Friday, June 10, 2011

still here?

I keep on having this feeling that I must draw something or paint something before I post anything. The problem is that the more I feel as though I have to do something the less I feel like doing it. Am I alone in this or do you think it's fairly common?

Meanwhile, some stray thoughts:

* Age is far too high a price to pay for maturity.

* Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a mechanic.

* If you have to choose between two evils, pick the one you have never tried before.

* Nowadays my idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

* Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

* If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.

* Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three days before you need it.

* Experience is a wonderful thing. It allows you to recognise a mistake when you make it again.

Zerebrale Dichotomie from motiphe on Vimeo.

Making decisions can be hard. Good thing Motiphe made a cool video or I'd have nothing to show other than the very sweet picture of the Grand Hamster d'Alsace. Poor thing is almost extinct and the French want to build a factory on the only piece of land it's known to still exist. Things are so bad the Belgians aren't even speaking to them.


Pagan Sphinx said...

Love the video clip! :-D

I think no one should be talking to the French. How insensitive to evict to potential extinction,such adorable creatures!

Randal Graves said...

So you're not in favor of alleviating the crippling shortage of factories?

Stray thoughts make me chuckle.

You're not alone, I'd say that's as common as breathing, and it doesn't stop after you start something. The self: "I just *have* to finish this." That's when it's time for a walk.

linda said...

love the little video, how funny....don't we all fight? do we ever stop...this is my usual question of the day usually pertaining to me. poor little hamster, glad the smart people aren't speaking to the dumb ones. ;)

also liked your bullet point list of the important things in life...will print and hang! when i get around to it xxxxx

jams o donnell said...

Wise words Susan. I love the video!

susan said...

pagan sphinx - It was pretty good, eh?

The poor little beasts were already in trouble because corn was planted instead of the fields of alfalfa, clover, and cabbages they prefer. Somehow I just don't see corn as part of French cuisine :-)

randal - If the French need factories we know where there are a lot of empty ones, n'est ce pas?

No, it doesn't stop. I think I've trashed more paintings in the past 6 months than I ever did the rest of my life. Walking is good.

linda - Some of us fight with ourselves more than with anybody else. It seems to come with the ownership of a functioning brain.

Apparently the Belgians won't allow the French ambassador in for a visit :-)

The list is ones remembered as well as some I thought of myself. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

jams - Thanks. I loved the video too.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Your pictures are great. But, crow should only communicate when he feels like it. I look forward to your post - what you are thinking and what interest you.

the Ol'Buzzard

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan,
That’s natural enough to have those feelings since your engaged so much of your life and talent in sharing in that communications format. But since it expands a lot of energy I guess you’re got to build up to the mood to get started. But when I drop by I’m always amazed at the scope and extent of all the various forms; lovely painted pictures, stories, great quotes, news and the interesting photos.
Thanks for also sharing some pics around Halifax. The landscape looks inviting even if the trees are savaged by the winter winds and ice.
Best wishes

Spadoman said...

My dear friend... You don't need to post anything but your words. Did you create all those sayings? They are all right on!


Lisa said...

Your random thoughts gave me a laugh and something to think about.

We need to convince the French that those precious rodents are even better than pigs at sniffing out truffles and then they'll back the heck off. I wonder if they can be plied with some good California wine....

Mary Ellen said...

I wouldn't rush to pick up the paint brush for our sakes...we can wait until you're ready. Not that I don't LOVE seeing your work, but do it when the mood strikes you.

Also..I've really enjoyed the pics and videos you've been putting up.

"Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three days before you need it."

So true! A lesson I learn every spring when I clean out a closet or the basement!

susan said...

ol'buzzard - Crow always enjoys communicating, the problem is me keeping up with his orations.

lindsay - For a long time I posted old paintings and new things I found interesting as well as other people's pictures and art with other things I found interesting. New paintings that are good take a while. I really appreciate your very kind words and will try to keep phantsy a place you enjoy visiting.

The seriously blasted trees all overlook the shore from a high hill where they take the brunt of the winter storms. It's lovely there the rest of the year but we've even bundled up to walk along icy paths in the long dark months.

spadoman - I just can't post without a picture to lead but I'll try to get away from them always being my own for a while - until a few more are done anyway. I made up most of them but some were remembered - ie, I think it was Mae West who mentioned trying the evil you haven't tried before.

lisa - I don't think the French will accept any wine not their own but you're right that truffle sniffing might make them enthusiastic about saving their wild hamsters. I'd never seen one cuter than that.

susan said...

mary ellen - The thing about drawing and painting is that it's something I have to do but I can't allow myself to feel I can't blog without a new piece of art. Sometimes things come along fast and other times they don't. So I'll just appropriate other peoples pictures when necessary.

Moving long distances at semi-regular intervals cures one of pack-ratism but I do get aggravated when I realize something I could have used has been left behind. The corollary to that is the thing you don't need are always underfoot.

Nancy said...

Loved the video and all of the truisms - especially the one about throwing something out three days before you need it.

Good for the Belgians!

gfid said...

that's one very handsome little rodent! if my granddaughter lived anywhere near him she'd have those bureaucrats straightened out in a jif. her hamster lives like a king. she'd think she'd died and gone to heaven seeing them in natural habitat. ....but where do you find these fascinating and completely off-the-media-freeway STORIES!!!?

we don't just love you for your beautiful pictures, dear one. who else would tell us about the endangered hamsters of the world?

gfid said...

.... and i loved the video clip. the disorientation of the fellow dealing with inside vs outside conflicts is so familiar.....

susan said...

nancy - Glad you enjoyed it. Ever thrown out a short extension cord and a few days later realize you can't get the fan in the right spot because the cord is too short?

gfid - I love his black chest and little white paws. Perhaps we can chip in and have you take her to France so she can talk to those guys.

Once you get off the beaten track there's no knowing what you'll find. I've been off it for a long time. The video was a very cool find.

Seraphine said...

i like how you think.
it is preferable to do the things one loves than to do things one feels obligated to do out of duty.
this is a western concept not shared universally by everyone.

which is exactly why i am having so much trouble doing my 2010 taxes.

Seraphine said...

as to pickles, the answer is yes but hold the hot dog please. the pickle is so much better for you.

Francis Hunt said...

re. Your comment about junk, I like the view on the difference between the sexes which states:

Men are hunters and gatherers ...
Women are tidy-upers and throw-outers! :-)

Ol'Buzzard said...

Susan: you've got to check out The Blog Foddre post about describing corporate systems using two cows.

the Ol'Buzzard

Ol'Buzzard said...

Oops Also, an explination of the Canadian government using two cows in prior post.
think you will enjoy it.

susan said...

sera - With any luck our obligations match up with the things we love to do more often than not. The trick is keeping everything in balance in an unbalanced society.

I'd go for the pickle too.

francis - That's an excellent point.

ol'buzzard - I enjoyed reading them both so much that I've now added the Blog Fodder to my blog roll. It's pretty telling you can describe so many systems using the 2 cow analogy. He's funny and I enjoyed your comment too.

okjimm said...

// If you have to choose between two evils, pick the one you have never tried before.//

That has worked for me for years

susan said...

okjimm - Variety is good.