Sunday, April 18, 2010

drawing on life

There hasn't been an Adventure posted in more than half a year but just in case you like to read them, there'll be another in a day or two. I've been drawing for 3+ days to the exclusion of a number of other things. Well, okay I did my necessary household chores, went out shopping and for a walk, wrote to some friends, read a book and watched two movies so I mean besides that I did nothing else.

I even asked myself why it's been so long and then I remembered I was painting silk scarves and little bags until December. Then I started painting a watercolor a week for a number of weeks. Then there were Crow portraits and a painting that took several weeks more. Then again, writing coherently about long distant events in terms that are even moderately interesting now isn't easy. The drawings themselves lead to other remembered images and stories, not all of which leave me comfortable or appearing wise. Perhaps it was the stories I knew I was avoiding that led me to put the exercise away for a while.

Then too, some are almost beyond my abilities to render well. The new story is a very old one and definitely one of those (I'm not good at illustrating mechanical things) but I've given it my best shot and for the moment I'm all drawn out. This is a detail from one.

Meanwhile, I hope you're well and enjoying good weather and aren't in the path of any volcanic plumes.


marja-leena said...

Sounds to me like you are keeping busy, even with your art!! Looking forward to seeing some of it, thanks for this lovely peek! Don't you find the longer brighter days give you more energy too? Except now there's more work to do with gardening jobs :-) Enjoy!

Liberality said...

I love the drawing. I imagine that child looking out of the porthole and inventing stories instead of settling down to sleep. It's what I would have done anyway :)

You have been very busy. There is more to life than computers but I have to admit I am online probably more than is good for me. I'm struggling with that even now.

The Cunning Runt said...

Jeesus, I love your art. All of it - the pen and ink, the colorful stuff, the fanciful, the way your mind works. The way you express yourself and explain yourself to us dullards (no inclusion of your other readers implied.)

Anyway, I love it!

susan said...

marja-leena - It always makes me happy to receive a compliment from a real professional. I only wish I had a garden :-)

liberality - I'm glad you like the drawing and hope you like the story too. Everything was a little too real (or unreal) for inventing stories then.

I enjoy visiting online but I get too antsy to stay for very long. Must be my age :-)

cr - What a nice treat to see you've been by again. You know how much I appreciate your photographs and how good it feels for all of just to share our talents and views.

jams o donnell said...

I love your drawings Susan. I wish I had some artistic talent.

My sister is at the other side of the Atlantic courtesy of the colcanic ash. Luckily she is staing with an old scool friend in Montreal

Lisa said...

I love your work. I'm glad you take your time because the outcome is quite fantastic.

susan said...

jams - Photography and writing are artforms you've mastered. Montreal is a pretty nice city, btw. She may want to stay a while.

lisa - When I pick up the pen I never know what's going to happen :-)

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
I love the heading ‘drawing on life' and to see your subject whimsically gazing through the porthole.

Don’t worry about trying too hard to coherently string together thoughts that are interesting- it’ s always a treat to discover what you were doing and what influenced you at any point of time – suffice in itself apart from the few additional bells and whistles added to make it more captivating.

Best wishes