Thursday, May 5, 2011

expedition with Crow

One thing about living in this out of the way place is that mail doesn't come very often or at any specified time. However, that which arrived today brought a letter from Crow he asked me to share with you:

Dear Friends,

You may be curious about where I''ve disappeared to these past long months. I hope you'll accept my apologies with the understanding my new found companions  and I have been making great efforts on behalf of all the animals and good people in the world . What could that be, do you wonder? I will explain.

During my late winter sojourn to ancient Aegypt I came upon a cartouche of profound antiquity which took me many long nights to decipher. It told of a path that leads to lands of unimaginable wonder where all can live in peace and harmony. I'm aware you may be skeptical that such a path exists but remember it wasn't that long ago most humans agreed the world was flat, that Earth was the center of the Universe, and man was the pinnacle of creation. We all know what became of those assumptions and who knows but there may be others that will be overturned as wisdom grows.

As we search for signs of our route across this mighty desert I've taken a moment to send you fond greetings. There are trails to mystery and beauty in unexpected places, some of which you may have found yourselves. Always remember the journey itself is what brings meaning to the destination. In other words, enjoy yourselves and why not try something new (like a piece of fruitcake)?

I will send further dispatches as space and shifting time lines allow.

Meanwhile, I send my salutations.


ps: susan will try to clarify yet another sun and sea damaged picture.

and that's his letter. I'm rather looking forward to hearing the rest of his adventure and sharing the details with you.

Best wishes and have a good weekend if I'm not back sooner.


Francis Hunt said...

An octopus with a parasol? What on earth has crow been getting up to? His brief reports leave more mysterious than they reveal. I sincerely hope, dear susan, that he soon turns up for a visit, so that he can tell us more about his strange and marvellous adventures and discoveries.

Should he need somewhere to stop on the long journey between the Orient and Halifax, he can drop in for a few days rest with me in Germany. Come to think of it, I shall be in Turkey on the Aegean coast for a week starting tomorrow. If he stops at my hotel near Izmir, I'll find fruitcake for him - and if that's not possible, at least baklava, raki and Turkish coffee!

marja-leena said...

Oh, good to hear from Crow! I'm sure we are all waiting to hear about these "lands of unimaginable wonder where all can live in peace and harmony", especially during these troubling times. Have a good weekend, Susan, go plant some more sunflower seeds for me, please.

susan said...

francis - Ah well, Crow does enjoy his games of being as opaque as possible in his pronouncements. I suspect he may have quaffed a little too much Remy in the desert sun. What octopus? I've sent him a telegram suggesting he visit you on the blue Aegean for a little r&r and some sensible conversation. I envy you both being away from the incessant rain and fog here this May.

marja-leena - If you're on Gabriola you're certainly as close as close can be to those lands without quite stepping through the curtain. Keep your eyes peeled for the faerie paths and let me know what you find. Yes, I will indeed plant more sunflowers. Peace on all our journeys.

Steve Emery said...

I've got a lot of back reading to do on Phantsythat - and I'm looking forward to it. I caught a glimpse of the finished painting in the previous post, and the snapshots through the process! I'm going to save that for an evening when I can properly pay attention. I'm only up to posting an already written blog post this evening, and leaving a few remarks for friends, so they know I'm going to catch up soon. S

I love the journey Crow is taking - and the line about the journey that reminds me of Aristotle's distinction between motion and activity. Activities are not primarily about the destination or the end - and the more of our life we spend on them (rather than motion) the better off we ALL are.

Looking forward to the clarification of Crow's image - if it gets further clarified...

Kay said...

you know if Crow gets to the Western US..He is welcome to come for a stay. He can meet "The Rooster I Call Bob", and his harem. The ponies are amenable to feathered visitors and the pups would share their wading pool.Wishing him good travels.

Mary Ellen said...

There are some crows that have been hanging around my house lately, I wonder if they are any relation? I haven't seen any other wild animals, except for a squirrel that insists on trying to get into my bird feeders.

Shaun said...

