Friday, February 10, 2012

a pirate's dream

A friend and fellow blogger has been wondering for a while what my version of a pirate mermaid would look like. That's a tough one since the last thing mermaids needed was ships and pirate women usually dressed as men. Oh yes, there really were more of them than we might have imagined and a tough bunch of ladies they were too. However, I've drawn a picture as I preferred to envision such a fantastical being. Whether or not she finds her way into a painting only time will tell.

Have a good weekend.


Gina said...

If I could dress like this chick, I'd much rather be a pirate mermaid than a regular pirate lady. ;-)

I will gush over how much I love this, in more detail, later. :-)


susan said...

gina - I hadn't quite cleared the deck yet so I spyed yer comment right away. Pirate mermaids rule!

Gemel said...

I think she is absolutely wonderful, she oozes strength and sexuality, god help the men in her way!

Francis Hunt said...

The original pirate bride was - of course - Irish; Grace O'Malley :-)

I hope you keep mining the pirate theme, Susan - I think you're on to a mother-lode!

jams o donnell said...

I shudder to think what sort of dreams pirates would have had over such a lady!

A lovely drawing though!

marja-leena said...

What a beauty to drive the pirates mad! And a beauty of a drawing too.

susan said...

gemel - As I recall, Gina Lollobrigida had much the same effect.

francis - Yes, I don't have the fonts to write her name in Irish characters but she was indeed quite a marvel - fancy going toe to toe with Elizabeth I and winning a few favours.

You're right that the pirate thing is fun as well as fascinating.

jams - I think pirates got something of a worse than deserved reputation regarding their treatment of women but this one would have come as quite a surprise.

marja-leena - We both well know that women can be both strong and beautiful too. I'm happy you like the drawing.

Randal Graves said...

I totally want to borrow the idea of a pirate mermaid for a future one-act play. Hope your royalty rate isn't astronomical.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I would very much like to see that in color.
the Ol'Buzzard

The Crow said...

WOW! What a beauty, and what command she exudes!

susan said...

randal - Knock yourself out. I'll waive the royalty for the pleasure of reading it.

ol'buzzard - You may well be right - I've been thinking the same.

the crow - I based her on a woman from an earlier time when beauty wasn't beholden to being a size 2.

linda said...

well my dear, this theme becomes you! maybe in a past life? :)

I cannot type on this so will return....AAAARRRRGH!!!

susan said...

linda - There's something comfortingly familiar in the theme. Reading about Pirate Utopias felt a bit like being home :-)

ps: Hope your connection is better soon.

Rob-bear said...

Delightful artwork, susan. She does, indeed, exude strength and sexuality. But somehow, I think too much clothing for a pirate's phantasy.

And upon reflection, "tough women." Ladies? Hmmmm. Not so sure. Did they know how to hold their pinkies while drinking tea from bone china cups, in a place like Buckingham Palace?

susan said...

rob bear - I'm glad you like her. I've always thought clinging dresses are much more appealing but what do I know?

Life As I Know It Now said...

I like her boots!

Spadoman said...

There, you see, I'm not the only one to like Mermaids and especially Pirate Mermaids. The creativity you exhibited with her gown becoming her tail fin is fabulous! Ought to be a style currently on Project Runway! (No, I don't watch Project Runway, I am just a versatile open minded old man who happened to be a Pirate in a former life).
Although I did have something a little racier in mind for my left bicep, showing a well presented pair of attributes, this stylish figure is stunning, especially knowing it came from the hands and mind of a friend. That ships wheel is pointed in a good direction.

Much Peace

susan said...

lib - Glad you noticed :-)

spadoman - I'm very glad you like her as she is. It took me quite a while to finally envision what a Pirate Mermaid might actually look like. Yes, a good wind and a star to steer her by are all that's needed.

Peace and Blessings too.

Lisa Golden said...

She's badass and beautiful.

And I agree with Lib. I want those boots.

susan said...

lisa - Yeah, she's stylin.

linda said...

hey crow, that's some mode of transport you and your sweet little susan friend are traveling in! wow! and susan, this drawing would be a blast to paint and i hope you do, using lots of gold paint! now i am off to read about the women who were pirates...i thought there were some but betting there were lots-hope so anyway, for some unknown reason(!) ;)

ps-where'd those boots come from?
and it's my ipad and my stupid pain issues i was 'arghing' about and still am. i mean the arghing, beginning to love the sound of me arghing!

susan said...

linda - I'm glad you like Crow's balloon transport. I tried a few regular baskets but they were no fun at all :-) I don't know where my energy for painting has gone but one of these days.. hopefully.

Aren't her boots nice? I loved the idea of them too. I hope you're just aarghing for the heck of it now and not because you're in pain. Aarghh!

linda said...

well ARGHHH, a bit of both, my fine kettle of fish. xoxox

susan said...

Thar's a fair wind blowin' yer way.