Sunday, February 7, 2010

just passing through 2

Okay, I still don't know where they're coming from or where they're going to either. I'm not so sure it matters. All I know is it's time to start another in hopes that eventually sense will come of it all.. or maybe not. Perhaps we're just too close to see the big picture :-)


marja-leena said...

Oh lovely - a series coming on! It's exciting to just go with it and see what it all means later. Happy painting!

Steve Emery said...

I love the balloons, the hose on the ostrich, and the checked pants on the boy! And I like the way you painted the ostrich's feathers.

The weird thing, though, is those faces they're walking and bouncing over... Smiling faces, so they seem OK with it - maybe even amused by it.

And those ornaments on the head of the ostrich make me think the balloons might be on an even larger ostrich over the horizon. Creatures the size of landscape - like your dragon pictures.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I love the stocking garters on the ostrich's think legs and its shoes.

I'm loving this series!

linda said...

i had the same thought, the big balloons are another ostrich, only i went off on a tangent of a parallel universe ostrich ready to peer over the horizon... this is wonderful and i love the green shoes and i didn't realize there were faces on the ground at first either... these are so much fun, i wonder why they must "go somewhere"? maybe it's for fun? and that's all... could it be?

i know one thing, you have inspired me to start painting again, at my desk in the bedroom on smaller paper, not always feeling like i have to go to THE room, i can make a mess here too :) and that's enough reason for me for YOU to paint, lol.

susan said...

marja-leena - Thanks. It is kind of fun painting regularly again.

steve - Ostriches are such lush creatures so it's easy to get carried away. I almost lost this one because I painted him first and his coloring was so intense it took some time to make him part of a landscape that would seem normal for him yet still allow the sweetness of the child with his pogo stick.

I really like your vision of an even bigger ostrich over the horizon. That's what I'll tell anyone who asks :-)

pagan sphinx - With those shapely legs he just needed something more than a simple pair of running shoes.

linda - Damn, why didn't I think of the other ostrich peering? I have a great face of one in mind for another painting that I could have used but I'm still just getting used to painting in a tiny area yet having all the characters be distinct.

It's funny you mentioned the special room where you go to create art. I've had studio space in a couple of places we've lived but as often as not I prefer having my work area in the midst of things. I love it that we can all inspire one another.

fairlane said...

love the art. love the dame.

see you around.

Mary Ellen said...

Green shoes! Yes!

I love it, it's just so beautiful in it's simplicity. You're amazing, kiddo. Like I and others have really need to illustrate children books. You don't have to write them, most illustrators don't.

susan said...

fairlane - Good to see you too, my friend.

nunly - Yes, there just had to be green shoes once the votes were counted :-) Maybe one of these days someone will make an offer I can't refuse.

Nancy said...

Just beautiful! I love it!

susan said...

nancy - Glad you do. Sometimes all I can manage is to post a pretty picture.

The Crow said...



Spadoman said...

You're just so damn cool! Keep 'em coming! Do you have plans to make prints of these, (or any of your work)? or just the originals. I can see a cluster on a wall. So different, yet so similar, (same artist).


susan said...

the crow - I'm sure I left you a note this morning but it's gone? Now that's impossible but it went like this:


susan said...

spadoman - How nice of you to say so. I work for compliments like yours. As far as prints are concerned I guess one of these days I may check into it again but good ones are expensive. Then I might find myself with 20 prints I can't sell alongside an original I can't sell :-)

Seraphine said...

is your ostrich wearing garters???
i find that utterly hilarious! and more than a little sexy.

balloons, like golden eggs
a pogo stick with child
what is wise in those eyes
reflects just as well,
in the smile, in gartered legs,
a road paved in wholesome faces
luscious mouths and funny laces
a world beguiling and beguiled
the auspice of the ostrich

lindsaylobe said...

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Best wishes

susan said...

sera - That was the only way to hold his socks up.

I love your poem about the painting. When I first read it I had more than reason enough to have been very happy it came out well enough to be worthy of posting. There's another drawing underway which may have to be a bit larger - I'm beginning to imagine backgrounds - so I'll have to be careful in not rushing it to completion just to read your reaction :-)

lindsay - Yes, that's exactly the kind of problem I was intimating when I wrote that post. Just like the place established in England to try to ensure the survival of seed-bearing plant species threatened by human development and climate change so too should there be permanent places set up for the transfer of important human knowledge. There's no sense in having records without a record player and there's no sense in having digital or electronic records that can't be accessed by some straightforward and easily used device that would last a very long time. I didn't want to emphasize the possibility of major global disasters but these things have happened before and we can't deny there are dangers to our modern civilization inherent in the fact of its increasingly homogenous nature. I'm certain I'm not the first to imagine such a scenario and there are people far more qualified than me who may be making the suggestions you mentioned. At least, I hope so. One of the best ways of preserving our culture would be to spend more on 'blue sky' science with the eventual plan of having some people move off planet. I still think space exploration is a worthy goal. Perhaps that's a post for another time.