street carrying black draped caskets?

Pagan Sphinx said...

"Walking and thinking seem to go together naturally and those of us to don't carry cell phones also walk with invisible companions."

May I quote you on that, Susan? ;-)

There is much more to sort through in this wonderful post. I will be back to it in a minute: It's funny you should mention protesters. There was quite a vibrant protest on the Keene Town Common today. We happened to be in town and noticed in the local paper that there was going to be a "legalize pot" rally later in the day, so we stuck around and had lunch and attended.I'll be making a post about it, if you'd like to come by. Which I was glad to hear you could do more of! A new computer for Susan - that is most excellent!

Your ladies and your tigers are always exquisite. This one is no exception!

And a new story for Adventures Inc! You've sent me straight to the moon! :-)

All the love,

Randal Graves said...

War protesters only protest when it's a wingnut in charge. Way to keep true to your values, chumps.

I am simultaneously belligerent yet happy right now, so I will zip it except to say I love that painting. Your stuff is so bloody groovy, the opposite of obscene cellphone usage, which is pretty high praise, methinks. :)

La Belette Rouge said...

I watched Michael Moore on Bill Mahr's show and Moore believes that people who see his new film will rise up and fight the corporate cronyism that capitalism has become. I had a mixed reaction. I wished he was right an I doubt that he is. Apathy has taken over. I could be wrong.

Now to your painting, OMG! Your talent endlessly blows my mind. Absolutely gorgeous.

Enjoy some autumn for me. I am still in summer. 105 degrees here in sunny Valencia.

linda said...

she is walking with a tiger and so, i am assuming they are discussing things...yes, it's all very depressing and i am finding myself becoming more and more of an ostrich, feeling hopeless and helpless to do much about the situation because i am in the middle of it...


i will live and walk with tigers anyday...
lovely painting, btw, as always :)

susan said...

nunly - Glad you like the painting - peaceful is good and so is harmony. Now if only people would just get angry about all this other shit maybe something would change.

pagan sphinx - Yes, you can :-)

Oh well, marching for marijuana is something of a start, I guess. Then maybe everybody will start singing 'Why Don't We Do It In The Road' and in a couple of years we'll surround the Pentagon (or Wall St.) to enact a levitation and who knows what will happen after that?

The computer is being augmented and will be shipped in about 10 days. I'm happy.

randal - The left wound up with their hands well and truly tied, didn't they (we)?

Glad you like the painting. A pox on all cell phones. I want the phone booths back.

belette - Michael couldn't do what he does so well without believing in people and I really admire him for that. One of these days his optimism may be rewarded. It would be nice to think so.

I'm happy you like the painting :-)

susan said...

linda - You arrived while I was writing.. cool. Yeah, all we can do is do what we can and be ready to act when the opportunity presents itself. It's not worth getting depressed over since sometimes it appears to be more theater of the absurd than anything else.

The big cats represent inner strength to me. Besides, they're more fun to draw than elephants :-)

lindsaylobe said...

Another lovely painting.

I was disappointed to see mooted bank regulatory changes confined to upping capital requirements rather than ensuring unregulated derivatives are separated out and not to be covered under their banking licenses.
Even Hedge fund billionaire George Soros and Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Manager are calling for urgent limits on credit-default swaps- one of the prior subprime culprits.
They are unnecessary since there already exists any number of amply regulated conventional insurance products able to cover risk.

But the 5 big banks reportedly hold 95% of that market and are expcted to reap $35 billion this year from trading them - at a time when everyone else is battling.

I think this battle is being fought behind closed doors – possibly obscured by the current heath debate changes- but I think it is increasingly likely to be lost.

Best wishes

Gary said...

Yes, it's dark around us but not inside and often not right in front of our noses. And it's all transient...

Lovely piece of art.

susan said...

lindsay - We know there are things that could be done to limit the damage and we're not even bankers or economists. I just wish somebody in a position of power and influence would do it. Do you know anybody?

gary - Yep, no permanent structures allowed in the Transit Lounge :-)

Seraphine said...

i love the ceiling lamps held in place by dragon's feet.
and the slothful-looking, monkey-like green dragon.
all the orbs. lots of orbs.
it's beautiful, susan.
yes, you are more or less perverse.

Spadoman said...

Look no further than this:

It's the Ashland Peace Blog. I started this blog when I started a weekly Peace Vigil in Ashland, WI. I moved from Ashland and have taken a stance at other venues, but done nothing of my own creation to stand for Peace.
I'm back on the trail and marching, writing letters, calling elected officials and generally speaking out against war.

I love the way you went from your absolutely correct analogy of the bailouts and casino-like game Wall Street is playing to the beautiful peaceful sights, sounds, colors and smells of Autumn. You nudged me again, as you have a tendency to do with your words. Thanks.


susan said...

sera - When our son was young we invented the world of Bubblicious for his entertainment. Orbs, many orbs :-)

spadoman - You do more than enough yourself and far, far more than most.

lindsaylobe said...

Susan – your comment prompted me to make another post about the so called dismal science.

Yes there are many but the best are dead - can we invoke the spirit !

But if or when the American economy does stabilize and begin to give grounds for some genuine hope of a rebound, which I earnestly hope it will, then I predict there will be an abundance of born-again Keynesians to poke up their heads from under a winters burrow.

Best wishes

susan said...

lindsay - I'm not very optimistic about how the situation is developing here but I'll come by to read what you have to say. All we can do is do what we are able to do personally and then hope for the best.

Seraphine said...

your son must have a wonderfully rich fantasy life.
i was raised in a 'literal' family. i didn't know about things like imaginary friends until later in childhood, and then my initial reaction was 'how silly.'
i've been trying to catch up ever since.

susan said...

sera - He lives right below you on the blog roll at Flying Totems if you want to visit sometime :-)

Imaginations will find their own nurture.