Monday, September 7, 2009

glad to know you

This weekend marks the second full year of phantsythat and I can't let it go by without thanking you for your visits and your support. When I started I hadn't painted or drawn much for a couple of years and didn't expect to either. I'd been working on the silks but things were pretty quiet in general. Within the first few weeks I posted pictures of all the paintings I'd done since arriving in Portland and then posted 'baby days' to a second blog. I was so new at the concept, having no idea how to arrange pictures and text, I did it as 18 separate posts. I never changed it because I treasure the sweet comments left as people discovered it for themselves. For me, having 'baby days' posted was reason enough to have a blog.

Anyone who blogs knows how difficult it can be finding things to talk about on a regular basis in a public forum. Okay, phantsy isn't all that public but you know what I mean. Eventually I got brave enough to visit blogs other than the two I'd shadowed for a while and actually left some comments. I was so delighted when some of those people whose blogs I admired came to visit phantsy that I was hooked into continuing. I've always just talked about the odd things that have struck me about living in the United States and the world in general so there's not much use in going to look at my old posts. I don't even do it myself.

What got to be really fun was the delight I found in the creative endeavors of fellow bloggers. I needed some new stuff and realized what was old for me might be new and weirdly interesting to others. I had old memories and some strange stories so decided to see if I could make them more interesting by drawing pictures to illustrate them. 'True Housekeeping' was the first and you liked it so much I wrote more. Before I knew it I'd illustrated over a dozen stories that got posted to my third blog, Adventure's Ink - more drawings than I had ever done in one year. That's all fallen off a bit recently mostly because I've only got so much time and I've been using most of it for silk painting and sewing. Nevertheless, there's a new one coming soon and maybe a few more besides.

Finally, I'm so glad I was able to introduce you to my dear friend, Crow. He's the one who shows up when I'm too irritated to talk about how we're all getting screwed by the super rich (those bastards). Crow is also very mindful of the natural world we share so is happy to fly around investigating places and people when other duties keep me at home.

The painting here is a scan of a rather tattered photograph I found of a very old one called Ibex Beach. (If you enlarge it you'll see it's dated 1982.) You can see my essential style hasn't changed much but I did get a bit more subtle with color as time went by. I guess that's what we hope for in life - to gain sensitivity.

I've learned a lot in two years thanks to my teachers. Thank you all.


marja-leena said...

Congratulations on your 2nd blogiversary! And I'm so glad to know you, to have found you not so long ago. I, too, have loved the feedback that blogging gives us. Keep on with the lovely posts and art work!

Lisa said...

I am so happy to know you. It seems like you've been part of my blog-scape for longer than 2 years! And I mean that in a good way.

I look forward to knowing you for many, many years to come.

P.S. Not a day goes by that I don't look at the lovely art you've given me and just marvel at your talent.

Lisa said...

And congratulations!

Nancy said...

Thank you for enlightening us on so many subjects. And thanks to Crow for keeping an eye on things for us.

Ben said...

Congratulations on your bloggiversary. It definitely is difficult to find things to write about on a regular basis, but I knew you'd make it. And many more?

As for Crow, there are times when he is indispensable.

Seraphine said...

chee, 27 years of drawing the same thing over and over again? no wonder you got so good!
one thing i've noticed in my own "art" (and i use that word loosely) is one's definition of Perfect changes almost every single day.
i create and look at my creation and study it and think 'oh that's perfect' and i go back to it a day later (or a year later) and i think 'heh, it's not so perfect after all.'
and every day i try to be perfect, and occasionally i really feel that way, Perfect, and most days i feel good enough, and other days, the black ones, i see how flawed i really am.
mixing art and life is like mixing the difference between sex and love; there's a difference, i'm rational enough to know, but i still can't help it. I overthink, therefore i believe i am.
is it like that for everyone?

congrats on 2 years!!!
i still remember your very first posts. they were almost shy. you've really found your voice since then.
keep talking.

Natashia McEwan said...

it has been an utterly great adventure (and distraction from my not so warm and fuzzy world lately), to read you this evening, and for that I thank are a true treasure

Nunly said...

Happy blog anniversary and I'm so glad I found my way here, Susan. When I'm irritated with the bs going on with our government, your place is a great oasis...full of wonderful stories and inspiring art. You're the best (not to forget crow, who is pretty cool, too...even if I've always been a little bit freaked out by crows. ) :-)

Liberality said...

