Friday, February 3, 2012

the offering

This is the last picture I painted last year. I've been trying to think of something to write about so the painting isn't the only thing I post this evening. It's getting late now and I've only thought of one thing:

Art tells gorgeous lies that come true.

To be honest, I have more fun these days painting pictures of Crow.


  1. No words needed, Susan - this is gorgeous and speaks for itself. The viewer can respond and imagine with their own story.

  2. good late evening, my dear, you should not feel you must say anything...this is a lovely painting as they all are and this one is so soft and sweet....i love the little fairy but love the beautiful dakini as well... it's like they are both fairies of different times...

    i could go on but guess what, i need to get's driving me crazy to be online these days. ;) and it's the middle of the night! sweet dreams~~~


  3. So yeah, when exactly do these lies become truthalicious?

    *psst* coffee table book of your stuff.

  4. ya, what Randal said...

    //*psst* coffee table book of your stuff.//

    I'm in.
    please notify me when advance copy sales are available

  5. marja-leena - To tell you the truth I almost threw this one out and planned a re-do but after a month realized it was okay as it is. I'm glad you like it.

    linda - It's very sweet you'd see one as a fairy and the other as a dakini. She's certainly no wrathful version :-)

    Thanks for stopping by even though it was so late.

    randal - Truth in art is always personal, isn't it?

    I can't afford to have one printed.

    jams - Thanks!

    okjimm - I can barely afford the coffee never mind a table but thanks for the compliment.

  6. How is Crow? His raven cousin Jake visits me on occasion.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  7. I prefer this to any of the Crow pictures. It needs no analysis: better without words. I love the exotic ethnicity of her face and hair; the dream-like butterfly-fairy; the dream-like tree; the sheer luminosity and water-colouriness of the whole; and the pure femininity.

  8. I love the textures and soft light in this... and the faeries, of course. I'd love to be a part of their conversation.

    could you do a book on something like shutterfly, digitally, and set it up so people order their own hard copies on demand? I'd sign up :0) !!!!

  9. the tree / plant makes me think of the Root of Power in Bridge of BIrds, which book was far too short.

  10. ol'buzzard - Crow has gone off on a winter cruise as I mentioned in my last post. I wonder if Jake is along for the ride?

    vincent - I'm delighted you like it but I'd still hoped to add a greater depth to the colours and forms surrounding the two characters. When I approach the painting stage of a drawing that's very important to me I often tend to freeze because I become afraid of ruining something visionary I felt lucky to have seen. The Crow things I never take so seriously and so stay much looser during the process. I hope that makes sense to you and I am very happy you see so much to like about this one.

    gfid - I'm very happy the sweetness appealed to you so much. What they have to say to one another fascinated me as well.

    From my previous explorations into downloadable digitized copies of artwork I'd have to say, unfortunately, no. I don't have the equipment to get high enough level scans and believe me, unless they have the original to read, even professionals can get the colours very wrong. It would be nice though.

    Ah yes, the Root of Power. I never wanted the story to end.

  11. It is gorgeous and fanciful and lovely. Your artwork speaks for itself. Thank you so much for the surprise gift I received this weekend. You are so very kind and generous.

  12. lib - I'm glad to know you're pleased with both. Happy new home ♡

  13. I love everything about this. Maybe I'll dream of fairies tonight.

  14. lisa - You just made me smile.