Crow certainly does have a fine time of it. In all of my travels I have never spent a second of time in the company of a parasol toting octopus. I envy Crow for that!

Randal Graves said...

Definitely too much sun-drenched Remy. Putting faith in people? Silly bird, though sign me up for a trek through lands with parasol-attired octopi.

susan said...

steve - You haven't been gone that long and I haven't been posting all that often in the meanwhile. I hope you enjoy seeing the new painting when you have some time. I've stopped by your place a few times but not in the past couple of days so now I have reason to return. Good.

The painting of Crow's Expedition is definitely underway as a gift for him on his return. It is all about how we use the time and not so much its passing.

kay - It sounds like a fine place you have there for Crow or any other visitors. Please keep well and keep painting too.

nunly - My friend Crow is the archetype of other and lesser crows who can be annoying - especially if they buzz you in the park for the bird seed they notice you carrying.

shaun - Well, perhaps you've never spent a second of waking time with one but it's possible you met one in dreams. That's where I saw this one :-)

randal - It appears Crow's enjoying himself and alcohol has only a modest affect on his system. The octopus is obviously a bit more sensitive.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I was just thinking last night that we hadn't heard from Crow in a while. I am wishing so much for a pair of glossy black wings so I could travel with Crow and follow that path...

I LOVE that octopus you created. After the crow, the octopus is my favorite animal. And to think that I once tried Octopus on a platter in a Portuguese hole-in-the-wall! Never, ever again!

Sending much love and thank you for the sunshine!


Linda said...

love the octopus and can visualize her wriggling along with camel, trying to keep up and thus, forget tiger. impossible task. as always, completely enchanting - you need to write a book for 8 year olds that are brilliant like my grandson and would be taken on a magic carpet ride along with you. xxxxxx

i promise to write you a real note soon.. xx

Linda said...

well, real as real can be.

susan said...

pagan sphinx - Ah yes, dear Crow was here until mid-winter when events in the East changed his plans about spending some time with his condor friends in the Andes. I wish I could be with him too but a note now and then must suffice.

It took me a while to get the long suffering octopus just right so I'm glad to know he/she has been successful. There used to be a beautiful one at the Vancouver Aquarium that I could sit and watch for hours as he changed colors. I'm sure it's preferable not to eat one (certainly for them).

Glad you enjoyed some sunshine.

linda - I was surprised when Crow's larger picture showed he was traveling with friends :-)

I'm glad to know the idea caught your imagination in much the way it did mine. Who knows but one of these days a book might appear from Crow's collected adventures. It would be a monumental task for someone like me so unskilled at narrative art.

I always look forward to hearing from you and hope you're feeling better.

Steve E said...

I met this "Crow" character somewhere earlier this evening. Glad to see he is a "swinging" guy...and SO true:

"...not the destination, but the journey that life is about".
Steve E

susan said...

steve e - I'm glad you've met my friend Crow. He's been around for a very long time and is much older and wiser than me.

Welcome to phantsy :-)

Liberality said...

I would be happy to have some fruitcake with Crow and to learn more about his adventures, as this latest journey sounds especially intriguing. Peace be with you.

susan said...

liberality - He's glad to know you'd enjoy some fruitcake. I'm also very interested in how this story will progress. There are possibilities galore :-)

gfid said...

Crow is, as always, perfecly attired for the adventure. i'll be on the Sunshine Coast in a little over a week... will be watching for faerie paths.... and looking for gluten free fruitcake. i've discovered that hot chocolate is immesurably improved by a hefty shot of brandy... bet it would go well with fruicake.

susan said...

Crow is, as always, perfectly attired for the adventure. i'll be on the Sunshine Coast in a little over a week... will be watching for faerie paths.... and looking for gluten free fruitcake. i've discovered that hot chocolate is immeasurably improved by a hefty shot of brandy... bet it would go well with fruitcake.

gfid - All the comments from yesterday including my own disappeared with the blogger glitch.

I hope you have a great trip to the Sunshine Coast. Crow said to tell you brandy goes well with Turkish coffee too :-)