Saturday, July 10, 2010

and the winner is:

Good morning all and felicitations for your fine efforts in cheering me up. It's been a difficult few months for my friends and I for reasons I'm sure you're aware of and so far there's no end in sight. The idea a problem can be solved by ignoring it is a foible strictly related to less evolved humans.

But never mind that for now. I'm here this morning to announce the results of the poem for a painting contest offered by susan earlier last week. The entries were all charming and if I could paint I'd send each and every one of you an original Crow. Alas, there is just one and keeping with the tradition of total randomness I awoke this morning to find sealed envelopes on my breakfast tray. I've chosen one of them:

The winner is Nancy. susan will send the picture, unframed but nicely packaged, when she gets your address.

Please forgive the brevity but I have an appointment far away in the Gulf of Mexico later today. One day soon I'll tell you a story from my fledgling days but for now I must fly.

➹ ψ

ps: Joe Bageant waxes eloquent this summer.


Pagan Sphinx said...

Hello, Crow! I've been traveling and am just now catching up on my blog reading. I'm especially interested to learn of what is happening with Susan and spouse regarding their move later this summer.

Nancy is lucky to win such a fetching drawing of you. If I'm not mistaken that that is the one.

Pagan Sphinx

Nancy said...

Me, Nancy??? Could it be??

susan said...

pagan sphinx - Glad to know you made it back safe, sound and ready for the next trip - this time to enjoy sea breezes on the NS coast. We'll be on our way in September :-)

nancy - Yes, you :-) Just send an address (by email) and it will be on its way home to you.

linda said...

how lovely a painting and how wonderful for nancy!!! i had absolutely no inspiration at the time... sadly as i really wanted to try...ah well, nancy is a very worthy recipient..

well crow, say hello to your cronies down (up?) there, not sure where you are supposed to be but.....this is the cutest painting, please tell sweet susan for me, ok?
xoxoxo, good travels crow, be safe on the winds..

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Crow – here are a few lines late edition to all of those other nice poems.
I composed these few lines with the intended move to Canada in mind. Best wishes

For in spring we celebrate renewed hope
As nature awakes from winters slumber
To share her blossoms that bloom
Along her many new pathways

For in spring is new life, a familiar ring
A time to reflect on a future unseen
May you join nature in her party
To arrive safely in your new land

susan said...

linda - The poems were all really cool so the only fair way to choose a winner was to make it a random selection.

Crow is helping to direct his avian, animal and salt water friends to safer waters.

lindsay - Thank you so much for your beautiful poem and your good wishes for our journey. I know it's winter in Oz right now so I send return greetings and blessings for a wonderful spring soon to come.

La Belette Rouge said...

Congratulations, Nancy! And happy flying, dear Crow!

Liberality said...

Congrats to Nancy.

Spadoman said...

I know Bageant is being facetious when he delivers his speech here about Capitalism, but it is so much the truth, it seems like it should be shameful to mention it.
Hard to walk humble in the atmosphere that he describes. Can you say Mindfulness?
Too bad I didn;'t win a prize from the hand of susan. man, she's the best. I love her drawings, and they don't even have to be nude!
Sure hope all is moving right along for the move East.


gfid said...

drrrrum rrrrrroll, kachinnnnnng! congrats, Nancy!!!

susan said...

belette - You can be sure there will be other contests to come. They are what help Crow take wing.

liberality - If only I could give a present to everyone deserving. There aren't enough carrots to keep up with the sticks nowadays.

spadoman - I'm glad you read Joe Bageant's article. He's truly cranky and I love to read the truth the way he sees it.

Not to worry about not winning this time. Every so often another opportunity comes along and besides that, one of these days I want to trade :-)

ps: We decided to drive the little car ourselves since we'll be homeless for two weeks anyway while our stuff travels.

gfid - Yes, that's just the sound we heard on Saturday morning :-)

The Crow said...

Dear Crow:

I grew up in New Orleans and spent many happy hours along the shores of the Gulf. My heart is broken into a million shards over this travesty.

It seems that what Katrina wasn't able to completely destroy, BP now will.

Fly high and stay out of those waters, dearest Crow.

(PS: your portrait catches the elegant, cosmopolitan side of you wonderfully. You are a Grand Corvid of the First Order!)

The Crow said...

Crow, this cartoon by Tomas Serrano says it all, I think:

susan said...

hello Crow - I spoke with Crow on the phone earlier this evening and he told me the BP media relations crew is crowing about having fixed the breach in the sea floor that appears to have been an Act of God and nothing at all to do with them. Crow says his friends and people on the shore aren't too impressed with the announcement. It is an ongoing tragedy.

Steve Emery said...

Dear Crow,

I am sorry I did not get a chance to participate in this contest... I have a bad habit of getting too busy at just the wrong times. I would surely have put my poem in for the opportunity to own this painting, had I been able to tour blogs as much as I usually do.

My congratulations to Nancy!

susan said...

steve - There'll likely always be another contest. I know all too well how hard it is to keep up with everything.