Friday, June 24, 2011

mid-summer contest

A few weeks ago I went digging through some unpacked boxes looking for something or other and emerged instead with another part of my rather large seed bead collection. Are you aware that beading is one of the great addictions once you've been stabbed by a long and very thin beading needle? That happened to me quite a long time ago and after several years worth of projects I finally packed all the beads up and hid them from myself. Now I've found them again and just for the heck of it I made myself a new bracelet. For the further heck of it I've decided it might be fun to make one for one of you.

Here's the deal if you're interested: The bracelet above is 7½" x ¾" and fits my wrist loosely. You may notice it has writing on it (because I never forgot the little beaded belt I got that said Niagara Falls when I was a kid). I can't seem to figure out how to get a really good picture that shows detail and sparkle both so we'll go with this one. Anyway, to whoever wins this contest the prize would be a bracelet made to fit you (or whoever you'd like to give it to) made with the base colors of your choice. It will also have whatever phrase or name you'd like so long as there are not many more than 16 letters. The only thing you have to do to enter is submit a phrase with 16 characters. This doesn't have to be the one you'd have me make.

Crow will choose the winner at random on July 1st. After that it will take me about a week to make the prize bracelet. Then we have to hope the mail strike in Canada ends by then.

What if they gave a mail strike and nobody cared?

Who ever heard of a mailbox with an out of service sign?


Francis Hunt said...

I believe in people

:-) Lovely idea, Susan!

Seraphine said...

definitely random

every small town in kansas seems to have a grain elevator and a railroad. also, the streets are numerically named 1st, 2nd, 3rd (depending on the size of the town) with the cross streets named after trees (poplar, elm etc) so you never get lost. also every town has a park and at least one church (towns with one gas station have at least two churches). community swimming pools are popular, but oddly nobody seems to lay out by the pools tanning themselves.

Claude said...

Saperlipopette PC

Clin d'oeil et sourire...;-)

Lisa said...

What a cool addiction. I'm convinced that there's no medium you can't master.

How long have you been without junk mail now?

Vincent said...

I shall be obsessive about this when I get started--quite against the spirit of the thing, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, greetings in passing, & envy of your multifaceted creations.

Spadoman said...

Good idea for beads

I hope this doesn't interfere and break my sobriety from gambling.
Postal strike. I tell you, I don't get much mail anymore. Wouldn't have a big impact for me. But I guess it has put a crunch on somne for sure.
I don't bead with seed beads. I use larger Pony or Crow beads, (9mm) on some of my projects. (of which I am way behind by the way, too much motorcycle fun these days, I'm not in an artsy mood)


susan said...

francis - Excellent first submission and perfect word count as well :-)

sera - Nice. I remember when we were still far distant from the first grain elevators we saw I thought they were skyscrapers in the distance. Perhaps people who work outdoors aren't all that interested in full body tans.

claudia - un clin d'oeil et un clin d'oeil à vous aussi :-)

lisa - Well, I'd like to build a houseboat and have no idea where to start..

I think it's been a month but the pizza places send people out to slide their offers under the door. So far no pizzas have been slid under the door.

vincent - People like you and I were not designed to tweet. I'm glad you stopped by to visit.

spadoman - For a man with your penchant for travel the summer is definitely no time for projects. I hope you have more wonderful times and miles of wonder.

Vincent said...

"Choose the winner at random", eh?

So it doesn't have to be witty or clever ... then I have a chance

linda said...

i love you mucha ... and i do xoxoxo

susan said...

vincent - That's a good one.

linda - It's likewise, I'm sure.

jams o donnell said...

Great competition Susan

All I can think of is choose apathy!

okjimm said...

'beaucoup de bière'

Steve Emery said...

With relatives in Canada, we have heard that some call the postal service there the cheapest storage in the Western Hemisphere. Going to be a month between apartments? Mail your effects to yourself at your new address from your old address, and things should come out just about right. And that's without the strike.

gfid said...

slackers untie!

Gina said...

"I Am Sterdam Bound!" Is that cheating?

As a kid, I always loved the plastic faux Native American jewelry sold in tourist shops, so I smiled when you mentioned your Niagara Falls belt!

Hopefully, I can get a little magic dust from the birthday fairy, as I turn...urrr...52 on July 1. (there is probably something wrong with me because I could never understand why women lie about their age???)



susan said...

jams - Anything for fun.

okjimm - That counts.

steve - Well, I don't know about cheap. Buying stamps for all our stuff could be expensive and then they'd probably deliver it to someone else.

gfid - Always a good one.

gina - No, it's not cheating and I'd be excited too. I know it's going to be wonderful trip.

I always thought mine was a real one :-) and one of those things I was loathe to outgrow. (I had a favorite dress too and some skirts and some shoes and a couple of cardigans..)

I used to lie about my age by adding 5 years so people would tell me how young I looked. Happy Birthday on Canada Day!