Sunday, May 9, 2010

unmistaken child

may all

be blessed with peace always;

all creatures weak or strong,

all creatures great and small;

creatures unseen or seen

dwelling afar or near,

born or awaiting birth,

may all be blessed with peace!

. . . as with her own life

a mother shields from hurting her own,

her only child,

let all-embracing thoughts

for all that lives be thine,

an all-embracing love

for all the universe.

from the Nipata Sutra

Happy Mother’s Day


jams o donnell said...

I love that poem Susan. Thanks

okjimm said...


linda said...



Seraphine said...

happy mother's day.
and thank you for the poem.
it's very beautiful.

Spadoman said...

A very beautiful poem indeed. We got the family together today and our daughters were kind to their Mother with gifts and helping around the kitchen as i manned the BBQ grill. A nice day with family.


Nancy said...

Perfect. Thank you.

susan said...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day :-)

Gary said...

Successor or not - that boy looks serene (and cute too).

Liberality said...

<3 you

Liberality said...

oh and I should tell you I have an award for you to prove it :)

susan said...

gary - It's an amazing movie and worth watching if only for the visuals.

liberality - ♥ too and thank you :-)