Saturday, February 26, 2011

lazy (me, not him)

It was just too cold and windy outside today to exercise the dog so I built it one of these.

Well, actually I don't have a dog but I've gone to look at this video
a few times now and it always makes me laugh.

Maybe it will work that way for you too.


  1. not sure where i saw this first... i think it was captioned, "when engineers have dogs...." and i thought of my son, the computer engineer.... he could SO have built this :0)

    and this little dog is just so happy about the whole thing, you have to grin from ear to ear..... come to think of it, there are days when i could really use one of these gadgets.... i refuse to walk the dog if the temp is below minus 20

  2. Wow, I gotta show this to my geek! :-)

    'Course, then I'd have to get a dog as well. If I could teach him to use this and a litter-box, then I could really see about marketing a "dog-lite" idea ...

    Nah, on reflection a tamagotchi is probably easier ...

  3. Awwww. That's cute! But hopefully its owner will come home soon and play with it for real! :-)

  4. Haha that's one way to keep the Dackel in your life amused. Great vid!

  5. I tried, years ago, to teach my parakeet to fetch. Never worked. 'but he did learn to drink my beer.

  6. gfid - I've only had 2 dogs in my life and the first was a dachshund named Liebchen who was absolutely indefatigable when it came to chasing her ball. When my dad was digging the foundation for an extension on our house she'd drive him crazy by dropping it on his head to throw. So it was dig, dig, thump, swear, throw over and over. I think this little guy reminded me of her.

    I don't blame you for not walking at minus 20 no matter what Maestro says.

    francis - Building one of these might prove relaxing for him.

    I love dogs too but owning one isn't a responsibility I'm prepared for. You keep looking after your tamagotchi and I'll continue talking to my neighbors and breeding rare flowers in my animal crossing 'wild world' game as I've been doing daily since 2005 :-)

    pagan sphinx - I still think the owner is home doing something else.. probably blogging, eh?

    jams - It was too funny to miss. Now I can come here to watch him.

    liberality - Looking for good news online can be depressing. This was just the opposite.

    okjimm - Never mind. Parakeets are too small to carry much or consume much.

  7. That was funny, and fun for the dog too, apparently! :)