Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dr. Crow examines modern medicine

Crow here. susan wasn't feeling too well a few weeks ago and when she started coughing up green stuff decided to make a general medicine appointment in case antibiotics were advisable. Since she rarely sees doctors who aren't paying her it was reasonable for the scheduler to ask if she had moved since the last visit or if the insurance coverage had changed.

At check-in next day the receptionist took the $25 co-pay and asked, 'have you moved from ----- ?'
"No, I just made the appointment yesterday and wasn't in the midst of packing when I called."

We waited 10 minutes in a large empty space with no magazines and wondered where the other patients were. A health assistant called her name, directed her to an exam room, took her weight and blood pressure, signed into the computer and asked 'have you moved from -----?'
"No, I've been sitting in the waiting room for 10 minutes and haven't changed my address in that time."

20 minutes later a mysterious person entered the room, handed over a gown, signed into the computer and asked 'have you moved from ----?'
"No, but I have been thinking about going out to buy a magazine."

She changed into the gown (while I did the decent thing and faced the wall) and we waited 30 minutes until the doctor knocked on the door, entered, introduced herself, signed into the computer and asked 'have you moved from ----?'
"No, but I did cross my legs a couple of times and made this string of paper dolls from half a roll of table paper."

The same questions were asked again at the lab where she went for blood work and at radiology once the doctor had deemed a chest x-ray a good precaution. A prescription for antibiotics was finally written and the pharmacist wanted to know if she'd moved.
"No, but I'm more convinced than ever it's a good plan to move to another country."

I should mention this happened all in the same facility using the same data base. Maybe that's why they call it a medical complex.

What improved her mood and helped her most was when I found an album by one of her all time favorite new wave performers. Dr. Crow knows best ;-)


Liberality said...

I hope susan is beginning to feel better soon. It seems as if we have very similar taste in music. I have two of that Lena's albums.

Liberality said...

I meant Lene not Lena!

Crow said...

liberality - susan is all better now. Once she remembered dancing for two hours on an overturned trash can so she could see Lene at one of her shows she perked right up.

jams o donnell said...

Wekk err,, what to say, THat said it is good to see Lene Lovich again. THe last I saw of her was briefly on a video from one of my favourite bands Hawkwind.. she did some backing vocals for their last album in 2005

Lisa said...

A more sane, less complex health system? Americans don't need that. Silly bird.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Ha! I like the Lene Lovich. Such quirkiness has gone out of style, unfortunately.

I had that same thing that Susan had for over a month all-together. My doctor's office told me that if I didn't have a fever or trouble breathing, not to come in. They don't want to see me, nevermind care if I'd moved or not.

Crow said...

jams - Medical care here is almost as strange as the insurance. Hawkwind have been around a long time too, haven't they? Lene was a delight to watch and still is to listen to.

lisa - If you've got coverage they pay faaar too much attention to you.

pagan sphinx - Around here we're hoping the quirkiness (with talent) comes back in style soon.

I hope you're well recovered now. I suspect an unnamed and serious illness swept the country in early spring.

lindsaylobe said...

What a lovely drawing of Dr Crow who looks out of place amongst all of that signage is what seems to be a very impersonal and all-inclusive medical centre of the kind we are unacustomed to seeing here.
Best wishes

Spadoman said...

Lene reminds me of David Byrne of The Talking Heads. He was quirky with body movement and lyrics. Although Lene doesn't quite have the band the Heads had.
I liked the sax. There was a band in the Midwest dsome tears ago called Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeans, (guess where they're from), The sax player was a giant of a woman named Julie Wood and she weilded the baritone sax all over the place.
Hope susan is better. Thanks for letting us know, Crow. Fly happy.


Crow said...

lindsay - susan took some liberties with drawing the signage but the story itself is true. There is something very impersonal in the way medicine is practiced at least in the large facilities but the trend is everywhere.

spadoman - Yes, the talking Heads were something else again, weren't they? Quirkiness, talent and sheer fun are sadly missed around here.

gfid said...

Be well. Rest, drink lots o fluids, read good books, take your meds.

Mary Ellen said...

I would have been here sooner but I'd heard you've moved. ;-)

Hope you're feeling better, kiddo!

Randal Graves said...

I know why she's feeling better, she realized that all the green stuff she was coughing up was actually a stack of tens and twentys. Buy yourself something nice!

Gary said...

Health complex. Health system. Hmmm...funny terms. Hope you got some relief in the end.

Crow said...

gfid - susan is actually quite healthy. All that was just me remembering the experience of a simple doctor's appointment.

nunly - You know me, I'm always on the move :-)

randal - If that were true she'd be out trying to catch the flu again right now.

gary - The names of some of these places evoke questions about medical experimentation.

Nancy said...

I hope Susan is feeling better. Green stuff is not good. As for the same question - are the worried a bill might slip by?

Crow said...

nancy - susan is very much better, thank you. I believe you may have something there regarding the money factor.