Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the world

Love comes from primeval eternity and goes to eternity.
In eighty thousand worlds
There is not one who drinks a sip from it
And does not go at last to God.

Rabi'a Al-Adawyya


  1. I'm glad you found the Breccia note on my blog - I'd been meaning to pass on a link to you for ages. I definitely see correlations between your work :)

    Don't be afraid to get in contact with him either, he was very friendly to me. we are now facebook friends!

  2. Seriously, Hermes ought to turn your work into scarves. So beautiful!

  3. More heathen, hippie crap. Why won't you use your considerable artistic talents to create some brave new paradigm-shifting logos for the world's preeminent corporations?

  4. don't listen to Randal, he's just jealous ;~)

  5. it's all beautiful... i wanted to make your painting about 200x bigger ...

  6. Once again, there is no surprise, just admiration for your talent.


  7. ah, full circle back to what attracted me to your art in the first place.
    that is a wonderful quotation in the border- from love to love sounds better than from dust to dust.

  8. Hi Susan
    Love that saying and your paintings, the latest one reflecting the one true light of love.

    Re prev post

    The US health system reforms seem to me to be at least preferable to what existed previously with no cover at all for many but unhealthily the government avoided responsibility to administer universal taxpayer funded coverage as is evident in other countries.

    It will be interesting to see how well this system works and particularly the grants program to support States who are to request health insurance companies to submit justification for all requested premium increases, and prevent insurance companies with excessive or unjustified premiums from participating in the new Health Insurance Exchanges due to commence in 2011.

    I’m not sure what other safeguards exist for these measures to hopefully make a start to curb your very excessive health costs in the US private system which, at the rate of 16% of GDP is more than double the cost of other comparable economically similar countries.

    There is absolute fortune to be saved given only half decent administration but I gather the entrenched interests won’t like giving away those large margins.

    Even so I'm amazed how readily people seem to except such enormous heath costs compared to the rest of the world which provides comparable-( if not better) levels of care at half the cost ?
    Best wishes

  9. Very beautiful piece Susan. How large is it?

    And yes, everything with a beginning has an end into new beginnings. And that seems to be everything...

  10. Thanks again to all of you :-)