Thursday, May 13, 2010

losing the thread

Last weekend after spending three days working on a pair of black (I just can't seem to get away from that inky shade) pants for the new salwar kameez project - cutting, marking, sewing 16 pleats, matching marks and cutouts, adding pockets - I discovered I'd made 2 left sides. They were very nicely made left sides but I was too tired to even think of ordering more fabric to make 2 right sides and absolutely too fed up to attempt a repair. I'll try it again but there was nothing to do but throw them away and read a book instead.

Earlier this week I considered sending a story to a blogger who's collecting snippets people have written about their experiences. It seemed like a cool idea and since very few people have read any of the Adventure's Ink posts I thought perhaps I'd submit one for her to share so went back to read them. It turned out the ones I'd written only work well in the context of having been illustrated and she wasn't looking for pictures. Oh well, at least I had another book to read.

I feel aggravated, annoyed and depressed every time I read anything about the oil companies, the major banks, the escalating wars and the propaganda fed through the major media about how all our troubles are the fault of some other people. Today I saw that drone aircraft will be patrolling the border with Mexico. They aren't going to be equipped with Hellfire missiles.. yet. Feeling helpless to change anything and not being in a position to do much of anything I went in search of some good news and found this. It's good to know ordinary people can make a difference. Maybe one day I'll find a way to put my small talents to good use. It seems the only freedom we really have is to be kind to each other.

Tomorrow is another work day but meanwhile, I have another book.


La Belette Rouge said...

Ooh, I am loving this. It is so different than your other work I have seen and I love it.
Enjoy your book. Your work will be waiting for you when you finish it.

marja-leena said...

Oh, those sewing errors are so frustrating, aren't they!? I find now that I so rarely sew that my skills have gone rusty. Love this piece, as well as all your Adventure's Ink posts and illustrations.

Your last paragraph is timely for I've been in an email conversation today with a group about similar issues!
Yes to: "It seems the only freedom we really have is to be kind to each other."

Joss Albért said...

Two lefts don't make a right. That's hideously bad I know.

One of these days I'm gonna order some work off you. Any more thoughts about having a website to showcase/sell some of your wares? I might be able to help you with it in quieter spells...

Spadoman said...

WOW! That skull, the eyes! Pretty cool stuff.
I'm sure you know that we all make mistakes. I did the two lefts of everything when I cut the pieces for some Adirondack chairs. It happens. You'll return and have at it again and do a fine job. I'm sure of it.
Your last paragraph defines how I feel about the condition of the world these days. I want to scream out and tell people there is a war going on, but most are too easily swayed by health care and immigration. The Right is twisitng and turning ewverything the Left does just as the Left did when Bush was president.
It is good that some folks are doing good, as in the articles of your link.
It all starts at home, in your own heart. That's where the biggest difference can be made.
Lastly, I really like that skull. Almost "Days of the Dead" like. Great colors, as usual. You are a talent that's for sure.


Liberality said...

Death is lashing out at us because we ignore the sacredness of life. To use fossil fuels when we know their use will pollute, cause big environmental disasters and kill ecosystems, and have many times, is folly.

Our leaders do not seem to care about the long term and our children's future. They only care about power, money, and getting reelected.

Yeah, I get depressed thinking about it all too. :(

Lisa said...

I love the silk featured here. Very cool, susan.

I can no longer cope with all the bad news. I hate feeling helpless so I ignore it. I realize that makes me a bad citizen, but some days it equals self preservation.

jams o donnell said...

I do like the image in the photo. As for the pants... You'll get it rignt next time!

susan said...

belette - I drew on some Tibetan Buddhist symbolism for this one. Glad you like it.

marja-leena - Yes, it's annoying when something that once came so easily gets complicated. Nevertheless, I'm happy my drawing skills haven't evaporated. One can always buy clothes.

joss - You're right :-)

I'd definitely like to have a website but my electronic skills are stretched to the limit just keeping up a half decent blog site. At the moment I can't afford to pay for a webmaster so I just continue bumbling along over here. Your offer is incredibly generous and leaves me feeling humbled that you'd even suggest it.

spadoman - I'm glad to know other skilled craftspeople have had the same problem. Random distractions are very sneaky.

I've been very dismayed by the gulf oil disaster. Along with all the rest you really have to wonder about the honor and ability of those who govern us and attempt to control us. Sometimes I imagine if I wrote what I really think about a lot of it everyone would think I'm crazy and never return. Then again, maybe not.

I'm happy you like the skull scarf. It was a one-off given to a dear friend when she needed something bad to lighten her mood.

liberality - I agree. Most of the people I know personally are pretty nice but there's an overall apathy that's become endemic in our society. We elect leaders we hope will do the right thing but when they don't the only thing left to us is what? The only sensible reaction is to get on with your life as best you can and keep a finger poised for the winds of change.

lisa - Glad you like it.

It seems I find links to articles about things I'd rather not know about even when I'm looking for entertaining science post ideas. They've butchered the goose and left it to rot.

jams - Thanks. I'll be back to the sewing projects soon.

Steve Emery said...

Makes me want to bang my head against the wall (remove glasses first). And I can't think about the Gulf - it makes me stop breathing. Such incredible, criminal, stupidity. It's scary.

The link had the opposite effect.

And there are always books...

Seraphine said...

it sounds like you could use a hug.
i'm sorry for laughing about your having made two left sides. you were looking forward to that project, and i know you are disappointed.
so read a book and drink some tea (or have a glass of wine). take a break and if tomorrow you feel like working on it again, it'll feel like a fresh start.
the news never changes. if it isn't a war somewhere, it's a natural disaster. if you stop reading the news, the world will survive.
so here it is: a hug.

this is my simple religion. there is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. ~dalai lama

susan said...

steve - They don't know what they're doing but do it anyway. It really is scary.

sera - Thanks for the hug and the sweet reminder :-)

Joss Albért said...

well, i'm not a pro web designer in any way, but i definitely think i could sort a simple, clean online space for you.

I'm a touch busy for now... but in a few weeks or so when i'm not, maybe i could do one for you?

No money? none needed! though a piece of your work might be nice... :)

susan said...

joss - It would be good enough having a space to hang some of the artwork and I'd really appreciate your assistance whenever you have the time. A barter is a far better deal than money and always has been :-)