Wednesday, June 29, 2011

other people's work

If I had a house and that house had a garden and in the garden was a pond and I happened to need a gnome then this is the gnome I'd choose to live in the pond in the garden of the home that I'd have.

David Goode makes bronze sculptures using a lost wax casting process. The results are wonderful and if you'd like to see just how here's a link to his site. Sometimes I think I take a long time doing things but one of his pieces can take 6 months or more.

If you don't have that kind of time perhaps you'd like to see a story about a little guy made of scrap metal who's looking for a home in the world:

origins from Robert Showalter on Vimeo.

I love animation.

Crow or I will be back soon.


Lydia said...

Hi Susan,
I'm back on the grid after some time away and this post was like the perfect welcome. The sculpture is amazing and that little video? Simply perfect. Thanks.

Lisa said...

That sculpture makes me want a pond to put it in and the video was a delight.

Liberality said...

The sculpture does look rather mischievous :)

marja-leena said...

Now I wish I had a pond, and a sculpture like this in it! And the video is very good; I wonder if a sequel will follow for I think there's could be much more to the story.

Randal Graves said...

Oh man, now I want a pond of my very own.

susan said...

lydia - I hope it was a good trip and nice to know you're back. Both pieces really are amazing, aren't they?

lisa - I agree with both ideas completely.

liberality - Mischievous is the word :-)

marja-leena - Isn't it beautiful? There were a few others equally good. I think the video was a student graduation piece. Hopefully, there'll be more.

randal - Me too - absolutely.

Seraphine said...

regarding the animation:
i am fairly sure i have met that guy's cousin. one of them used to work in my office. actually, now that i think about it, i've met lots of his cousins. most of them are silver colored (faux chrome). when you tap their heads, a bell rings and eventually somebody comes out and asks 'may i help you?'

i'm still waiting for my gnome to appear.
aren't gnomes related to those guys that hang out under bridges and eat passers-by? or are they the ones that guard the pots of gold located at the ends of rainbows?
i wish i knew history better...

susan said...

sera - It's nice to know a few of those characters have managed to escape their dreary former lives. It would be fun to tap the head of one met in the woods to see who comes to help. Maybe it would be a gnome - which is just another name for an elf or fairy I think. Meeting one would be prize enough.

Gina said...

I am in love with both the gnome and the little guy in the video. But especially the gnome and the idea that perhaps one day you will find a home for him in your garden somewhere as beautiful as you. :-)