Happy blogiversary! It's been very nice getting to know you. It encourages me to know that there are intelligent and creative people out here in our country. If I just watched the news I'd think this was a nation full of idiots ;~))

susan said...

marja-leena - Your visits just go to prove what a wonderful group of people are up here sharing insights and adventures. Glad to have met you too.

lisa - It does seem like a lot longer, doesn't it but then some of us cram a lot of living into a couple of years :-) I hope we'll stay friends over the long haul too.

Glad you like the little bag and the prints. Makes me happy.

nancy - It seemed to be a good time to do a rundown and I thought of you as I was doing it. The Blogiverse is a pretty volatile place and there are many who either no longer post or have cut way back. I still count most of them as friends but it's always good to meet new ones too - like yourself.

ben - Congratulations to you too. Of course there'll be more and I hope that goes for you as well :-)

Crow is a wise old bird but sometimes he imbibes a little too much.

sera - Yep, that's my secret - 27 years of painting the same essential thing. I just keep on hoping one day I'll get it right :-) The thing about perfection is that we're taught we aren't and can't be which has a tendency to make us depressed. The definition of perfection is vague so I would argue that striving toward a personal vision of what it might entail is a worthy practice. Then again, I've been engaged in being therefore I think ever since I first looked around.

You're right too that I was very shy those first months. I'm never that way when representing something bigger than me though.

natashia - What a nice thing to say. I'm glad to know you've been looking around and found some stuff to amuse you. I'll return the visit.

nunly - I'm glad we met too and I hope you stick around a while longer since I like to grumble about the bs over at your place. Goodness knows there's a lot to be mad about. Crow knows.. chimerical as he may be :-)

liberality - I feel the same way about you. There are people doing political commentary much better than I ever could and those who are far funnier but there's space for whatever we need to share. I'm glad to know you too.

okjimm said...

Happy, happy two years!!

//how difficult it can be finding things to talk about on a regular basis //

pffft... never stopped me from printing drivel!

Randal Graves said...

Um, is that a crescent on the top of that tower, Al-Qaeda plant?

Hey, don't ever ever ever worry about coming up with crap to post when you give us the gift of your wonderful art. Leave the crap to us. I know there's a jingle in there somewhere.

La Belette Rouge said...

Happy blogiversary to you and crow. I wish you both many more years of happy blogging, writing and creating.

I thought your blog was older than two. I somehow I decided you had been blogging for years before I arrived. I guess it is that your blog, your voice and your story has roots that feel deep and strong. I am so glad I found you or you found me, or however it happened.


susan said...

okjimm - Yeah but your drivel is so much funnier than mine.

randal - Yes it is, Infidel.

I'm glad you like it but all my art is just one step up from big eyed puppies and kittens. Oh, for some angst!

belette - It's been enough fun so far that I'll keep it up yet a while. How could I leave such a cool coterie of friends?

and I do remember you :-)

Seraphine said...

hmmm. you're right. i'll strive to be vague. maybe even vaguely perfect. it's a worthy goal.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
As I remarked earlier on to you I hope you’re able to publish all of your wonderful pictures and stories into a book, which will be enjoyed by future generations.

Best wishes

susan said...

sera - Well, it's a plan of sorts :-)

lindsay - It's here. That's published enough for me but I'm glad you enjoy coming by.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this second anniversary of blogging won't lead to any terrible two's behavior. Heh. Congratulations Sue. And tell my pal Crow he looks good in that smoking jacket.

gfid said...

i wish i could put a little happy anniversary tune here.... i'll hum it..... hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmmmm hm hmmmmm, hmm hmm hmm hm hmmmmmm hm hmmmmm..... i guess you had to be there....

many blessings and thanks, o eloquent and elegant one. there have been some bumps in the road over the past couple of years, and having your bedtime stories and beautiful images to end the day has been a gift of sanity and food for my soul. not to mention the physical gift of the stunning silk scarf and its dancing mermaids, which i was lucky enough to win in your draw.

happiest of anniversaries, and wishing you many more

susan said...

spartacus - The high esteem of another gentleman delights Crow no end.

gfid - The delight is mutual, my friend :-)

Spadoman said...

Congrats. Sorry I missed this event, but better late than never.

susan said...

spadoman - It wasn't much of an event but I found myself thinking about the changes :-)